Yo, I'm chose to stay on . I'll be using this story to sharpen my skills in writing. This takes place in the same universe as the one in Naruto, but this is not a crossover. This story has a strong influence from the show Naruto. This is just training for me. This story refeclts the way what happens if I met the Brawlers. Some of the stuff in here is true. And if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Chapter 1:Wish

Leaf Village...

"Onee-chan, wake up!" said a young 13 years old girl. "Sister, wake up!

"All right, I'm up." answered the another girl, getting up from her bed. "Geez, Li-en-onee-chan, can't you let me sleep in for once in my life?"

"Nope." Li-en smiled. "Besides, what if the others find you asleep when we are suppose to do the chores?"

"Let them find out so I can kick their butts for treating us so badly." Hana repiled, getting up to the bathroom. "How long are we going to stay here and be their slaves? We live in a small village with technology and full of ninjas. We have to train secretly to become warriors because our family won't let us fight just so can they treated us like slaves. I'm sick of this, Onee-sama. When are we going to run away from this dumped?"

Li-en's POV…

I sighed as I watch my sister go into the bathroom. My name is Li-en Yuki and my sister is Hana Yuki. We are twins sisters born in a village fill with ninjas. Our family is a major clan in our village. When my sister and me were born we were always sickly and because of that we couldn't train to we warriors. However, that didn't stop us from working hard and becoming warriors. Our family treated like slaves thinking we was useless to them and they decide to make us their servants.

We train secretly at night so they won't find out. My sister and I wish to roam free across the land, begin free, but I have another wish. I'm a big fan of Super Smash Bros Brawl. I have crushes on the boys there and I watch the game over and over again. It's strange, isn't it? Me having a crush on made up characters. I fell in love with them and it isn't some kind of puppy love. I truly love them, but just the ones I find attractive. My sister hates it when I go all "Moe" when I see them or something. I don't really care what she thinks because she never loves someone before. I look at the window of my room that I share with my sister. I heard the door of my room open and I saw my sister enter with her clothes on. She was wearing a pink tube top and shorts with a cloth behind it, and has a bandana with a skull on top of her head and her sword by her side. It was the same clothes I was wearing, but my tube top and shorts was blue. I gasped when I saw a red hand print on my sister face.

End of POV...

"Sister, what happen?" Li-en asked, worriedly.

"I got slapped by the idiots again because I insult them!" Hana spat out, punching the wall with her hand, making a giant hole. "I will not tolerate this anymore!"

Li-en flinched at her sister's tone. All the training they did gave her and her sister gave them super strength. Li-en was scare when her sister acts so scary.

"I wish they just leave us alone!" Hana yelled. "I wish we can go somewhere far away from them!"

"The day we escape from them is when I get to meet the Brawlers in Super Smash Bros Brawl." Li-en sighed

"Don't tell me you still have feelings for them." Hana repiled, giving her sister a look. "If you forgotten, they're not real!"

"I know, but you know I always have dreams about meeting them and for some reason I think we important to them." Li-en told her, putting her head to think.

"It is the same dream when you see dark clouds forming over the world and darkness took over?"


"Sister, it's all in your head. We'll never to get to meet them." Hana stated. "Unless you tell me a way to get out of this dump, I'm not interested in you love life."

"Well, there is one way." Li-en said, walking over to her bed and reach under her pillow. She holds up an old, dusty, Spell Book.

"Magic, swell." Hana remarked, dryly. "I know you're a genius and everything, but you're completely out of your mind! You can't really believe that this will help us get out of here."

"Come on, let's give it a try." Li-en suggested

"No, the closet thing we're getting to magic is our necklace." Hana mumbled, holding up her's. It was the sign of Yin and Li-en hold up her's. It was Yang. The village elder gave it to them telling the story it holds great power enough to control the world and when you put the two pieces together it grant wishes, but the true rulers of the necklace can make it work. Li-en was amazed, but Hana didn't really believe in it.

"Why do care so much about meeting Link, Ike, Marth and everyone else you have a crush on?" Hana asked her.

"I'll guess you'll never understand." Li-en sighed, looking out the window.

Everyday I watch the world go by

I want my chance

To join the world outside

What I need most

Is a tender touch

Someone to sent me free

From this life I know

And someone I can call my own

I know that one day

My heart will be sent free

To live and to love

The one who's loving me

What I need most

Is a tender touch

And someone who needs

Just as much

And someone who needs me

Just as much…

I know that one day

My prince will come along

Then on that day

My sadness will be gone

What I need most

Is a tender touch

And someone who need me

Just as much…

And someone who needs me

Just as much…

Hana sighed. "I know how you feel about Link and the others, but sooner or later you have to realize they're not real. And besides, think of might what happen if we go to their world. They can be villains and we could die along with your boyfriends."

"That's fine." Li-en muttered in a low tone. "I am prepared to go to Hell with Link and the others. I don't care if I die."

"Then you won't mind if I take it away!" a voice cackled.

"What was that just now?" Hana questioned, taking out her sword and Li-en took out her bows and arrow. "Sister, look at your necklace. It's glowing."

Li-en down to see Hana was right. It was glowing and Hana's necklace was glowing as well. Suddenly, a bright light surround the two girls and teleported them to a field.

"Okay, I'm only to say this once: WHAT THE HECK IT GOING ON!?!" Hana screamed.

"Sister, call me crazy, but I think that voice we heard was Ganondorf's voice from The Legend of Zelda." Li-en told her. "And I think we teleported to the Brawlers' dimension somehow."

"Oh, is that all?" Hana asked, sarcastically.

"So, you two are the holders of light and darkness." a voice said. "You're just a couple of brats."

The girls turned around to see Bowser. Li-en started to faint, thinking this was a little too much for her and she fell on the ground. Hana roll her eyes for her sister to be fainting at the wrong time and place. Hana raise her sword at Bower.

"What do you want, ugly?!" Hana asked.

"Nothing, but you two heads. Now be a good little girls and come with me." Bowser chuckled at them. "I'm too powerful for mere humans girls."

"Yeah, right! Not even if your dreams." Hana said, jabbing her sword in Bowser's stomach. He screamed in pain and knocks her to a tree. Hana got up and raise her sword at him again. "What's wrong? That's all you got? I'll end this quick."

Hana charge at Bowser, but he punches her in the gut and shoves her right into Li-en's body. Bowser laughs evily and walks towards them. Hana's vision was getting foggy. The last thing she saw before falling unconscious was a boy with angelic wings stood in front of them, as if we was trying to protect the two. Everything else went blank for Hana.

Brawlers Mansion

"Are they okay?"

"Who are they?"

"They sure are cute girls."

"They look like twins."

Hana could hear lots of voices all around her. Her eyes flutter open as the sunrays hit her eyes. The first thing she saw was a blue hair man with a headband on his head. He smiled at her slightly.

"Where am I?" Hana asked, getting up from whatever she was laying on. Her eyes widen in disbelief, as she was surround by the Brawlers from Super Smash Bros Brawl. She rubs her eyes to see if she was seeing things.

"So, you finally awake." Ike stated to her.

"My sister." Hana said, looking around the room. "Where is my sister?"

"Relax, she's over there." Pit answered, pointing to a sofa across the room. Hana ran to Li-en and put her hand on her cheek. "She hasn't waked up yet."

"Sister, wake up." Hana whispered, softly. Hana took a deep breath and she begins to sing and the Brawlers listen with interested.

Where do I start

To say how I feel

My heart sings with joy

And these feelings are real

Love will see us though

And make our dreams come true

And we'll be together

Now and forever

We'll be together

Me and you…

Li-en open her eyes slowly and she smiled at her sister. She got up from the sofa and saw the Brawlers. A big blush came upon her face and she hid behind her sister. Link walked over to her and extends a hand to her.

"I'm not going to hurt you." He said, gently.

"Link…" Li-en mumbled, she put a hand on Link's face and he blush. "Is that really you?"

"How did you know my name?" Link asked her. Li-en ignored him and put her face closer to Link causing the others Brawlers and Hana to watch in shocked. Li-en kiss Link gently on the lips and back away.

"It is you…" Li-en smiled and Link smiled back at her.

"Uh…What just happen?" Zelda asked everyone.

"Your boyfriend got kiss by a girl." Sonic answered. "And a cute one at that."

"I wanted to do that for the longest time." Li-en smiled while blushing.

"Okay, listen, Hero of Time, don't think because she kiss you it doesn't mean she only likes you and you only! She have a crush on every cute boy in this room, so don't act so special." Hana decarled, grinning at Li-en.

"Onee-chan, you promise not to tell anyone!" Li-en yelled at her, blushing furiously.

"Call it punishment for kissing a boy!" Hana yelled back. "You're just lucky I didn't killed him yet or your other boyfriends, too!"

"He's not my boyfriend!"

"Oh, just like Ike, Marth, Pit, Meta Knight, Lucario, Fox, and Falco!"

"Shut up!" Li-en shouted as she and her sister stop fighting.

"Um…How about you guys start to explain who you are and how did you came here?" Marth inquired, walking up to them. Li-en blushes at him and he smiled. "I'm Marth by the way."

"L-Li-en is my name. It means Lotus Flower." Li-en shuttered, looking at the floor shyly.

"Yo, Hana is my name. It means Flower or nose." Hana greeted, looking at him. "I better explain how we got here, huh?"

A few minutes later…

"You guys came from a different dimension?" Pit asked. "So, that's how you know so much about us."

"Yeah, our necklaces started glowing and we end up here." Li-en nodded, blushing.

"Apparently, it's say these necklaces hold power in them." Hana told them. "The last thing on our mind before we came here was that my sister wanted to tell the boys she like how she feels."

Li-en looks at her sister and she blush more as the Brawlers stare at her.

"Well, you know the old saying: Be carful for what you wish for." Falco shrugged, turning to Li-en. "So, do you actually have a crush on all of us?"

"Falco!" Fox exclaimed. "Don't do ask her that."

"What? I just want to know." Falco replied. "So why do you have a crush on all of us?"

Li-en continues to blush, unable to answer and Hana sighed. She spoke to them and point to them each.

"Link, my sister likes you because you're nice, kind, sweet, brave, strong, cute, and you keep fighting no matter what. Marth, she likes you because, you're cute, nice, brave, strong, and she finds you the romantic type. Ike, she likes you because you're stubborn, brave, heroic, and you fight for your friends. Meta Knight, she likes she because you're stubborn, cool, and mysterious. Pit, she likes you because you're around her age and your cute and brave. Lucario, she likes you because you're cool, mysterious, calm, and you think before charging into battle. Fox, she likes you because she thinks you're an awesome fighting and your cute. Falco, she likes she because of your rebellious attitude and because of some odd reason." Hana said, taking a deep breath. "She talks about you guys a lot, but the problem is that she can't decide who she likes the most."

"So, that's it. So, I was wonder if will like go hung out with me." Pit smiled at Li-en. She looks up at him and she nodded shyly.

"Okay, time out." Samus chimed in. "We can't let them stay here. And they're not here for you guys to hit on. We have to bring them back home."

"Samus is right and we still don't know why Bowser attack them and if we could trust these girls." Zelda agreed.

"You are aware we'll still here." Hana stated, dryly.

"Princess Zelda is right." Li-en sighed, getting up from the sofa. "We can't stay long and he must get home. We don't belong here in this world."

Hana and Li-en started to walk to the door and they could hear the Brawlers talking about them.

"Still we can't simple abandon these girls." Lucas whispered. "I trust them."

"I'm not getting a bad vibe from these girls." Ness mumbled.

"Please let them stay." Peach begged to R.O.B. He was the boss of the mansion.

"All right, you two can stay." R.O.B said to them just as they were about to leave. Li-en smiled and ran to hug R.O.B.

"Thank you so much. I promise we won't be a burden." Li-en smiled "Isn't this great, Hana-oneesama?"

"Whatever, just as long you guys doesn't touch me or my sister or else." Hana shrugged. "I guess you got your wish after all."

Done and done!