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The Visitor's:

Zenda and Craig's Room:

"Who the fuck are you?" Zelaya asked.

"And you would be?" one of the males asked standing up. They recognized that accent with a similar edge as their own.

"Are you from Mozambique?" Realah asked.

"Why would you like to know where we are from?" the second man asked.

"Your accent tells us that you are from Southern Africa and you sound like you have a slight Shona accent in your voice, though you are trying hard not to use your Shona."

"You are a very educated young lady. Where are you and your friends from?"

"We lived in Mozambique during the war and were adopted by Canadian's. Zenda's mother has been abusing her for years; she just didn't know how to deal with it. Why are you here? And what do you want?" Kameena asked.

"We have reason to believe that Zenda wasn't an only child and that she, as well as the rest of you, had been adopted illegally. We're here to get to the bottom of the rumors surrounding your adoptions and disappearance from the country. Until we know more, you are not allowed to the leave the city, do you understand?" the third man asked.

"We weren't going anywhere anyways. And besides you can't forbid us to leave the city. You aren't our parents and you have no reason to believe that we were kidnapped. We were adopted legally by the missionaries that saved our lives. We are all healthy and happy except Zenda who thought running away was the best she could do in a situation that none of us knew how to deal with. We have never had to deal with being abused by any of our parents." Mallikarjuna said.

"And we already knew that Zenda wasn't an only child. Her younger sister died a few weeks after we left the village looking for refuge in the closest village or city that wasn't affected by the war. She didn't have any other siblings that we were aware of." Boyana said.

"Zenda had an older brother that was fighting for the freedom of Mozambique. When he came home after the war to find his mother and his baby sister dead and his younger sister missing, he started searching for her until he found out that she had been adopted by missionaries. He's been going through the church ever since to get her back. He even moved to Canada after getting out of the Army and packing up all his family's belongings. He wants her back, no matter what it takes to get her back. And you all need to tell us if you have family back in Mozambique that you haven't told anyone about because we will eventually find out if you do or not." The fourth man said. Joey stood up.

"We do not know of any family back in Mozambique. Everyone that we knew and loved was either killed or taken as sex slaves by the soldiers during the war. We know not what you are saying and we would appreciate it if you would step outside the room so that Zenda and Craig do not have to hear this conversation."

"We do not mind at all." Craig and Zenda said together. The tubes had been removed and they were sitting up in their beds, with a little help from the pillows. They looked better, though they could use some washing up.

"Craig, Zenda, you are okay. Joey, you knew that they were awake and didn't call us at school? How could you?" Emma said going over to Craig and giving him a hug. Zenda's friends did the same.

"It is good to see you awake Zenda." Zelaya said.

"It is good to be awake, though I think I felt better when I wasn't awake. I came back to the pain because mother said I had to and we couldn't stay asleep forever. Mother told Craig that he had to come back with me because his mother wished him to live. She was there, in limbo, with us as well. We got to see our mothers before coming back here and we were happy. Then, when we woke up, the pain came back full force, though it was a little dull from all the pain medication we're getting." Zenda said, pausing and breathing in slowly. It would be a long recovery and she knew it. It would be longer then when she had gotten the heart transplant, but she didn't mind, not now, not when she was with friends now.

"Is it true that I have a brother?"

"Maybe, he'll even let you live with him but still go to Degrassi." Craig said smiling. He was happy to finally meet the girl that had kept him alive on the train, in person.

"I would like to still go to Degrassi, but my adoptive mother knows that I go there and she could easily get to me."

"Not with us around. She won't be able to get within walking distance of the school." Jimmy said. "We've made some knew friends and we're willing to defend you from your mum if it comes right down to it."

"Thanks. But who in the hell are you guys?"

"I'd like to know the same about the people that are surrounding you." Craig said.

"We are Craig's friends." Emma, Jimmy and everyone else said together.

"And we are Zenda's friends." Zelaya, Realah and everyone else said together.