Full Summary:

Full Summary:

Button has a twin sister he hasn't seen since they were four years old. What happens when she comes back into his life? And what happens when he find out what she's been up to for the past six years.

6 Years Ago:

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Button & Elysia had been living in Texas since they were younger then four. Their parents had died when they were two & they became orphans when they were three. Nobody would take them in. They lived off the streets until they got separated when they were four. Elysia went looking for food and when she came back, Button was nowhere to be seen. If Elysia had known Button would disappear she wouldn't have left, but she had and now she had to fend for herself.

Fending For Themselves-Button:

Button had wandered down the street and was taken in by an elderly lady. He was kept until he was ten. He'd gone to school but dropped out only a couple months after joining, when the elderly woman he'd grown to know as mom, had died of a heart attack. He soon was out on the streets again. And that's where Boss, Charlie & Mose picked him up.

Fending For Themselves-Elysia:

Elysia wandered around, trying to look for Button, but couldn't find him. She joined a small band of children heading out for another town to look for families, but she was never chosen. She moved from one state to another and then ended back up in Texas when she was ten. At that time she joined a local gang of outlaws and started dating the leader. She caught only a glimpse of button on her travels and that's when he was leaving Texas with a bunch of men and there cattle. She saw him for only a second and then he was gone. He never looked at her. He was gone & she was with a new family.

Little did they know, they would see each other again in six years, in a town called Harmonville...