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Chapter 15: I always be with you…

By a cave…

As the air continue to be fill with evil and hate, the Brawlers prepared to fight with the King of Evil and his henchmen. A possessed Hana charge at Ike with razor-sharp nails that glowed green like poison as Li-en helplessly watch in Dark Pit's arms as Ike stopped the attack with his Ragnell clashing with Hana's nails. Using his amazing strength Ike pushes Hana back as she continue to try and slash him.

"I know she isn't the real Hana, but still…" the Mercenary thought, dodging all of her attacks. " I can't fight her…It's still her body and if I do fight her…I'll…"

As they continue their fight, the Brawlers were face with Ridley, Bowser, and Wario. Ganondorf was standing aside with an evil smirk on his face. Link and Sheik got out their weapons and face him on their own.

"Okay, Ganondorf, we came here like you wanted, now let Li-en go and break the spell you have on Hana! They have nothing to do with this!" Link snarled.

The King of Evil only chuckled. "That's where you're wrong, boy. They have everything to do with this. This is why they are here."

"Oh, really?! Are you going somewhere with this!?"

"They didn't tell you then?"

"Tell us what?!"

This only made Ganondorf laugh even more as Link's anger was being to rise.

"What's so funny!?"

Ganondorf stop laughing and smiled evilly. His eyes burned with power. "Round and round goes the spinning wheel; Spinning and weaving a red thread of fate. For you to meet those girls was no coincidence. It was my doing."

"What? Then are you saying…?" Link said, shocked.

"That's right, it was all according to my plan. I simply took the desire for that young girl to come here and I transported them here. Do understand now? You did not meet them on your own will." Ganon said with a grin on his face. "I knew you would have found them and let them stay with you. I merely wanted to see what will happen if they did fall in love with you and your friends. And so they did. I wanted to wait for the perfect time to bring them here."

"He planned this all along…From the very beginning…" The Hero of Twilight thought, angrily.

"I've often hear you humans referred to this as fate or destiny, isn't that right, Princess?" Ganon smirked, looking at Sheik.

"Once the threads of fate are tangled, they cannot be undone…This is Hana and Li-en's fate…The cycle continues…To walk down this path only proves their cursed destiny…" Sheik thought.

"Only the weak utter such nonsense. It is different for the most powerful. They create this fate or destiny with their own hands."

"You're the one who's speaking nonsense, Ganondorf." Sheik growled. "Now put up or shut up!"

"As you wish, girl! This should be your resting place!" Ganondorf hissed as she took out his sword and charge at the ninja and the hero.

Meanwhile, Li-en was trying to get out of Dark Pit's grips as Pit watch from the ground.

"Let go of me!"

"Sorry, I can't do that." Dark Pit replied, taking out his blades in one hand. "I'm under direct orders for Lord Ganon."

"Orders my butt!" exclaimed the real Pit, taking out his blades and flying towards them. "Hold one, Angel! I'm coming to get you!"

"Just try it!" Dark Pit yelled. "I'm not scare!"

"Okay then, maybe this will help you; You do anything to her and you won't even make it to the ground!" Pit threatened him as his blades clashes with the Dark Pit. Apparently, this made his copy let go of Li-en and now she falling to the ground.


"Angel!" both Pits shouted.

"I got you!" Meta Knight said, as flew up and caught Li-en. He landed back on the ground place next to the cave entrance. "Stay here. Red, you, Princess Peach, R.O.B and the younger Brawlers stay here and protect her."

"Okay!" The Pokemon Trainer replied bringing out his Charizard.

"But, Meta Knight…" the young girl trailed off.

"No "buts". That's an order, Li-en." The Star Warrior said, firmly as he watch Samus, Snake, Captain Falcon, Fox and Falco take on Ridley in the air. "I must assist the others. Stay here!"

Meta Knight took off as Peach came over to her. "Are you hurt?"

"No." she answered. Li-en's eyes darted from her to where Hana and Ike are still fighting. "Onee-sama…"

"Come on, Hana! Wake up! I don't want to fight you!" Ike shouted at her as his sword and Hana's nails clashes once more. "Come on! Don't you recognize me!?"

Hana said nothing. Her eyes were still emotionless and her skin was as pale as snow. Bringing up her other hand a sword magically appeared in it and he plunged it in Ike's right shoulder, Ike screamed in pain as Hana took the sword out, grabbed him by his cape and kicks him towards Li-en. The Mercenary collides with Li-en.

"Ike, are you…" Her voice was cut off when she places a hand on Ike's shoulder to see her hand cover in blood.

"Blood…" She thought in fear as she brought her hand to her face. Her body was completely frozen and her eyes were fill with fear and her body started to tremble.

"Ike! Are you okay!?" Peach asked, rushing to him. "Your shoulder is bleeding…"

"It's nothing, Peach…It's-Get out of the way!" Ike yelled pushing her aside as Hana came running towards them. She'd jumps in the air as dark angel wings spouted from her back. Her nails shrink back to it's normal size, but as she slice the air with her hand multiple dart-like nails came toward them. "Get down!"

The blue-hair swordsman turns his head to see Li-en trembling with fear.

"I'd forgotten…Li-en is afraid of blood…" He thought, as he uses his own body to shield her from Hana's attack. Luckily, all the nails missed them, but two that was able to make a cut on Li-en's face and cut Ike's left shoulder, spilling more blood on her face. "Peach, take care of Li-en! I'll take of Hana!'

"But wait! Ike! You're in no…" The Toadstool Princess said, but it was too late. Ike already got up and continue to fight with Hana. Peach took out a cloth from her dress and wipe away some of the blood on Li-en's face. "Poor girl…"

"Princess Peach, what's wrong with Miss Li-en?" Lucas whispered. "Why did she suddenly freeze up?"

"She's probably been afraid of the blood that was spilled from Ike and that made her froze up."

"Is she going to be okay?"

"I don't know."

"What about Ike?" Nana asked her. "He's hurt already."

"Yeah, there's no way he could win against Hana new powers with a broken shoulder." Popo said, sadly.

"Come on, you guys! Don't think like that! Mr. Ike will win!" Ness resorted. "He has to…"

"Yeah, but how?" Red questioned. "Under that spell, Hana could do anything. Hey, R.O.B, how is everyone else is doing?"

"To my calculations, not very good. Sheik and Link is facing off with Ganondorf, but Marth is helping now, Samus and the others are having trouble with Ridley, Mario, Sonic and Luigi is getting hurt badly by Bowser, and Kirby, Yoshi, and Olimar, the Kongs, and Pikachu is doing just fine with Wario." R.O.B explained. "To me, it's like they playing with him."

"And Pit and Dark Pit are still at it." Lucario said, coming up to them.

"Where have you been, Lucario?" Red asked.

"I was hiding in the shadows observing each enemies and trying to find it's weak spot." He answered, just as Meta Knight down next to him. "I'm trying to locate where Ike can break the spell on Hana."

"I've also been studying them. I got a plan to stop Ridley." Meta Knight said, turning his attention to the other Brawlers. "Kirby! Fox! Falco! You're coming with me! Lucario, you too."

"Where are we going?" Kirby asked after he escapes the fight with Wario.

"You'll see. Fox! Falco! Let's go!" the Star Warrior called them as he started to fly away with the others following him.

"Yeah, yeah! We're coming! Don't get your cape all tie up in a knot!" Falco remarked, rudely as he and Fox jumped off of Ridley's back and went to follow Meta Knight.

"Wait! Where are you guys going!?" Samus yelled as she hang on to Ridley who trying to shake her off.

"I have no idea!" Fox called back as he disappears into the forest. "We'll be back!"

"You better! Pikachu, come and help me!" the Bounty Hunter shouted to the little mouse Pokemon.

"Pika pikachu." He said, running over to Ridley and jumping on his back. Meanwhile, Link, Sheik, and Marth were still fighting Ganondorf. However, Marth was looking over at Ike and Hana. They were fighting on the ground as Hana's sword and Ike's sword clash with one another.

"What's taking Ike so long just to beat Hana? Ike never loses a battle before, even if he's hurt. And just because Hana is a girl doesn't mean he need to hold back." The Altea Prince said. 'Why can't he take on a mere child?"

"Marth, it's not because Hana's girl or anything and besides that Ike is injured and she has new found powers, but it's because Hana is still just under a spell." Sheik explained. "Ike doesn't have the strength to hurt Hana. It's not that simple for him."

"She's right. If I was Ike right now I couldn't bring myself to hurt someone close to me either, even if she is under a spell."

"I would worry about yourselves then about him!' Ganondorf exclaimed as he charge at Sheik with his sword and knock her knife out of her hands and onto the ground. He was about to give the final blow to her, but Link came over and clashes his sword with Ganon's.

"Sheik, stay back! I'll take care of him!" Link shouted.

"Okay, I'm going to help Ike then." She replied, grabbing her knife back from the ground and running towards Ike. As she studied her surrounds she being to think.

"Li-en is frozen up with fear of the blood that was spill from Ike and now she can't move. Ike and Hana are still fighting and he still can't find a way to break a spell…Then again, if Hana is fighting back from the inside then the spell should've worn off, but it didn't. That means the source out the spell must be in her forehead to lock Hana inside her own body!" Sheik thought. "That's it! To break the spell Ike must hit the source of the power!"

"Ike! Aim for the forehead! It's where a jewel must been where it absorb into Hana's body!" the Sheikah Warrior yelled. "Break the jewel and you'll break the spell!"

"And how exactly am I suppose to break it if it's inside of Hana's head!?" Ike yelled back, dodging one Hana's attacks.

"I don't know!"


" I think Hana needs to force it out herself! That's the only way to break the spell without harming her! Say something that can get through her!"

"Like what!? I tried that! Even Li-en couldn't get pass her and she can't do anything now she's frozen up!"

"Damn it! What can I say to get through to her?" Sheik asked herself as she saw Hana swing her leg under Ike's and tripping him over on the ground. She pin him down on the ground and as her sword went to finish him off." Ike!"

Ike closes his eyes waiting for the impact, but…It never did. He open his eyes to see Hana's face fill with tears, but her are still emotionless. What was going on? Why did she stop all of the sudden? And why was she crying?

"Hana…" He whispered softly as she saw Hana's hand, the one with the sword, struggling to finish off her. When it try to go forward it couldn't as it starts to be pull back a little and then forward and backward again. This could only mean…

"Ike! Hana is fighting back!" Sheik exclaimed. "The spell has weakened a little bit because Hana is trying not to kill you. She's pushing herself to fight back from the inside."

"That means she know what's going on from the inside…" He whispered as stare at Hana. Then her mouth started to open a little.

"…I-Ike…I-Ike…" She shuttered as tears pour down her cheeks to Ike's face. "…I-I-Ike…I…"


As the sound of her sister voice, Li-en was able to snaps out her trance and saw her sister trying to fight back at the spell. But her attention was quickly darted to the sky where Pit and Dark Pit was fighting. Dark Pit was winning. He kicks the real Pit in the gut and sends him flying on the ground, but Pit flew back up wiping blood from his mouth.

"Give up already. You can't win against me. I'm stronger and smarter than you." Dark Pit said.

"Even if that's true. I have something you don't have." Pit smiled.

"Oh? And what is that?"

"I have someone I want to protect!" the angel shouted, swinging his twin blades at his evil copy. 'And you know what!? I know you don't care this stupid mission! Even if you are under Ganondorf's orders you don't care if he gets the power or not! All you care about is beating me!"

This made Dark Pit angry as his twin blades clashes with the real Pit's blades.

"Shut up!"

"You know its true! You're not even a person! You're just a weapon made from one of Ganon's magic spells!

"Shut up!"

"What's wrong!? Afraid hearing the truth!?" Pit continues to taunt him.


Dark Pit grabs the angel by the shirt, punches him in the face and threw him on the ground. He could barely get up now as Dark Pit connect his blades together and raise them in front of Pit.

"When this is over I'll be the only Pit." He smirked.

"No…Pit is going to die…What am I suppose to do…?" Li-en thought, frighten. "I don't know what to do…"

The suddenly a voice appears in Li-en's head.

"Tell me, do you have someone precious to you? Anyone at all?"

"Sheik…I remember Sheik's words to us…That day when Ridley attack us…" Li-en thought as she watches Dark Pit getting ready to strike Pit.

"When someone has something precious they want to protect that's when they become truly strong."

"Someone precious…That they want to protect…" the young girl continue to think. "I understand now…"

"Say good-bye, scum!" Dark Pit exclaimed as he charge his blade at Pit.

"NO!" Li-en screamed. Thinking quickly you dig into her pockets of her clothes and brought out the tiara Marth gave her and threw it at Dark Pit's hand, knocking his blade up the air.

"What the-!" He said as he saw Li-en jump up in the air, grab the blade and slash Dark Pit apart.

"I'm sorry…" She whispered, as she turns around the see Dark Pit on the ground as he dissolves into dark matter. After all, he is a clone and now he's disappearing.

"It's fine…Because in the end…I was…Able to see you…One last time…Before I die." Dark Pit smiled, kindly at Li-en. "Angel, I lo-…"

He never got to finish his sentence as the last of him dissolves into nothing. A single tear roll down Li-en's face, but she wipe it away. Pit came up and hugs her close, petting her hair with his hand.

"My Angel…"


"Are you okay?


"You did an amazing job, Angel. I'm very proud of you and you were able to over come your fear of blood."

"Miss Li-en!"

The two turn around the see Peach and young Brawlers running to them.

"You shouldn't have off like that!" Red scolded her.

"I'm sorry, but I couldn't let Pit die."

"We understand. You did what was right." Peach smiled at her.

"You were awesome!" Ness exclaimed. "Almost as cool as Hana's new powers!"

"Hana-oneesama?! Where is my sister?!" Li-en asked, running out of Pit's arms and to Sheik who was still watching Hana struggle with Ike. "Sheik-sensei, what's happening!?"

"Li-en…You're okay now?" the Sheikah Warrior asked. "What happen to make you over come your fear of blood?"

"I remember the words to told me and my sister the day Ridley attack us." She replied.

"My words…? That's it! If it work on you than maybe it will work on Hana!" Sheik said as she saw Hana couldn't keep up the fight within her much longer.

"Hana…" Ike said, quietly.


Those were Hana's last words before her conscious fade out and the spell took over again. Hana's sword charge at Ike and was about to strike him, but a voice called out.

"Hana! What will you do if you do have this kind of power!? I know this is the power you wanted so you could defeat Ganondorf, but now your using it the wrong way! What will you do if have true power!?" Sheik yelled at her just Hana sword stop at the edge of Ike's face. From the inside Hana the real, Hana thought about it.

"If I had true power…I want…I want…"

"I WANT TO PROTECT EVERYONE!!" she screamed, drawing everyone attention of their battles to her. A bright light appears at her forehead as the jewel, which Ganon place on her was coming out and it fell to the ground.

"I can't be…" The King of Evil growled.

"Oh, yes it can!" Link smirked.

Dropping her sword next to Ike, Hana fell on Ike's chest. Slowly and gently, Ike pick her up in his arms and hug her close.

"My Angel of the Night…" he whispered.

"…Ike…I'm sorry…" Hana apologized.

"For what? Almost killing me? Hurting my shoulder? Hana, none of that was your doing."

"But I still did it with my own hands…I knew what I was doing, but I couldn't stop it…"


"That voice…Li-en…Sister…" Hana turn her head to see her little sister running to her. Getting out Ike's arms she run to her, too. "Imuto-sama!"

"I'm so glad you're safe!" Li-en smiled in joy, hugging her sister close. "I've miss you…"

"You vile girl! How dare you broke my spell! You're gonna pay dearly for this!" Ganon snarled.

"Put a lid on it, Ganondork!" Hana spat out.

"Well, she's back to normal." Snake mumbled, who still on top of Ridley with Samus, Captain Falcon, and Pikachu.

"You brat!" Ganondorf shouted angrily, as he use his magic to teleport behind Hana and Li-en, and grabbing their long, brown hair. "Both of you brats will pay! I'll kill you now before the moon is directly in place and the gates of the Heavens are open! I will have the power of Light and Shadow!"

"Ganonforf, you rat!" Link hissed, running up to him, but he stop.

"Not one step closer, Hero, or the brats get in." Ganondorf warned, tugging on both of the girls' hair.

"Ganondorf! Let them go!" Samus yelled.

"Worry about yourself, Bounty Hunter! Ridley yelled, shaking off Snake and Captain Falcon off of his back as Samus and Pikachu hold on to him.

"There's gonna be a way to stop him, but how?!" Samus asked herself outloud.

"Samus! The pressure point! Attack the pressure point!" Hana called to her.

"Shut your mouth, girl!" Ganondorf snapped, pulling on their hair more.

"Of course, the pressure point!" Samus exclaimed. "But I don't have a knife with me."

"Pika pikachu." Pikachu said with a smile on his face. "Pikachu pika."

"Okay, Pikachu use Thunder!"

"Pikachu!" the little mouse Pokemon said as a jolt on thunder appear from the sky and ran down Ridley's whole body, knocking down to the ground.

"Pikachu, I just wanted to you to attack his pressure point, not his body, but that works, too." Samus said, petting Pikachu's head. "You did good, little one."

"Pika." He smiled. Pikachu then look up to see the moon and start to point to it. "Pikachu pika pikachu."

"You're right the moon is almost in place. Sheik, get the girls out of Ganondorf's hands. The moon is almost in place! The gates will open to the Heavens!" Samus called to her.

"I know, but we can't we take one step forward since Ganon is holding on to them." Sheik said to herself.

"Sheik, give me your knife!" Hana yelled.

"Alright! Catch!" the ninja said, throwing her knife to Hana and she caught it.

"Don't even try. That work on me." Ganondorf smirked.

Hana turn and grins at him "It's not meant for you."

"What the-…!"

Li-en's eyes widen as she saw her sister brought up her and cut her long hair with the knife, freeing herself from Ganondorf.

" I can't believe I cut my hair…The only reason I grow it long is because…" Hana thought.


"Hey, Onee-sama, what kind of girls to you think Link and the others like?" Li-en asked.

"Why ask me?"

"Well, I just found something about it."


"I found out that Link and the others like girls with long hair!" Li-en smiled, happily.

Flashback End…

Snapping out her thoughts, Hana stood up and punch Ganondorf in the guts. "Let go of my sister!"

"I don't think so, girl!" He hissed, smacking Hana away and grabbing Li-en into the cave.

"That bastard! He'll pay!" Hana snapped, running toward the cave. "Hey, Sheik, why he taking my sister to that cave?"

"It's the same cave where the previous Goddesses die. In the cave there is a giant hole at the top where the moon can be seen. The hole represents the gate when the moonlight goes through and it. The moon is nearly in place. We don't have much time left!" Sheik explained as she and the Brawlers run to the cave, but Ridley put his talon is front on the cave, blocking the entrance.

"You're not going anywhere, Brawlers!" He said and the se hear a voice.

"Attention, Ridley! This is Meta Knight and I suggest you look up!" said a voice. Everyone did look up to see the Halberd up the sky with Kirby, Fox, Falco, and Lucario on the deck. Meta Knight was inside the ship speaking through an intercom. "You have no chance against all of us or my ship. While I strongly suggest you immediately surrender and stay down, I really enjoy firing tiny missiles at over grown lizards, so the decision is entirely up to you."

"Sorry we're late, everyone." Kirby said, floating down to the ground. 'What did we miss?"

"We'll fill you in on the way to the cave. Let's go!" Marth said as Ridley chose to stand down, letting everyone pass freely.

Inside the cave…

"Let go! Let go! Let go of me!" Li-en cried, trying to get away from The King of Evil.

"Stop resisting me, girl.' He said as he brought her to the end of the cave where a giant hole was above them. There you can see the moon is almost over it. "Is nearly time."

"Time for what?"

"Time for you to die and for me to get your powers! Do you know this cave? It's the same cave where your ancestors die." He laughed.

"Let her go!" a voice demanded as an arrow comes at Ganondorf, but was able to dodge it. Hana and the other enter. Li-en smiled and then she bites down on Ganon's arm, setting herself free. She started to run to her sister, but Ganondorf took out his sword and shove it threw Li-en's body! Everyone gasp and his or her eyes widen in shock as Li-en lifeless body fell to the floor just beneath the hole of the cave where the moon is directly in place. Hana's eyes burn with anger and hate as she grab her sword and charge at the King of Evil. Everyone watch her with tears on their faces.

"You wretch!! You evil loathe, evil, vile rat! How dare you take my sister away from me! How dare you! I'll kill you!!"

Somehow, Hana was able to in Ganondorf to the wall and her blade was just a tip away from his neck. She was about to kill him, but a voice called out.

"Onee-sama, don't!"

Everyone turn their attention to Li-en's body where Pit was crying and holding her to his chest. A bright light started to emerge from Li-en's body, causing everyone to close their eyes. Once the light disappears, they gasp as the saw Li-en in her Goddess form. Her whole body was glowing brightly and her eyes were white with no pupil and she was wearing a white dress with her Yang necklace hanging around her neck. She had a small smile on her face as she float to her sister.

"Sister, I'm fine. When Ganon killed me, the moon was directly in place and since I die under the moonlight I was able to unlock my soul. I'm free now and my power has awaken from within." She said, placing her index finger and her middle finger on Hana's forehead. 'Now it's time for you to awaken yourself. You are many things, but you are not a killer. You will find another way to punish Ganondorf for his wrong doings. Now awaken, Goddess of Darkness."

A dark light came out of Hana's body and he true form emerges. Her body was cover with darkness and her eyes were the same as Li-en, her hair was long and she wore a dark dress with her Yin necklace hanging around her neck.

"Very well, I know killing someone is not our way, but he needs to pay for what we did." Hana said, turning to Ganondorf. "Ganondorf, you the many sins you cause here since we arrive, I see fit to banish you to the evil realm. Sister?"

"Yes, I know." Li-en nodded as she and Hana place a finger on Ganon's head. They started to chant.

We call on the power of the day and the night

Light and darkness unleash our might

We banish thou from which thy came

A strange light appears causing the Brawlers to close their eyes. The only thing was heard was a terrifying scream that came from Ganondorf. After the light disappears, the only one they saw was Hana and Li-en.

"Mind explaining what just happened here?" Falco asked.

"We send Ganondorf to the evil realm as punishment for his sins." Hana answered.

"Therefore, you can live in peace." Li-en smiled. "Now that we are in our forms, we must go to the Heavens."

"I guess this is good-bye, huh?" Hana whispered, softly.

"You don't have to go…" Ike said.

"But we must, Ike. This is what we are destined to do. It's for the best."

"But if you guys to that then…We won't see you anymore…" Pit said as tears fell down his face.

"Don't worry. Maybe…Someday we'll meet again. I'm sure of it." Li-en smiled.

"My sister is right…We won't be gone longer than you think…" Hana said.

"How do you know?" Ike asked her. Hana smiled at her sister and she nodded back. They started to sing.

Even though we're far apart

Our paths will cross against some shining day

We're beneath the same blue sky and the wind carries our love…

"All because we're separate doesn't mean our bond with you guys will disappear. You've been so kind to us and we want to say thank you for everything that you have done." Li-en smiled. She turns to Pit. "Pit, do you remember what I said to you that night when it was raining on the rooftop?"


"Always remember my words. We will always be with you…"


"Pit, here." Li-en said, taking off her necklace. She grabs his hand and put her necklace in his hand and closes his fingers up. "There is one safe place I know where to keep it. Pit, I'll pass it to you."

Hana did the same thing. She took off her necklace and give in to Ike. "I'll pass in on to you, Ike. Keep it safe and this way you can remember me."

"Hana…Before you go, can you…" Ike was cut off when Hana place her lips over Ike's. She part away and smiled at him. "Promise me we'll meet each other again, okay? Cross your heart…"

"…And hope to die…" Hana finished as Li-en smiled as Marth came up to her.

"Hey, Li-en you never did tell us who you like the most." He said.

"Listen, I like all of you. Next time we meet I will tell you my choice until the you'll have to wait." The Goddess of Light said, looking at the moon. "Sister, it's time to go."

"I know. Good bye, everyone."

"Will you be okay?" Samus asked them.

They both smiled. "Yes, our souls are much freer know…Free to hate…Free to love…"

Those were their last words before they disappear in a flash of light. Who knows…Maybe they will meat again in the near future…Only time could tell…

2 years later…

A couple of years have past since it happened. Everyone continue their normal lives, but still not a day has pass since they did not thought of the two young girls they befriended. Every month the Brawlers will lay flowers at the cave in honor of their memories. Today is the day is when the die and went to the Heavens. The Brawlers, now much older, lay flowers in front of the cave and pry for one day the girl to return.

"Hard to believe 2 years had pass. It only seem like yesterday since we last saw them…" Ike said, sadly.

"The flow of Time is cruel. It is different to each person…" The Hyrule Princess said.

"I still miss them…" said Pit, prying for them. Suddenly, he heard something.

"You will be my wings…"

Pit shook his hear thinking he might be hearing things.

"You will be my only love…"

"That voice…Hey, do you guys hear something?' Pit asked.

"Yes, it sound like singing, but who could possible be hear in the forest?" Peach said.

"I thought I heard…"

"Hey, what's with the long faces?" a voice said in a amusing tone. It almost sound like…

"Can it be…?' Ike said as he turns around. Everyone eyes widen and saw what they thought the never see again. A few away stood two young twin girls wearing a white dress and a black dress. One has short hair and one has long hair. Now older since they last seen them Hana and Li-en still look the same they did that night.

"Hi, everyone, it's been a while, hasn't it?" Li-en smiled, happily.

"Don't tell after we've been gone for two years you've forgotten about us?" Hana teased.

"Hana! Li-en!" the Brawlers cried in joy as they ran up to hug them.

"It's really is you!"

"How did you get here!?"

"I thought we never see you again!"

"Look at you two. You're all grown up!'

"Okay, okay. We're happy to see you guys too. Now one at a time." Hana said.

"How did you two get here?" Lucario asked.

"To make a long story short me and my sister and the other Goddesses came to an agreement. They said we could come and live here on Earth."

"What Goddesses?"

'That will be us, my child." said a voice from behind Li-en and Hana. Looking pass them stood none other the three Goddesses Din, Nayru, and Farore with Pit's Goddess, Palutena.

"Lady Palutena." Pit bowed in respect. "This was your doing, but why?"

"Me and the others decided that we can let them stay here on Earth so they can be with you. It's the least we could do for what they done."

"What about the legend then?" Zelda asked.

"The legend is done. Instead of going dieing and going to the Heavens, of tthe girls must bear at least one child to pass down their power." Din said.

"Once they feel their time we on Earth is no longer needed they will go back to the Heavens." Nayru continued.

"This is their last life. Live it well and you must protect them." Farore finished. "Understand?"

"Yes, thank you." Hana and Li-en saying, bowing down to them.

"Very well, we must go now.' said the three Goddesses and they disappear in thin air.

"Li-en, Hana…I want to give you something before I go." Palutena said, as she started to chant some words and suddenly wings appear on Hana and Li-en's back. They look like angels' wings. Hana has dark one and Li-en has light one. "There you go. Hana you may use you wings in battle and Li-en can now fly with Pit like she always wanted to."

"Thank you so much," the twins said, hugging the Goddess.

"You are most welcome. Li-en, promise me you look after Pit for me."

"Don't worry, I will."

"Thank you…"

Lady Palutena disappears after that and the girls turn to their love ones.

"We've got so much to tell you guys." Li-en smiled.

"Tell us our the way back to the Halberd." Meta Knight said as they heard towards the ship.

"I'm glad you're back, Angel…" Pit smiled at Li-en.

"Me too, Pit…Me too…"

A few years later…

After that day many things change, Li-en decided she wanted to be with Pit the most and the Brawlers was okay with that. Hana become second in command in Greil Mercenaries after she completed her training with Ike, where she was welcome with open arms.Mist was overjoy her older brother was dating and Hana become best friends with Mia and Soren. Li-en soon got pregnant with Pit's child and it was girl. They name her Sora, which means sky and she look just like her father and mother. Once the child was born Hana gave her necklace to the child as Li-en did the same and connected the two necklaces together.

They live happy lives, but once Sora was 10 years old and complete her training to a Goddess, Hana and Li-en felt their time on Earth is no longer needed. They said good-bye to everyone, but told to remember they will always be watching and protecting them from the Heavens.

One day, when Pit was digging in Li-en's old stuff he found something that him and all the Brawlers need to see. It was a letter written by Li-en and Hana. It was addresses to Ike, Pit, the Brawlers, Sora, and the Greil Mercenaries. Pit and the others went to the Greil Mercenaries to read it to everyone.

Our Dearest friends, we are sorry to have left you after our time was done here on Earth. Please, do not think ill of us for leaving you, but always know we never truly gone. We always be with you in your hearts watching and protecting you from above. We wish we had more to time with you on Earth…Our bond will always last…Alwatys know we still love you…And Pit, take care of Sora…Good bye…


Your Angel of the Night and Angel of Light.

Tears roll down everyone faces as they look up at the sky that night remembering their words. Somehow, they could still feel their presence. They could see them smiling down at them forever…And ever…

"I always be with you…"

The End…

I hope you enjoy this...Remeber to read my note...I have something I want ask all of you; Why do you like my story so much? It's just like a normal story where to people get transported to the Brawlers World and blah blah blah...I know it's much different, but still I'm confused...This is also a good-bye for us...Thanks again for everything...Farewell...