Full Summary:

What if Craig hadn't been found? What if Craig hadn't gone to the cemetery? What if Craig instead had gotten on a train & the train had crashed? Would his friends and Joey find him in time? And would the other passengers be alright? And who is the girl that talks to him while help arrives?


Hi, my name is Craig. And I just ran away from my house, after my father tried to beat me again. This may sound crazy, but I don't want anything to do with my family or friends right now. Joey hates me for trying to take my sister away with me, even though I really wasn't trying to hurt her. Emma doesn't want anything to do with me and the one person I thought I could trust went and told Emma about me meeting him on the train tracks. Nothing was going right. I went to see my mother, but left before anybody could find me. Instead of going home, I went to the train station and bought a train ticket out of Canada.

So here I am, sitting on the train, listening to some music on my CD player and all of a sudden, nothing. I wake up in the arms of a beautiful girl. I hurt everywhere and I can barely breathe. I hear screaming, but it seems far away. My mind is replaying everything in slow motion and nothing makes sense anymore. This girl seems out of my world or any other world for that matter. She glows a bright white color and--I think I'm imagining it, but--I think she may be an angel or something. I black out again. It's getting harder to breathe and the pain won't stop.

God, how could I be so stupid as to run away? Would I ever be found? And what were people screaming about?

Suddenly, I'm no longer in my body. It's as if I'm floating above everything, looking down on myself and what is going on. I see Joey's car pull up and Emma jump out. Apparently they were told that I was on the train. I see Emma's tears and see Joey looking around in confusion, then start moving towards the paramedics to see if I was in one of the ambulances. I am not. I haven't been found. Soon it is morning, and everybody I know from school is here. The angel girl is with me again. She tells me not to be scared and then I am back in my body again. I still haven't been found. I try to ask her why I haven't been found yet, but she gets up and moves away as if I was trying to say something negative.

The look in her eyes tells me that I may never be found. But it can't be, because I hear the rescuers coming for me. She's back at my side, reassuring me that I will be okay. I want so much to feel Joey's arms around me saying everything would be alright. I wanted so much to tell my sister that I loved her. I wanted to see Emma's beautiful face saying that I would be okay. But when I look up again, nobody is there. The angel girl is in a corner, watching the rescuers work on another body. Then I realize, she is no angel, she is a victim of the train crash as well. She has only been comforting me to stay alive just so that she could stay alive.

I want to cry out and only a small sob escapes my throat. That small sob attracts the attention of a firefighter. The girl is taken outside and I am floating again. I feel someone touch my throat for a pulse. I know I barely have a pulse because I could barely breathe a minute ago. I see the paramedics working on the girl. I see the firefighters working on me. I feel them pumping my chest to get my heart started again. I feel air being blown into my chest. And right as I see the girl being put into an ambulance, I am brought back to my body, breathing and with a pulse. I am bundled up and put on a backboard; the oxygen mask covers my nose and mouth.

As I am carried outside, I see Emma's face out the corner of my eye as she screams in horror. She has never seen me so limp and small. Joey's arms are around her and turning her face away from my body. My friends are told to go to school, but nobody can leave until they know if I'm going to be okay. I am taken to the hospital.

Will Craig be okay? And who is the girl that may have saved both of their lives…