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This chapter is mostly fluff and a lot of shopping!

Show me what you bought


The next time I had a chance to talk to Alice was at lunch.

"Alice? Come here! You seriously need to help me out here."

"What is it Bells? I'm kind of busy." She obviously wasn't busy, she just didn't want to hear me blow up in her face again about the Charlie situation. She just had to blurt out that I did something with a certain someone yesterday. [Ahem, the make-out session with Edward]

"You have to help me! I have absolutely to clue what to say to Charlie when he asks what I did yesterday. You know I'm not the best liar in the world. That's more of your forte."

"Calm down Bells, I got everything under control. I can fix anything. Now stop you're worrying and come sit down with us for lunch. I know you must be hungry."

She sighed, knowing that Alice was right. She dragged me over to our usual lunch spot, which we now shared with Edward and Emmett.

Alice started talking and took hold of the reigns, something that I was grateful for, my stomach was hurting and I really didn't feel like talking right now.

Lunch passed quickly and in no time, I was in science sitting next to Edward.

"Hello, Love." Love? What is that supposed to mean?

"Uh, hi Edward." He smiled and got out his science folder, and started taking his notes.

"Ready for tomorrow? I guessing Alice plans on shopping with you today."

"Huh? What's tomorrow?" He chuckled and held out his planner.

Forks High Winter Semi-Formal

Oh! Just great, Alice probably will take me shopping.

"Remember now?"

I chuckled this time, "Yes."

"So, are you really okay with going with me?"

I smiled and kissed his cheek, a brave move for me. "I wouldn't go with anyone else."

I blushed a little, realizing what I had just done and he kissed me back.


The rest of class was spent taking notes and filled with small talk between Edward and me. When the bell rang, we walked me to my next class; of course he didn't forget another kiss.

I was in wonderland thinking whether or not this meant we were dating when a nasally voice interrupted me.

"You don't deserve him, I do. You're just a no good bitch, and you don't care about anyone else except yourself."

"Excuse me?" I looked up only to find Lauren glaring at me.

"Did you not hear me? I said you're a cold-hearted bitch."

"God, Lauren. Just get over it, he doesn't like you and he never will. No one will."

"Whatever Bella, just watch your back."

"Is that a threat?"

"Nope." She snickered and walked away. I shivered, wanting to get her horrible voice out of my head.

At the end of the school day, Alice met me in the small parking lot.

"C'mon Bella! We need to get to work! First you need a dress, shoes….Oh! And we need to talk to Charlie and convince him to ask Amanda out tomorrow….Ohmigosh! I am going to be so busy. Where would you be without me?"

"In paradise."

"Hey! You know you'd be lost!"

We both laughed and got in the car so we could get to my house. Luckily, Charlie wasn't home yet, and wouldn't be for a while, so we had the house to ourselves.

"No time to spare! C'mon we need to get to the mall so I can find you your dress and mine too! I think I'm gonna call Rose too so she can come too!"

I will never know why people love shopping so much, all you do is walk around looking at clothes, half of which you never even buy!

"Bella! Hurry your ass up and get into my car!"

"Sir yes sir!"

She just giggled and rolled her eyes

Three hours. Three hours later. My feet hurt, my arms hurt. Hell, my brain even hurts!

"Alice. Rose. Can we please sit down and eat?"

"Ugh. Fine you little whiner! I guess this gives us time to look at what we bought!"

Alice and Rose stomped off, while I put my bags down and got their orders for smoothies and sandwiches.

I came back and everyone instantly started eating. Turns out, they were just as hungry as I was.

"So," Alice said between sips, "I know I was there with you guys when we bought everything, but I want to see it again. Bella, you first!"

I rolled my eyes and put my sandwich down.

My bags were underneath the table so I brought them up. I had bought a navy dress that Alice and Rose insisted Edward was going to love. It had thick straps and was beaded right below the bust line. The straps and bottom were also dark blue but they were silk. I loved it, but didn't like the part that was a v-neck. I didn't like showing skin. Oh well, I bought it.

Next, I showed them the shoes and accessories I bought. The heels (yes, heels!) Alice and Rose, again, convinced me to buy. They were the same color as the dress and had slightly metallic straps that criss-crossed everywhere. My accessories were black and silver and went great with my skin.

They both clapped and Alice started to show us what she bought.

Alice's dress was warm grey and strapless. It was a little shiny and frayed out at the skirt part. She bought a pair of 500-dollar heels that were 6 inches high! How could anyone walk around in those shoes, much less dance? Her accessories were all dark green, and surprisingly everything went really well together.

We clapped again and Alice bowed. Now it was Rosalie's turn.

Rosalie's dress was very different. It was skin tight and strapless. There was a jagged section in the middle of the dress that was metallic and almost looked like snakeskin. The very bottom was glittery and rhinstone-ish. The dress was totally different and looked absolutely amazing on her. She chose shiny heels, a sequined clutch and black with gold jewelry.

Altogether, their chosen outfits were so much better than mine. I really felt quite foolish shopping with them, because they always found the right things and the best looking items.

After finishing our quick lunch, we piled back into Alice's car to talk with Charlie and get him to ask Amanda out for dinner so we could be free of him for the party.

I was so excited for the party!


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