Scottish Rain

A lone beam of sunlight streamed in the window and he blinked rapidly as it assaulted his sleepy eyes. Outside the window, the trees still whistled in the wind, the rain still falling from the sparse clouds, whipping at the leafy trees.

So much for his belief that the storm would pass overnight.

That's how it happens in the movies, he'd assured her and she'd simply raised an amused eyebrow before settling into the not-so-comfortable seat of his rented hybrid.

He should have known, by now, not to trust what happens in the movies because he'd been proved wrong too many times of late; it was not just Spider-Man who could scale walls and the pregnant woman did not always give birth in those types of situations.

He wondered how Hollywood had gotten it so wrong.

A laugh escaped him at that thought; saying that, Hollywood did believe the Americans single-handedly won the Great War alongside counterparts the Germenglish.

He opened the door and looked down to the mud covered wheels and realised that, yes, they were in fact still very much stuck in the dirt track road leading to his father's old get away cabin.

He sighed and banged the door shut, wincing when Teyla began to stir at the sound. He reached out to her and covered her hand with his own and she smiled for a moment before blinking up at him. He smiled as she looked up at him, her hair mussed from where she'd slept on it through the night.

"I see it is still raining." He nodded. "Not like the movies then?" He frowned at her and looked away, trying not to smile. "What shall we do now?"

He turned back to her and was caught by the way the overcast skies seemed to darken her eyes.

"It wouldn't be so bad if we just sat here for the rest of our vacation, would it?"

She studied his face to see if he was joking and he tried to reign in his desire to smile. She pursed her lips and looked around.

"Despite the beauty of our surroundings, John, I would not mind more space to move about."

"What do you need space for?"

And then she shifted over the gear stick and into his lap, easily, his arms coming around her.

"Oh..." He murmured, smiling happily as her lips came down on his.