Full Summary:

Full Summary:

Joe notices a girl jogging along the beach one day. Then the rest of the gang sees her. Is she getting ready for track, cross country? Or is someone secretly helping her live?

The Beach:

The Mysterious Girl:

Joe, Iola, Frank, Callie & the rest of their friends had been at the beach most of the day, just hanging out, living the good life for the time being seeing as there were no cases and it was summer time. Joe sees someone running along the shore and sits up for a better view. Iola sits up as well, and then hits Joe as she notices that he is looking at a girl.

"Joe Hardy, I never thought you would ever be checking out another girl while you were still with me. Oh come on now, stop looking at her."

"Iola, I'm not checking her out. Look for yourself," he said pointing to the girl. Everyone else looked as well. The girl had no hair and was as skinny as a twig. It looked like she hadn't eaten in a couple years, but she was running up & down the beach for what looked like no apparent reason. They had never seen her before. Callie got up and jogged over to her. She stopped.

"Can I help you?"

"How come it looks like you haven't eaten in a couple years?" Callie asked.

"That's none of your business. I've got to go. I have an appointment I'm going to be late to."

With that, the girl continued on her way down the shore and to a car that was waiting for her. She got in and the car left. The Hardy's and friends went back to their picnic, but couldn't forget about her. Who was she? And why did she look so sick?