Hey! This is 100 one-shots of varying lengths, centered around the Yuki/Machi pairing, because they are a personal favourite :P I really hope I'll keep going until I'm finished. If you like this, feel free to prod me into action if I'm taking ages to update! I'm totally happy to be flamed for my writing, but not the pairing, 'kay? I like them, if you don't, that's cool, but don't waste your time reading fic about them, 'kay? Thanks everyone!

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1. Beginnings

Everything had a beginning. A book. A TV show. A game. A life. Everything.

People always talked about new beginnings, Machi heard them, around every new year. "New beginnings!" They would say joyously. "New starts!" None of them seemed to be able to see what Machi saw. For there to be a new beginning, surely that meant something else must have ended? And who was to say the new thing would be as good?

Student President had asked for the council to take a small chunk of time out of their holidays to assemble at school. The day before New Year he requested. He had said, maybe jokingly, that it was quite symbolic that they made sure that last year's business was all wrapped up before they went into the next one.

Machi had been sceptical about the others showing up. Manabe and Kimi both seemed to love parties. She couldn't see them sacrificing time out of their own time to deal with something as tedious as paperwork. Maybe Naohito might show. He like to have everything done and in order. But, knowing him, he'd probably got all his work done before school had even finished for the holidays.

Machi quietly moved the sliding door to one side so she could see into the room, which was quite cold and looked disused even though it was only a little over a week since the holidays had begun.

On first glance she had thought that it was empty, but taking a couple of cautious steps inside she was met with:


She turned sharply. Student President was sitting at the desk which was usually Naohito's. He had one large disorderly stack of papers in front of him, and a far smaller pile with some untidy kanji characters scrawled onto them, positioned on the adjacent desk.

"I was starting to think I would have to do this lot by myself!" He said, sounding genuinely pleased by her appearance.

"Have you been here long, Student President?" She asked, checking subtly on her watch that she wasn't late. A couple of minutes, maybe.

"No, no. Not long really. Ten or so minutes I guess." He was still smiling, and it was starting to make her feel uncomfortable.

"What is it you want me to do?" She asked, not looking at him.

"Um… well," He picked up some of the papers that were sat in front of him, then leaned over with his arm outstretched. Machi had to take a few steps towards him to reach the papers.

"You do that half, I do this?" He said playfully. Machi picked up a spare pen which was lying on the table being occupied by the finished paperwork. She couldn't help but notice that his pile seemed rather a lot larger than hers. Maybe he just hadn't paid much attention to what he was doing when he split the work. She took her seat at the desk on the other side of it, so the finished-papers-desk stood as a barrier in the middle of them.

They worked in relative silence, broken only occasionally to confer a few words if there was something they weren't sure of.

It only took a little over at hour for Machi to finish her pile. When she stood up, she saw that Student President still had quite a way to go. Her movements seemed to catch his eye.

"Done already?" He sounded slightly impressed.

She nodded curtly. "Was there anything else you wanted me to do?"

"Nope, that was it. Thank you very much." He was smiling again. How unnerving, she thought.

She nodded again, and started towards the door.

"Unless, you want to help me finish up?"

Machi turned her head slightly.

"Do you want me to?" She asked quietly, and wasn't sure if he'd heard her, because he didn't reply straight away.

"If you don't mind helping me… well, I would like it very much, Machi-san."

She turned quite abruptly towards him at the sound of her first name. "M-machi-san?" She repeated.

"Machi-san." He said after her, smiling with something that looked almost like affection.

She felt her lips turn up ever so slightly of their own accord, but quickly pushed them back to a neutral line. His smile seemed to have widened. He'd seen. He seemed to have read it as her approval.

"It's New Year after all, Machi-san. The time for new things. New beginnings."

Maybe new beginnings could be okay.