Chapter 49

Tomb Sweet Tomb

At the end of the party, all the ghosts went outside and stood in the driveway and watched the bride and groom climb into a hearse with an invisible horse that said, "Just Married" on the back.

"Catch!" cried the bride, as she threw her bouquet of decaying roses out the window.

"Oh!" exclaimed Ella, surprised when she caught them. "Oh my, I nevar expected anything like thees to happon. Oh, well, I sappose it won't be so bad", she said, taking Ezra's hand.

"Would ya look at that", exclaimed Phineas, "he's leavin' us!"

"Come on guys, I gotta get settled down at some point. Besides, it's not like I'm goin' anywhere. I'm just bringin' her in."

"Goodbye! Good luck!" everyone called, as they rode away for their honeymoon.

"Where are they going to go?" asked Scarlet.

"Do you know how many haunted hotels there are in the world? I bet they find so many that they won't be able to decide where to go."

Eventually everyone went inside, except for Scarlet and Emily, who watched until the hearse drove out of sight.

"I'm so glad everything turned out alright", sighed Emily.

"I'm just glad I get to stay at my home. I mean tomb!"

They both laughed.

"Tomb sweet tomb!"