Full Summary:

Full Summary:

Brian Chefchenko has been looking for another skating partner for ages. But he never thought he'd have to go into the magical world to find the right partner. Solana Matuschka has been going to Hogwarts for four years. She has also been ice skating since she was ten, although it's been mainly solo. When Brian & his coach show up at the school, how will the students, teachers and Solana feel when they ask her to skate in the Olympics with Brian? Will she be able to pull off the Pamchenko trick in time for the Olympics? And what happens when Solana finds out that Brian may have been using her to gain the gold and get his old partner back?

Solana Matuschka:

Solana knew why most people didn't like her at Hogwarts. She was the only one at Hogwarts that was allowed to have electronics. She was always up at the crack of dawn, on the lake, practicing her tricks for ice skating. Even when the lake wasn't even frozen, she would be practicing. She had the ability to freeze things. She would freeze the lake about eight feet deep so there was no way she could fall through. Then the practicing would start. Hermione and Ginny somehow got into coming around with a bunch of their friends to make fun of her. At first she would only be practicing by herself, but when her brother Ivan transferred to Hogwarts, they practiced together. That's what couples skating meant. Normally she would skate solo but Ivan was a couple's skater and he had to practice without his partner during the school term and that's where she came in.

Ivan's coach showed up for Christmas vacation to help them with a new trick. Ivan's partner wouldn't be going to the Olympics this year. She had been injured in a car accident and Solana was the closest thing to a partner Ivan had. But nobody could ever have expected what would happen to happen. It would happen on live television in front of millions of people and Solana would go into retirement because of it. She wouldn't stop skating, she just wouldn't compete anymore.

They had mastered the Pamchenko trick and were on there way to the Olympics, the first one either had been to. The students and teachers at Hogwarts were watching from a mirror that they had secretly made. It was kind of like a portal but none of the muggles could see it. Ivan and Solana were the first and only magic couple to enter the Olympics. The routine was going perfectly and they were getting ready for their last trick, the one that would get them the gold. It had only been done twice before, and both times it had been successful. Solana set up for the trick and Ivan grabbed her ankle and the trick began. The music changed to a faster tempo and they started the end of their routine in perfect time. But something went wrong. Ivan threw Solana into the air, the flip and twist went perfectly. It was the landing that went horribly wrong.

On the way down from the trick, Solana's skate hit Ivan in the neck, cutting into his throat. He was unable to catch her and both hit the ice. Solana and Ivan did not get up and the music stopped. The arena went silent and the paramedics were rushed in. Solana was transferred to a stretcher, barely conscious. Ivan was also transferred to a stretcher, but he wasn't taken to the hospital. He was taken to the morgue. Solana woke up almost three weeks later, her mother and father sitting in her room, just waiting.

When Solana tried to sit up, pain coursed through her chest and she cried out. Her mother was at her side within a matter of second and her father got the doctor. They told her that she had broken ribs and a fractured right arm but other then that she was fine. It was what her parents told her that made her go into retirement. Ivan was dead and she had lost her best friend. It was then that she learned of another power that she had. She had disappeared into her own world, but it turned out to be an alternate reality. In this world, Ivan had lived and she had died. Ivan was looking at her, saying that she was meant to live, to let her family know that he was safe and in the arms of God. Then she was back in the real world.

She went back to Hogwarts after Christmas vacation, alone. Hermione, Ginny & the rest of the school watched her walk in alone. The last time they had seen her, she was with Ivan and they were leaving for the Olympics. She sat at Gryffindor table and looked away from everybody. Her parents had told Dumbledore that Ivan had transferred back to his original school; that he would be going there from now on. But Solana knew the truth. Ivan would no longer be coming to school because she had killed him. It was a first for the Olympics and a last. For as long as Solana knew, nobody else had ever been killed during the Olympics.