8.20 The Importance of Being Lorelai

Season 8: Episode 8.20 follows several minutes after the end of 8.19.

Last week on the Gilmore girls…

EMILY: (On the phone with Lorelai) I'm calling to let you know that Friday-night dinner is cancelled this week.

LORELAI: (Though happy, she asks curiously) Cancelled? Why is it cancelled?


Scene opens on Rory as she stands outside the New York Times building waiting for someone when her cell phone rings.

RORY: (Sees the caller ID and flips the phone open) Hey grandma.


EMILY: Oh good, Rory, I was hoping I'd catch you. This isn't a bad time, is it?

RORY: No, no, grandma.

EMILY: Well, I wanted you to know that I called your mother this morning and canceled Friday-night dinner.

RORY: (Nods) Thank you. She didn't suspect anything, did she?

EMILY: I don't think so.


RORY: (With a deep sigh answers the phone) Hello? (Steps onto the porch)

It's Nate on the other end.

NATE: You sound irritated.

RORY: Hey… sorry. Nothing's going as planned at the moment.

NATE: (Holds a folder in his hand) I guess it's a bad time to let you know you left your paperwork at the shelter last night. (Rory slaps her forehead in frustration) Don't worry, I can bring this over to you right now.


NATE: (Arrives at the inn and hands Rory the folder) Paperwork…

RORY: Thank you.

NATE: (Looks around) Anything else you want me to do?

RORY: Actually…

NATE: (Amused) You're seriously going to use me up today, huh?

RORY: (With a guilty grin) Are you any good at hanging lights? (Points to the wooden frames on the porch)


In the background we hear very soft music. The intro to "One Day Like This" by Elbow starts to play.

RORY: (As Nate climbs down the ladder) Thank you so much, Nate.

NATE: (Leans against the railing and looks around) Was happy to help.

As Nate continues to observe their surroundings, Rory can't help but stare up at him. Nate turns around and catches her. Though Rory suddenly looks away, it's not quick enough to escape. She tries to segue…

RORY: (With a sympathetic look) I-I'm sorry Kirk almost knocked you off the ladder earlier.

NATE: (Looks at her and wears a smirk) It's okay… besides, you owe me big now.

RORY: (Surprised at his tone) Do I?

NATE: I'll have you know that I'm really good at collecting.

RORY: (Now completely surprised by his subtle yet flirtatious tone) Is that so?

As Nate continues to look down at her, Rory suddenly becomes aware of his eyes staring down at her face. She also becomes aware of the short distance between them. Unsure of how to react, she looks down at the collar of his shirt. The atmosphere changes as the volume of the music slightly increases and as the moment passes slowly. The world stops around them as they continue in silence... to just stand there and let the moment take over.

NATE: (With a firm yet gentle voice, lowers his head to catch her eyes) I realized something recently.

RORY: (As if his eyes alone pulled hers up to his face, she looks at him and softly asks) What?

NATE: I realized… that…

RORY: (Hanging on, she looks up at him wanting him to go on) Realized?

NATE: (Slowly takes a step towards her) … I like spending time with you. (pause) I like talking to you.

RORY: (Still unsure of how to react, she blinks a few times) Nate?

Unbeknownst to both of them, they continue to look at each other trying to decipher the moment. However, like a sharp and deafening bell, someone's voice literally breaks them apart faster than Moses could lift his staff.


LORELAI: (Notices how dark it is on the Inn porch) Does the porch look darker than usual? Maybe the light's out… (Lorelai starts to walk up the stairs).

LUKE: (Clears his throat as he follows her) Maybe.

Just as Lorelai opens the inn door to enter, at least two dozen people jump forward from the great-room area to surprise the expectant mother.

TOWNIES & OTHERS: SURPRISE!! (Lorelai is thrilled)

RORY: (With her clipboard in hand) Boy do we have an evening planned for you!


Rory is outside on the porch on her cell phone.

NATE'S VOICEMAIL GREETING: Hey, leave a message.

RORY: (Takes a deep breath before she begins her message) Hey there… it's me… Rory. I… just wanted to call and see what's up. (Takes another deep breath)

Scene CUTS to Nate, in what looks like his apartment. He's at his desk, in front of the computer, listening to the message as he looks into space with a tentative expression. Camera pans from left to right in a 180 degree angle as he listens…

RORY: I don't know if it was just me… I doubt it… but something happened this afternoon… (adds) between us. And… and I was hoping we could talk about it. You know?

Camera CUTS to Rory as she enters the Inn. She sees Sookie walking toward her…

SOOKIE: Oh good! There you are… we're out of ice, Rory.

RORY: (Concerned) I'll be right back (Rory leaves the inn)


EMILY: …your father and I have decided to cancel our European trip this summer.


EMILY: (Subtly looks down at Lorelai's stomach) Well, we don't want to miss out… and Richard and I agreed that we'd like to spend as much time with our future grandchild as possible. (Lorelai is touched)


Luke comes to Lorelai's side and the couple observes all the silly activities around them. Lorelai holds his hand…

Suddenly Luke feels Lorelai's tight grip…

LUKE: Whoa… what's that? (Turns to her) Do you feel it kicking again? (Lorelai nods) Maybe you should sit down.

LORELAI: (Squeezes Luke's arm) Okay, that was definitely not a kick. (Breathes a little heavier as she looks up at her husband) I think it's time.

LUKE: What? No… we have a week…

LORELAI: (Shakes her head trying to contain herself) It's time, Luke…

The couple starts to move towards the exit as the townies go about their activities, oblivious to what's going on in the forefront. Neil Sedaka's, "Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen" can be heard over all the laughter/voices in the background.

LUKE: (As they make their way to the door) We should get Rory…

LORELAI: (Unable to control the pains) We'll call her on the way! Let's go!

The volume of the music increases as Luke and Lorelai exit the inn, and the camera zooms out on the scene.

Scene fades.



Scene opens on Rory as she parks her Prius on the side of the driveway, grabs two bags of ice, and gets out of her car. She observes as a few men (Jackson, Zach, Taylor, TJ, and a few others) obnoxiously try to put a baby-swing together outside – directly in front of the stairs. Rory squints a bit to make out what it is they're putting together.

RORY: (As she approaches them) Umm… guys?

TJ: (Notices her and with a slight slur, he speaks) Oh… hey, Rory! Look… we're doing pretty good so far, huh? (Grins)

RORY: (Lowers her brows) Just so we're all clear (all the men look at her), you do realize it's a baby-swing… right?

TAYLOR: (Brushes it off) Of course we do!

RORY: (Looks at the object that clearly does not look like a baby-swing) Okay. Just as long as we're clear… (She starts to walk up the stairs)

The men, with quizzical expressions turn to the object. TJ tilts his head…

TJ: Oh hey! It looks like a storm trooper from this angle! (Rory rolls her eyes and continues to walk up)

The men follow TJ and tilt their heads as well.

JOE: Oh yeah!

Scene CUTS to Rory entering the inn…


Rory notices Kirk sitting in his previous seat applying a band-aid on his forearm.

RORY: (As she walks by him) What happened to you?

KIRJK: (Looks up) Oh nothing. Just a little accident during "Pin the Pacifier on the Baby."

RORY: (Sighs) Oh Kirk.

Just then, Emily walks up to Rory (followed closely by Richard)…

EMILY: (Curiously) Have you seen your mother… or Luke? I've looked everywhere and I can't seem to find them. Did they leave already?

RORY: (Confused) Oh… maybe they're in the kitchen?

Babette and Patty join in from the back (with some other townies).

BABETTE: I just came from the kitchen, doll… they aren't there.

KIRK: (Interjects as he smoothes his band-aid) Oh… I saw them a while ago. (Everyone looks down at Kirk) They left in quite a hurry… Now, I'm not one-hundred percent sure… but I think Luke was rushing Lorelai to the hospital.

In unison, everyone is baffled that this information was kept from them.

RORY: (Eyes widen) What?!

KIRK: (Nods nonchalantly, and looks at his wristwatch) I'd say about fifteen minutes ago.

RICHARD: (Steps up and gestures towards the exit) Oh, I'm driving!

EMILY: (In a hurry) Rory, come with us…

RORY: (Hands the bags of ice to Patty) Here you go, Miss Patty.

PATTY: (Takes the bags with one hand and presses the other on her chest) Drive safe, children!

BABETTE: (Frowns at the odd townie) Kirk, you idiot! (Unscrews the caps on her baby-bottle and dumps the remaining punch on his head).

Kirk squints to keep the liquid out of his eyes.

Camera CUTS to the porch as the Gilmores hurriedly descend the stairs, prompting the men outside (though confused) to part and let them through.

Camera zooms out as some of the townies exit the inn and observe as the three characters get into Richard's car and drive off.

Scene fades.



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