Bayport High Cafeteria:

This chapter will be in third person.

Bayport High Cafeteria:

10:00 PM:

The Detectives were slowly moving towards Kalee, hoping she wouldn't notice the SWAT team members moving towards her from behind. She noticed. She swung around, aimed the gun and fired, hitting one of the officers. Elliot took that moment to grab her from behind, disarm her & push her to the ground. It had been nearly eleven hours since she took everyone hostage. The kids took that moment to head for the door, running past the Detectives. Elliot pulled her from the ground, handcuffing her as he did so. The paramedics were taking care of the officer.

She was walked out of the school, all weapons/ammo stripped from her body. The family members of the hostages were looking at her. It was Iola who noticed somethin different about Kalee. Walking in front of the Detectives, she seemed not to care what happened to her anymore. She grabbed Joe's arm & pointed to the car that had just arrived. Kalee also noticed the car. She was struggling against the cops that now had her & were trying to put her into the back of a squad car. It was Iola that noticed the fear.

A man got out of the car & started walking towards Kalee. The Detectives recognized him, but they acted too late. He was next to Kalee & before anybody could do anything, a gun went off four times. By the time the Detectives go to her side, he was gone & she was on the ground, barely breathing. Finn took the cuffs off, picked her up, headed to the car, put her in the back &took off for the hospital. Nobody saw that coming & nobody knew why the guy had shot Kalee. But there was a possibility that she had taken the kids hostage, just to prolong her life.