Title: Against All Logic.

Author: Lell

Warnings: I must…stop…writing…sap…

Notes: Trying to do a drabble a day, just to keep in good writing shape.

Summary: Women do the darndest things and Neji bought that tumble dryer for a reason. NejiTenLee.


Tenten likes to eschew the perfectly functional tumble dryer that they have, choosing instead to hang their wet laundry over every available surface outside of their house.

The first time Neji comes home to see his sleeping robes (the ones with little birds on them) fluttering gently from atop the postbox, he immediately and incorrectly blames Lee.

She likes the smell of sun-dried cotton, she says.

He likes his clothes, once clean, to stay clean, he says

Lee breaks the headlock by pointedly helping Tenten to hang his damp training clothes from a low tree branch. Neji deems him a traitor and goes on a three day mission to Suna to get away from them.

When he returns after five days (because, of course, something had to go wrong) he is exhausted to his core and only wants to sleep. Midnight has long since been and gone and, in the soft darkness of the bedroom, Tenten and Lee's sleeping forms are only visible because of the shadows moonlight causes on the line of hip and leg, the curve of an arm, or a head pillowed on a hand. Neji does not wake them as he disrobes with tired efficiency and slips into bed.

The sheets smell of summer, he realises belatedly. They smell of dry grass and warm earth and, on top of that, Lee and Tenten. The former sighs in his sleep when Neji's forehead brushes his curved spine and the latter's toes touch his thigh from where her legs are tangled with Lee's.

He is home.

Neji's consoling thought as he drifts off to sleep is that she'll at least use the tumble dryer when the rainy season comes.

Or he'll have to assassinate the postbox.