The scene opens as Rory, April and Luke prepare for dinner. April and Rory set the table as Luke prepares the meals at the stove. April is as chatty as always.

APRIL: (As she walks around the small table with utensils) I think I have a solution to our townie problem.

RORY: (As she grabs a few glasses out of the cabinet) Oh yeah?

APRIL: (Nods as Luke listens) I think we should give them a precise time and place where they can greet Nicholas…

RORY: (Not wanting to dismiss it, she gives it some thought) Elaborate.

APRIL: For example, let's send out word that they can only visit little Nicholas this Friday from five to seven o'clock… and also note that there will be no other visitors allowed until the child is 18 years old and is off to college.

LUKE: (Sets the pasta on the table) Now April, I don't know if that's such a good idea…

LORELAI: (Walks in at the same time) I think it's great…

LUKE: (To his wife) But that's going to encourage them…

LORELAI: (Looks into the living room, then sets one half of the baby monitor on the table) But April has the right idea… to give them guidelines… (Turns to her step-daughter and grins) Besides, this Friday from five to seven is perfect since Friday night dinner is cancelled for a while.

RORY: (Adds) At least until next Friday.

APRIL: I'll set it up. Make fliers, go from door to door…

LUKE: (Shakes his head unsure) I don't know…

LORELAI: (With a hand on her side) Unless you have a better idea… I mean, did you see how Andrew and Gypsy fought over who gets to bring us next week's town meeting agenda?

LUKE: (Raises a hand and nods then steps back to the stove and stirs the sauce) Fine... whatever you ladies want to do. (Looks to the side at his wife) Is he sleeping?

LORELAI: (Takes a deep breath of relief) Finally… sound a asleep. (Takes a seat at the table) I'm starving.

APRIL: (Takes a seat too) Me too.

LUKE: (sets the rest of the dinner on the table, and takes a seat as well) Alright… dig in.

Just as Lorelai starts to serve herself, a noise is heard on the baby monitor.

LORELAI: (Sighs and smiles – then starts to get up) Duty calls…

LUKE: (Gets up faster, and gestures at Lorelai) You sit down and eat, I'll go check on him.

APRIL: (Gets up from her seat) I'll help.

LORELAI: (Adoringly smiles at the two) Thank you! (Rory smiles at them as well. Lorelai looks to the side at her daughter as she continues to serve herself) So, you're quiet this evening.


LORELAI: Is everything okay?

RORY: (Nods) Yeah, everything's fine. Just making a mental note of what else I need to pack. Since I'm leaving in a month…

LORELAI: (Smiles, but isn't convinced) Is that all?

RORY: (Looks up at her mother and takes a deep breath) Not really.

LORELAI: (Concerned) What is it, hun? (Sits up straight and faces her daughter) Are you unhappy? Cause I can do a really good Jerry Lewis impression from the Colgate Comedy Special…

RORY: (Slightly chuckles then shakes her head) Not unhappy… just processing. (Takes her fork and starts to play with her food) It will pass…

LORELAI: (Not convinced) Aw honey, you shouldn't have to deal with whatever it is alone… tell me.

RORY: (Raises her head, and prepares to reveal her thoughts) Well… (but the re-entering of Luke and April interrupts her)…

LUKE: (Walks in behind April) Alright, it was nothing… he's sleeping again…

LORELAI: (Forces a smile at Luke and April) Thanks. (As the two reclaim their seats, Lorelai looks over at Rory, unwilling to share just yet)

APRIL: God, this sauce smells amazing dad.

The others nods and agree.

Scene fades.


Scene opens on April putting up a flier on the pole by the market. The title reads, "Baby Nicholas' Visitation Schedule" – just as April puts it up, Taylor Doose rushes out from the market with a disapproving look.

TAYLOR: (With arms stretched out) Now, now… what on earth are you doing there?

APRIL: (Holding the rest of the fliers close to her chest) Well hello there, Taylor.

TAYLOR: April (Nods and wears a half smile)… it's nice to see you're back. (Points at the flier) But what on earth do you think you're doing?

APRIL: I'm putting up fliers. (Hands Taylor a hardcopy and Taylor looks down at it) Guidelines, ground rules, etcetera, etcetera…

TAYLOR: (Sarcastically explains) Yes, Mr Yul Brynner, but that's not an appropriate place to put up such a flier.

APRIL: Then where would you suggest, Taylor? (With a hidden agenda) I'd really like to know your thoughts on where these fliers would suit the best.

TAYLOR: (A little surprised that a young'un is asking him for advice, he straightens up a bit) Oh… well, I'd say the bulletin board at Ms. Patty's studio would be most appropriate since that's where most of the town activities take place.

APRIL: (Acts a bit desperate) But I was told everything that goes up on that board needs to be approved by your committee. And your Town Beautification Committee doesn't meet until next Monday.

TAYLOR: (Nods) That's right.

APRIL: (Points at the flier in his hand) But as you can see, the visitation hours are this Friday, and we can't wait till Monday to put this up on the board…

TAYLOR: (Looks down at the flier again) Oh… well then.

APRIL: (Plays innocent) I would really appreciate your help, Taylor. You are after all the town's keeper… I'm sure you'll come up with a solution.

TAYLOR: (With an inflated ego, he raises his eyes) Well then… (pulls out a pen from his pocket) Let me give my signature of approval on this flier, so that you may put it up on the main bulletin board.

APRIL: (Acts as if she's overwhelmed by his generosity) Taylor… that's awesome! Thank you so much!

TAYLOR: (Nods with approval, and hands the signed flier to April) Anything for a fellow townie…

APRIL: Thanks! Well, I should get going…

TAYLOR: Of course…

Camera on April as she smirks and walks away. In the back we see a blurring image of Taylor.

TAYLOR: (Speaks up) Oh and don't forget to join the Stars Hollow's Youth Summer Program! We'll be looking forward to seeing you there, April!

APRIL: (Smirk turns into a frown, and she mutters to herself) Great.

Camera follows April into her father's diner.


Camera cuts to the interior as April enters the diner and spots Rory and Lane at the counter.

APRIL: (Joins them) Hey there.

Lane and Rory turn to greet the teenager.

LANE: Hey back, April!

RORY: (Looks at the fliers in her hand) How's it going so far?

APRIL: (Frowns as she takes a seat next to her step-sister) Had to sell my soul to the Doose Devil to get him to approve the flier.

RORY: (Sympathetically) Aw, we've all done that a few times over the years.

Zach (now taking things over at the diner during Luke's little absence) walks behind the counter.

APRIL: Hey there, Zach.

ZACH: (Nods) April… nice to see you again. What would you like to have?

APRIL: (Dramatically) Anything cold… very… very.. cold in a to-go cup. It's one hundred degrees and rising out there.

ZACH: You got it.

APRIL: Also, do you mind if I leave a few fliers in here for the customers?

ZACH: No problem, dude. (Looks at Lane and grins) See? I'm in charge for a few weeks… I can say that now.

LANE: (With a mock expression she raises her eyes at her husband and smiles) Right. (Rory chuckles)

Zach walks to the back.

APRIL: (Turns to her right) So what are you two up to?

RORY: Not much, just chatting. (Remembers) Hey, I'm going to do some more shopping later for my trip, want to join?

APRIL: Definitely! Oh hey, maybe we can stop by the shelter later too? I'd like to put my name down to volunteer this summer.

Lane looks at Rory.

RORY: (A little surprised) Oh yeah sure… but I think it's closed today…

APRIL: (Pouts) Oh…

RORY: I'll give you Valerie's number, you can call and let her know you're interested.

APRIL: (Smiles) Awesome.

ZACH: (Sets a cold drink in front of April) Here you go…

APRIL: Thanks, Zach. (Looks at the ladies next to her) Break's over, have to go pass out the fliers.

RORY: (Smiles) See ya later.

LANE: (As the kid rushes out the door) Bye April! (Sighs and looks at her best friend) You just lied to her.

RORY: (Guiltily shakes her head and frowns) I know! I hate lying!

LANE: The shelter's not closed today, is it? You just don't want to run into Nate.

RORY: Am I that transparent?

LANE: Well, to someone who knows a bit of what's going on.. yes.

RORY: (Shakes her head again and slouches even further as she puts her weight on her elbows) I can't believe I'm trying to avoid a man who I'm going to have to spend the whole summer with. It's going to be tough for me over there…

LANE: Tough enough to make you want to drop out?

RORY: (Suddenly looks at Lane) What? No… (Says calmly) I've matured quite a bit the past year, despite my lying to April just now. (Pause) I'm not going to drop out of this gig, Lane. I know my priorities.

LANE: (Proudly) Good.

The two ladies sigh in unison and sip on their drinks.

A few days pass…


Scene opens on Lorelai adding extra little things to the nursery while Nicholas stays in the crib on his back enjoying the little he sees of the baby mobile.

LORELAI: (As she carefully hangs a framed photograph of his feet on the wall, she chats with the little fellow) Think this is the perfect spot for your feet?

Luke shows up at the door.

LORELAI: Hey there… (to Luke) Is this a good place for it?

LUKE: (Shrugs and walks closer) Sure. (Then he steps over to the crib and smiles down at the little one) He seems to like the mobile.

LORELAI: (Walks over and smiles) He should, his dad made it.

The two look down at the kid…

LUKE: (places his arm around Lorelai) Can you believe he's ours?

LORELAI: (Leans in and adjusts his little baby hat as she jokes) It's possible they gave us the wrong baby at the hospital. (Luke lowers his brows at Lorelai making her grin) but I highly doubt it. He's going to have your chin.

LUKE: (With a sweet smile) Hmm. (Looks down at his son… then with a curious expression, looks at his wife) Is that a good thing?

LORELAI: (Smiles up at Luke) Oh yeah.

LUKE: (Amused, he leans in and kisses his wife) Good.

Scene cuts to the next.


It seems someone has rung the doorbell, and Rory's rushing to get the door.

RORY: (As she opens it, and is surprised to see who it is) Grandma… grandpa… ?

RICHARD: (With a chuckle) Yes, we apologize for the surprise visit. But I have some papers that Luke and Lorelai need to sign…

EMILY: (As she walks in) Don't believe your grandfather, Rory. It's just an excuse for him to see little Nicholas… the papers can wait till Monday.

RORY: (Amused) Ah… (Closes the door behind them) I can definitely understand wanting to see the little guy.

RICHARD: (Looks around) So where is he?

Luke and Lorelai emerge from upstairs and around the corner to the foyer.

LORELAI: (Surprised) Oh… hello there.

LUKE: (To Richard) Nicholas just went back to sleep.

LORELAI: (Smoothes her hair behind her ears) He'll be up in less than an hour – so you can still see him.

RICHARD: (As he takes an envelope from his jacket pocket) Oh good… well then, I guess Luke and I can go over the papers. (Explains) I've just spoken with my financial consultant, and we drew up the plans for Nicholas' fund… as we've discussed.

LORELAI: (Raises an eye) Ah, that. (Pats Luke on the back) Well, the two of you have fun chatting… (Guides them to the kitchen)… while we ladies chat over here in the living room.

Emily is already in the living room looking around.

EMILY: (Curiously) I don't see any photos of Nicholas.

LORELAI: (As she walks in followed closely by Rory) Mom, I haven't had the time… (adds) but I did just put up a couple in the nursery upstairs…

EMILY: Oh, that's good. I will take a look when he's awake, then.

The ladies stay standing in awkward silence for a few moments.

Emily looks down at a stack of printed paper on the side table. She picks it up and reads it, and we see that it's one of the fliers April had made.

EMILY: What on earth?

RORY: (Gestures) Oh yeah, you know how the town's been itching to see the baby.

EMILY: (Frowns) Is it wise to advertise him in this manner? I mean, I think it's very peculiar… don't you?

LORELAI: Well, this is Stars Hollow… and "peculiar" is its middle name.

Not one to argue about the town's peculiarity, Emily sighs and returns the piece of paper to the stack.

Silence takes over again.

RORY: (Clears her throat) Why don't we all take a seat and catch up. (She takes a seat in the chair near the fireplace, while Emily and Lorelai hesitantly sit on the couch on opposite ends) So… what have you been up to grandma?

EMILY: Not very much, Rory… just been busy with a few ladies from the DAR. Now that I'm not leaving for Europe this summer, I've decided to take on a bit more projects.

RORY: Nice. (Looks at her mother and raises and eye)

LORELAI: That does sound nice. (Tries to come up with another topic… but is fortunately interrupted by April as she walks down the stairs) April…

APRIL: (Stops halfway on the stairs) Oh! Hello Emily.

Sounds can be heard on the baby monitor again which is conveniently placed on the coffee table.

APRIL: (Before Rory or Lorelai could get up, April turns around fast) I'll go see what's up!

EMILY: (Gets up from her seat) I guess this is a good time to go see the photos in the nursery.

As Emily passes Lorelai…

LORELAI: (Mutters) And your grandson.

Emily walks up the stairs.

RORY: (Takes a deep breath) Why on earth was that so awkward? (Accuses her mother) You're not helping either.

LORELAI: (Defends herself) I don't want to risk talking too much because I'm afraid I'll ask her why she doesn't want to hold her grandson.

RORY: (Sighs and rolls her eyes) Oy, so much drama.

LORELAI: (Looks sternly at her daughter) You should talk, missy. You're not telling me what on earth's going on with you.

RORY: (Gets up from her seat wanting to brush it away) I don't think you want to know.

LORELAI: Au contraire! (To herself) I always sound weird when I try to say that.

RORY: (Sighs again and turns… then after a moment of thought, she sits on the coffee table facing her mother. She speaks softly) Nate and I had a… a… "thing" the other night.

LORELAI: (Curious and frightened at the same time) A "thing"? What sort of a thing?

RORY: Just before the baby shower…

LORELAI: (Nods) When he put up the lights?

RORY: (Nods)… I thought there was some interest. Or at least he seemed to show some interest.

LORELAI: Interest in what?

RORY: (Rolls her eyes) I know you just had a baby, mom, but I'm sure contrary to popular belief, it didn't suck out all of your deducing skills.

LORELAI: (Surprised, she sits up) Interested in you?!

RORY: (Frowns) Well, you don't have to put it that way.

LORELAI: But I thought you said it wasn't ever going to happen between the two of you because it was unrequited.

RORY: Well, it's for certain now. (Lets out a frustrated sigh) It was a fluke. The whole thing…

LORELAI: (Sympathetically tilts her head) Aw babe, I'm so sorry.

RORY: (With a comical exasperated expression) Like I said, it will pass.

LORELAI: (Concerned) But how are you going to spend the summer with him?

RORY: Mom, I'm a professional… I can handle it. (Looks down at her hands) Besides, it's not like we're going to be working together all the time.

Lorelai pouts sympathetically and places a hand on her daughter's shoulder.

Scene cuts to the next.


Scene opens on Emily looking at the framed photos on the wall. As the camera pans, we see April holding little Nicholas in her arms – rocking him back to sleep.

APRIL: (As she looks at Emily, she whispers) I love the colors in this room.

EMILY: (Caught off guard) Hmm? (Realizes what she said) Oh, yes… the colors do look good.

APRIL: Lorelai mentioned that you picked them.

EMILY: (Surprised her daughter would admit such a thing) Did she? (April nods) Well, I guess I had a couple of ideas for the nursery.

APRIL: (Smiles) Well, I like it.

EMILY: (Subtly smiles and makes her way to the rocking chair by the crib. She takes a seat and looks around the room) I like all the furniture your father built too… I think it suits very well.

April nods in agreement.

They hear someone at the door downstairs.

APRIL: (Gets agitated, and whispers) Oh no!

EMILY: (Surprised at the reaction, she looks up) What is it?

APRIL: It's one of the townies, I can feel it. (Explains) They're early! It's only 4:15…

EMILY: I see…

APRIL: (Hurriedly steps towards Emily and without a word, hands her Nicholas) Can you please hold him and put him back to sleep? I'll be right back.

Before Emily could protest, April bolts out of the room. Gradually we hear the infamous "Lala's" fading in…

Feeling a bit uncomfortable, Emily looks around the room for support. But then a few whimpering sounds from Nicholas attracts her attention. Looking down she sees an adorable little baby trying to go back to sleep.

EMILY: (As if instinctively, Emily starts to rock him) Shh… shh… go back to sleep.

The camera stays on Emily and her grandson for a few moments and the lala's play a bit longer.

Scene cuts to the doorway. Unnoticed by Emily, we see Lorelai arrive at the doorway. Seeing the image of her mother holding her son makes Lorelai lean against the doorframe and smile.

After a few moments, Lorelai decides to enter the nursery, and Emily notices.

EMILY: (Does a double-take and looks up at her daughter. She whispers) Oh, there you are. He's sound asleep again… (Emily gets up carefully and hands the baby to his mother).

LORELAI: (Touched, she can't help but smile at her mother) Thanks, mom.

EMILY: (Seeing Lorelai's expression, she dismisses it by looking away) Okay, well I should get Richard. We're supposed to meet some folks for dinner later…

LORELAI: (Nods) Okay.

Emily swallows a bit, and then walks to the doorway. But something prompts her to turn…

EMILY: (With a finger pointed sternly, she whispers) Lorelai…

LORELAI: (Turns to her mother, and whispers) Yeah?

EMILY: I'm going to spoil that child, and no one's going to stop me, Lorelai.

With these words, Emily turns on her heel and heads out.

Scene fades on an amused Lorelai.


Scene opens on Miss Patty and Babette in the living room adoring the little one in the crib.

PATTY: Isn't her precious!

BABETTE: (Nods with hand gestures) You've done good, doll.

LORELAI: (Sitting next to the crib, smiles) Thanks ladies.

Camera pans to show many gifts on the coffee table… and as the camera pans even more, we see a bit of the foyer and front door. Gypsy's peeking in… (Kirk's back can also be seen next to Gypsy)

GYPSY: (Into the house) Quit hogging the child and let the others see him!

Scene cuts to the exterior of the house as a vehicle drives up to the front driveway.

We see Nate (wearing a un-tucked shirt and loosened tie under his suit jacket) getting out of his Touareg. As he places his keys in his pocket, he walks up to the porch… but does a double-take as he sees about half a dozen people standing in line.

NATE: (A little confused, he looks around… then catches Gypsy's evil look) Hello.

GYPSY: No cutting!

NATE: (Frowns) I wasn't cutting… (Points at the back of the line) Am I supposed to stand…

GYPSY: (Bluntly) If you're hear to see the little rascal, yeah…

Confused even more, Nate stands there for a second wondering if he should ring the bell though the door is half open. Just then, the door flies open and Babette and Patty exit as April holds the door for them.

GYPSY: (Pushes Kirk inside) Thank god!

APRIL: (Surprised) Nate!

As the ladies pass, Patty looks at the man with a keen eye.

NATE: (Surprised as well) Hey… hello April.

Scene cuts to the interior.

Gypsy is now at the crib admiring the new addition to the Gilmore-Danes household.

Kirk follows closely behind, but as the camera pans around him Lorelai jumps back a bit at his sight.

LORELAI: (Holds her chest) Kirk! What happened to you?

KIRK: (With camera on him, we see that he has band-aids all over him) Oh nothing really.

LORELAI: (Looking at his arms) Did you get another cat Kirk?

KIRK: No, no… it was a little accident during pin the binkie on the baby on Friday night – after you left.

LORELAI: (A little disturbed) Oh. (She gets distracted by a familiar face walking up behind Kirk) Nate? (Lorelai stands up)

NATE: (Steps around Kirk, and momentarily gets distracted by the man beside him) H… Hi. (Looks at the crib and back at Lorelai – then smiles) Congratulations… to you and Luke.

LORELAI: Thanks. (Pause)

NATE: Is uh…

LORELAI: Rory? (Nods) Yes, she's uh… (points to the stairs)

Just then Rory walks down the stairs and is surprised to see Nate in their living room.

RORY: (As she takes the last few steps down) Nate.

NATE: (Turns) Hey… do you have a minute?

RORY: (Trying to act calm around everyone) Yeah… (looks around) outside?

NATE: (Nods) Sure… (turns to Lorelai again) congratulations again.

Lorelai nods, and then watches as the two walk out.

Cut to exterior.

Rory and Nate step out on to the porch and see that there are a couple more of the townies standing in line.

NATE: (Still a bit confused, he turns to Rory) Should I even ask?

RORY: (Shakes her head) I'd advise you not to.


RORY: (Gestures towards the open garage) We can talk over there.

The two walk down the stairs and over to the garage.

Rory enters a couple of feet into the garage and turns around.

RORY: (Looks at his suit as Nate stands a good 10 feet away from her with hands in his pockets) Another meeting with the lawyers?

NATE: (Looks at her) No… no… (With a smirk) I signed the papers today…

RORY: (Surprised and happy) Wow! So… this means…

NATE: (Nods) The shelter's all mine.

RORY: (Can't help but smile) This is great news, Nate… this is amazing.

Pause as the two look at each other in silence.

NATE: (Breaks the silence) I've been so busy with all that, so I couldn't even contact you…

RORY: (Dismisses it) That's not the only reason… is it?

NATE: (Admittedly shakes his head) No. (Rory realizes this is the chapter that ends prematurely) I had to think about it a lot… I just couldn't…

RORY: Right.

NATE: (Takes a step forward as he realizes Rory isn't cooperative) Look… you told me a few months ago how you felt… so chances are that you've had time to think about it…

RORY: (Frowns) What does that even mean?

NATE: This thing… (gestures at the two of them) this whole thing is new to me. I had to think about it for a bit…

RORY: (Now a bit angered, she chuckles in disbelief) Oh great… I said something very similar to someone last year when he proposed. You want to know how things ended? (Brushes it off) I don't need this, Nate. It's nothing against you… and I realized that I may have had a part in putting you on the spot the other day. But it's time to close this… and move on. So, don't worry about it… okay?

Rory walks around him and towards the tree.

NATE: (Sternly, as he frowns) Gilmore!

RORY: (Pauses, and turns around) Yeah.

NATE: I'm not finished.

RORY: (Sighs, then takes a few steps back towards him) Okay.

Nate also takes a few steps forward. A few feet away, the two look at each other. Rory's adamant they should end things there, and Nate's tentative.

NATE: I had to think about the consequences…

RORY: Consequences?

NATE: Say we are together, and somehow it becomes temporary… (Rory can't believe she's hearing this) what happens when we're over there… do we continue like nothing happened? Do we professional… or pretend we're both fine?

RORY: (Dismisses it) We don't have to worry about that, now do we? Because there's nothing to worry about.

NATE: (Frustrated, he invades Rory's space by stepping in closer making Rory suddenly react) Isn't there? (Now more close than ever, he stares at her eyes without a blink) You seriously think there's nothing there?

Rory trembles a bit as he gets even closer.

NATE: No matter how much I analyzed the situation, all I kept thinking about was how much I wanted to be with you… to spend time with you.

RORY: (Trembling a bit more, she shies away from his eyes and suddenly places her hand on his upper arm and holds it tightly to hold on) Nate? (Nate's eyes move to the rest of her face… he observes closely as he continues to breathe heavier… prompting Rory to do the same)

The 'Lalas' gradually return.

RORY: (Softly, with a shaky voice) What if it's 'temporary'?

NATE: (Subtly shakes his head) I'm not a betting man, but I'm unequivocally sure that it's not.

Slowly lifts her head and looks up at him. Trying to calm her rapidly beating heart, she places her other hand on his chest.

As the infamous sounds of Sam Phillips continue in the background, Nate leans in further and kisses Rory as intensely as their hearts start to beat.

Camera zooms out slowly and pans around the garage to reveal a now longer line at the Gilmore-Danes household… reaching the border of the front yard.

Scene fades.


VOICE OVER: Next week on an all new Gilmore girls…

A scene of Rory and Nate smiling at each other in the company of other familiar characters.

VOICE OVER: … things seem to be going well for the younger Gilmore girl. However, it is the Danes girl that everyone's buzzing about…

LUKE: (Looks down at a brochure) Stars Hollow Youth Summer Program? (Makes a face) Why the hell for?

APRIL: I'd rather do the one month program, than have to deal with Taylor always picking on me.

LORELAI: It can't be all that bad.

VOICE OVER: But when there's a new prospect…

A shot of April smiling across the room at a young teenage boy.


LUKE: (Frothing mad) What?!

VOICE OVER: It's Luke who steals the show.

Shot of Lorelai as she gasps as Luke exits the scene in a huff.

VOICE OVER: Stay tuned next week for an eventful episode of the Gilmore girls.

……………………………………….THE END

I apologize again for taking so long to update the segment. It's sad to say, but I'll be relieved when the final segment of 8.22 is written. With that said, I'd like to mention again that I will not be doing a season nine. I only wanted closure for this show…

Also, Kudos to those who figured out the title. The title is based on Oscar Wilde's play, "The Importance of Being Earnest." We even see Lorelai watching the movie with Colin Firth and Rupert Everette.

More kudos to those who figure out the significance of the title to this episode. While there are many layers which could be applied… the main significance was the importance of a "name." We see Rory mention a few times how it's important to name the baby Lorelai if it was to be a girl. The reason for the title is, of course, the fans themselves. I enjoyed reading reviews with speculations on what the sex of the baby would be… and the 'name' I should be giving this baby. I thought it was appropriate.

Reviews appreciated as always.

Two more to go…