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Ch. 4: New Babysitter


"Damnit, who's making so much noise in the-" a red haired lieutenant walked over the semi-opened door. He continued hearing splashing then choking. "What the...? What the hell!? Who left two little babies in the bathroom by themselves?!" Renji rushed into the bathroom, pulled them out, and wrapped towels around them. "Now who's kid's are you...?"

The lieutenant put the coughing toddler on his lap and patted it's back. The towel covered the little kids' faces so Renji couldn't recognize any of them. "Keep coughing little one," Renji stopped patting when the toddler stopped chocking. "Good... uh... boy or girl. Can you tell me your name?" He turned the kid around to face him. Abarai peeked at the face of child and almost accidently dropped her. "Hin-Hinamori? Momo? What the hell happened to you? You look like a two year old!"

"Dat's cuz she is," a little boy's voice came from the other towel. At least Renji's a guy and not Nemu. Anyone is better than Nemu. Second thought, I take that back. Anyone is better than Nemu or Matsumoto. Hitsugaya still didn't reveal his face.

"Wenji!" Momo stood on his lap and placed her hands on his face. "Tank woo. You sabed me! I wuve you!" Hinamori wrapped her arms around his neck. "You and Shiwo-chan awe my hewos!"

Renji held onto little Hinamori and nelt down by the other mysterious toddler. "I wuve you too Hinamori," he played along, also babying her. "Now let's see who you are- Wait. You said 'Shiwo-chan.' Does that mean you're... Toshiro?!" He lifted up the towel from his face. "But- wha- I just saw you earlier- wai- does-"

"Is Hisugaya to woo," Hitsugaya crossed his arms accidently letting go of the towel. "You no making sense, Wenji."

The towel was slipping off Toshiro, but Renji caught it and covered him up again. "Hey, stay covered little one. You don't want Hinamori to see you, do ya? Oh, wait, you bathed together, so does it matter anymore then...? First things first, how did this happen to you?"

"I was bown (born), siwey (silly)," Momo looked up to him. "You didn go to my biwthday pawty! I tuwned two!" She looked at her fingers then held two up. "See?"

That's cute. I don't think she remembers anything, though. Renji nodded, "I'm sorry Momo. I, uh, had a lot to do that day. I'll give you your present some other time, okay?"

"Mmmkay!" Hinamori smiled her adorable smile that it made both of the boys blush.

Just then, Nemu rushed in, "Oh, Renji! Good thing you're here. I stupidly forgot not to leave 

little kids alone. Anyways, can you do me a favor? Can you please take care of them for a little while? Captain Kurotsuchi needs my assistance in getting the analyzer ready. It won't take long, please?"

Renji looked down from the little captain to the little lieutenant. Momo made his decision for him when she kindly asked him and used her big brown eyes full of hope. He sighed, "Sure, why not? I'm basically done for the day anyways. I'll take them to the Sixth Division. You should find them there. How long is it going to take?"

Lieutenant Kurotsuchi made a face, "Well about that..."

"How long/How wong?" Renji and Hitsugaya asked sternly.

"Two days at the least...?" She cringed before they yelled.


"So can you? If not, I have to quickly find someone else for the job," Nemu looked like she was about to run away without his answer. She looked at Hinamori in Renji's arms looking so comfortable. "I'm sure Hinamori wouldn't mind being with you for the rest of the day or two."

Hitsugaya looked up to see a half naked Hinamori in Renji's arms. Jealousy flared inside him and he almost threw a tantrum to drop her. What the heck is taking over me? A tantrum? I almost threw a tantrum to get Hinamori down. Sigh, I need to calm down. I need a... nap...

"Yeah, sure," Renji took the clothes from her. "It looks like they need a nap. Look at Hitsugaya, his eyes are half closed. I'll change 'em too. Just go and hurry up to change them back."

Nemu walked over to Renji and took Hinamori. "Renji, she's a girl and you're a guy. I'll change her and you'll change Hitsugaya."

What about you? Hitsugaya took the clothes from Renji and tried to dress himself. You striped me down and you're a girl. "I can do tis." The little boy slapped Renji's hand when he tried to help. Momo giggled as she watched the guys struggle. "Nooooooo!" Toshiro complained. "Me do it!"

Momo was set on the ground and Lieutenant Kurotsuchi rushed out of the bathroom. Once Hitsugaya was finished dressing himself, Hinamori ran to him and held onto him. "Wet'sgo! Wet's go! Wet's go! I wanna pway witch you more! Wiw (will) you pway witch us Wenji?"

"Looks like Hitsugaya wants some sleep Momo," Abarai picked them both up. "We'll pway after you two get some sweep. Kay?" The little girl had no other choice but to nod. The other toddler pushed his face into Renji's shoulder. He did not want to be seen, especially by a certain lieutenant who would not let him live this accident down for the rest of his long life.

Many staired to look when Renji left the Fourth Division. Once outside, Toshiro pressed his face even harder into Renji's shoulder blade. The babysitter noticed this and chuckled; he knew why Hitsugaya was acting this way and found it funny. The Tenth Division captain never acted this way, it was a once in a lifetime chance to see it. Histugaya jumped when he heard a voice but was relieved it wasn't Matsumoto.

"Hey Renji, who do you have in your arms?" Lieutenant Kusajishi asked from stood from behind on her tipi-toes.

"Yachiwu!" Hinamori turned around. "You wanna pway wit me?! Shiwo-chan is getting sweepy and me wants to pway some moe. So wiw you? Huh? Huh? Huh?"

"What?!" Yachiru couldn't believe her ears or her eyes. "You and Captain Hitusgaya are little toddlers?! How did this happen? Should the other captains know about this?"

"NO!!" Little Hitsugaya quickly turned around which caused Renji to stumble. "Dey no nee to know." 'Come on Renji, can't you go a little faster? No, do not slow down. No, now everyone will see me.' Toshiro turned Lieutenant Abarai's cheek to look ahead. It soon became a game of who was in control. Every time Abarai turned to look at Yachiru or anything else, Hitsugaya moved his face to look straight ahead. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, and back and forth; Shiro looked so captivated in what he was doing, he didn't notice Momo and Yachiru watching him. Okay imagine a two year old, you know how they usually always want your attention? Well, my little sister and cousin used to always get your attention by turning your face in the direction they wanted you to look; usually they want you to look at them. They get amused when they keep doing that and you're just turning your head. Sorry, I suck at explaining. . Hitsugaya's expression was kawaii, by just staring at Renji and moving his face. His face was blank, but with big eyes….. I'll shut up now

"You look so cute doing that Captain Hitsugaya," Yachiru walked in front of them backwards. "Doesn't he, Momo?"

Instantly, Hitsugaya snapped out of it and stopped. He looked from Yachiru to Momo. Momo was silent, Toshiro wanted, no needed, to know what her response was. It was vital for him to know what she was thinking. Little Shiro and Renji turned to look at her.

Momo suddenly smiled, "Yup. My turn now!" She then grabbed Renji's face and kept moving it. Except she didn't move it in just one direction, but all possible directions before Renji complained.

"Okay, okay," Renji set her and Hitsugaya down. "We're here, finally. Uh… don't move…."

Captain Kuchiki walked in and saw two toddlers and Yachiru. "What's this?"

"Err…," Renji didn't know where to begin. "I'm taking care of Captain Hitsugaya and Hinamori until Lieutenant Kurotsuchi comes back for them to change them back."

"How long will this take?" Byakuya got to the point.

"I'm not sure to tell you the truth."

"Very well, then what ever mess they make, it will be your responsibility to care of," and with that Captain Kuchiki left the office.

Once his captain was gone, Renji sat on the couch and looked at the little kids. "Well, what are we going to do?" He slouched, rested his head on the couch, looked up, and sighed. The second the sigh escaped his mouth he was dead asleep.

Yachiru turned to the toddlers a smiled, "Okay, let's play!"

Momo looked excited, but Toshiro had a bad feeling about this.

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