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The Accident

Ch. 1: First-stage

"So what is this about?" a small white haired captain crossed his arms. "Usually all you did is send for me when you usually tell me right away in the message. Who else are you waiting f-"

A girl in a black kimono and hair tied up and held by a white cloth rushed in. "I'm sorry I'm late! I had to finish my job for Captain Aizen. Oh! Hey, Shiro-chan!"

"It's Hitsugaya. Captain Hitsugaya, Hinamori," Toshiro turned a light shade of pink and turned away from her. "Are you expecting anyone else or is it just us two?" Half of him wanted it to be only them, the other half of him wanted there to be more. He didn't want to share Momo with anyone, but he also didn't want to embarrass himself.

"No, just you two," the scary Twelfth Division Captain shook his head. "Before you ask, I'll just tell you. I need two helpers with an experiment. Nemu is going to help me, so I can't use her and part of me doesn't think it would work on her. I'm working with the youngest first and working up from there. You two are the youngest and smallest."

Hinamori looked around for a certain lieutenant. "Then where's Yachiru? Isn't she the youngest and smallest out of all of us?"

Captain Kurotsuchi looked annoyed as he remembered something from earlier in the day. "Sorry Scary-san, but I don't want to help you today. Kenney is waiting for me, see ya!" She left so fast that Captain Kurotsuchi didn't have time to react.

"What do we have to do? And what are the possible outcomes of this experiment? And why us and not the criminals who you usually experiment on? Also why-" Hitsugaya was interrupted by Momo.

"Stop worrying so much Shiro-chan," Momo took a cup from Nemu. "Thank you, tell you what Shiro, how 'bout we take a drink of whatever this is at the same time?"

Captain Hitsugaya still had many unanswered questions and worries. What worried him the most was Momo. "You shouldn't just trust anything anyone gives you, Momo.

"I know, I only trust you and the other captains," Momo smiled at her childhood friend. 

"Oh! I also trust my friends and everyone in the Soul Society."

'That's what worries me about you,' Toshiro sighed. "Don't go trusting everyone you meet okay Bed-wetter? Just answer this one question: this won't hurt us in any way, will it?" he asked Kurotsuchi.

The captain nodded, "One hundred percent danger free. I would try it out myself, but who would reverse it back if anything does go wrong? Don't worry Hitsugaya, nothing will happen."

Toshiro put the cup to his lips, but didn't drink from it. His eyes went back and forth between the other captain and Hinamori. She too had the cup to her lips and was watching him. When his eyes went back to Captain Kurotsuchi Momo took her chance. She tipped Hitsugaya's cup and her own at the same time. Toshiro swallowed it all and his eyes dilated.

In a blink of an eye Captain Kurotsuchi and his lieutenant became giants.

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