Hello, everyone.

First off, this is not LaBellaBella. It's her good friend, Heather, signing in on her account to relay an important message for her. If you're wondering how this is possible or don't believe me for some reason, she gave me her account password so I could do this. But that doesn't matter. What does is that she won't be posting any updates for a while.

Now, before you all go off on me, or her for that matter, you should know something. Two weekends ago, Belle was in a severe accident. She and her mom were coming back from a visit to a relative's, and it was late, around eleven forty-five at night. The road they were on was pretty dark, and there was barely anyone on it. Before they could process what was happening, they were hit on the side by a drunk driver at the junction of their's and a side road.

Both the driver and they are safe and alive, but all suffered pretty critical wounds. I talked to her yesterday, and she asked me to tell you all that she's sorry she couldn't get another chapter up sooner, but that it was in the process. Though she's okay, she's pretty banged up and is tired all the time, and the doctors told her they want her rest for a while longer. She needs time to recover before she's up and running her usual schedule again. I hope you understand; the situation is all but conventional.

Thanks for listening and reading, and hopefully Belle will be back as soon as possible!