Title: From Sunnydale to Eternity

Author: Angel's blue eyed girl

Rating: M for yummy smutty Buff/Angel/us goodness!! :)

Disclaimer: Own none of them or there never would have been a Spuffy or C/A!

Okay, the summary is this: Buffy sees Angel on T.V. Escorting Rebecca Lowell to an awards show. Deciding to drown her sorrows she heads to the local college bar, where she gets a batch of strange brew and decides to head to Los Angeles and reclaim her mate, Cave-Buffy style!

Little sneak peak...What happens when a drug induced Angelus meets up with cave-Buffy?! Why awesome smut of-course!!

First off thanks to red, my friend and awesome beta reader. You're the best sweetie and I love ya lots! Also want to say thanks to all of you who read and review my fics on a regular basis. Thanks you guys, you're so amazing and you're reviews mean so much to me, I can't begin to tell you enough! :)

A/N: Okay, I'm totally playing with cannon here. In this fic the Ats epi Eternity is happening at the same time as the BtVS epi Beer Bad. Xander ISN'T the bartender in this though. In this fic Buff hasn't gotten acquainted with the Initiative yet and she definitely hasn't slept with Riley either. Also, though in the BtVS cannon timeline IWRY hadn't happened yet... In MY fic it has, okay? So are we ALL clear where we are here? Sorry for the confusion, but Musie is obsessed!

BTW...This is not an epic love tale, basically it's Porn with a tiny plot. So, on with the show!


Buffy munched on a piece of popcorn, laughing at something Xander said as he reached over the table and fell as he tried to grab the last piece of pizza before Willow reached it.

"That'll teach you..." Buffy quipped "Okay...so what are we watching tonight? Princess Bride or..."she gave a low chuckle. "Princess Bride?" she asked, giving her friends a knowing grin.

Willow turned on the T.V. "Oh, I don't know..." she went along with the ritual. They always pretended they didn't know that Thursdays were Princess Bride video night! Willow raised her brows, "Hmmm? Could it be, Princess...oh!" she squeaked as suddenly Angel's face was right there on T.V.

Buffy chuckled, "Princess Oh? What's Princess..." she stopped as she focused on her ex-lover's face that was right there in all his male glory on her T.V. In HER living room! Buffy's eyes widened and she gasped,"Oh! I see why you went with the oh."

Xander glanced at the two. "What are you two..." he stopped as he saw the T.V. "Hey! Isn't that Dead Boy?" he asked, staring at the small screen as Angel took a gorgeous brunette by her arm and led her towards a long line of photographers.

Willow nodded, her eyes on Buffy's face. "Um...yeah. I think that would be um..Angel."

"What the hell is Dead Boy doing on Entertainment Weekly...? Hey isn't that the chick that played Raven?" Xander asked before he gave a small whoop. "Damn, Angel moves pretty fast, huh? From a Slayer to an actress. Guess he really has gone Hollywood!!"

Buffy shot Xander a glare. She felt like all the breath was being squeezed from her body and her friend's comments were not appreciated. Her eyes went back to Angel and the brunette slut that seemed glued to his side. 'WHAT was he doing?! Didn't he leave her because he couldn't risk the return of Angelus?! Well...WHY was he there with that...that...actress?!' she almost screamed out loud.

Willow's eyes were worried as she took in Buffy's stricken expression. "Xander...change the channel..." she said softly.

"NO!!" Buffy retorted forcefully. "I mean..." she took a deep breath, forcing a calm she didn't feel into her voice. "Come on...it's just...Angel..." she breathed his name like it was a prayer. Shaking off the lethargic lust his name and image inspired, Buffy said more strongly, "I mean, normal people see their exes every day. Why is it so strange that in my freaky world I see mine on a gossip show making the moves on an actress?"

Xander glanced her way. "Maybe cause your ex isn't just the average Joe? I mean, he makes with the happy and suddenly it's not Entertainment Weekly anymore, it's Dawn of the Dead meets Ted Bundy!"

Buffy glared at him. "So NOT needing the reminder Xan..." She stood suddenly. "You know what..I need to patrol. I kinda blew it off tonight and well, Giles would do a max wig if I didn't do at least one sweep. I'll be back..." she babbled, heading for the door so quickly, neither Xander nor Willow had a chance to stop her.

Buffy shut the door and stepped off the porch. "He leaves me for sunshine and picnics, then hooks up with the first slutty actress he meets! Jerk!" she grumbled, kicking a small rock across the street and wishing it was Angel .

Feeling hurt, angry and confused, Buffy headed for the nearest cemetery. "Maybe killing something will help!"she growled softly.

Willow and Xander watched her stalk from the room. Their eyes went back to the screen where Angel appeared to be halfway posing for the cameras with Rebecca Lowell.

Willow sighed, "Well, at least he looks uncomfortable...I mean, that must mean something, right?"

Xander smirked, "Yeah...well, maybe all those flashbulbs are reminding him of his allergy to sunbathing? Huh?"

Willow didn't comment, she just stared at the T.V. Watching as Angel escorted the beautiful brunette actress down the line of photographers and hoping this wasn't going to send Buffy back into full Angel brood mode.



Buffy was beginning to feel real mellow now. After slaying a few fledges, she went to a small bar on campus that Parker had told her about. She may hate Parker, but right now...she appreciated his tip. God, she LOVED beer!! Why hadn't she tried this before?

Taking another sip of the foamy brew, she giggled as it tickled her nose. She turned to the guy sitting next to her. "I mean, he just left me! Just like that. I was standing there..the school had just exploded and he just.." she snapped her fingers...or tried to anyway. Staring intently at her fingers, she tried again to snap, failing that she gave up and gave her new friend a drunken smile and clapped instead. "He just left. Poof! Disappeared in the fog. Like he was batman or something..." she growled, taking another sip of her beer.

"I mean who does he think he is, huh? A super hero? He's a vampire..." Buffy leaned one elbow on the bar. Opening one eye, she gazed at her companion of the last hour. "I mean, emotionally he's a vampire..." she reiterated with a nervous giggle. "Cause, I mean... well, ya know vampires don't really exist, so of course I meant emotionally...you got that, didn't you?" she asked, putting a hand over one eye to keep him still, she giggled when her elbow slipped off the bar.

"Dammit!" she exclaimed as she knocked her beer over, spilling it onto the bar and into her lap.

The handsome guy she'd been rambling to decided now was the time to make his escape. The girl was fine as hell, but she was obviously still hung up on this "vampire" boyfriend of hers! That was ALL she'd been talking about for the last hour!

"Here..." he handed her a bar towel and while she was wiping up her spill he grabbed his drink and took off.

Buffy finished cleaning up her mess. "Thanks..." she said, then looked up and saw she was alone. "Hey! Where'd ya go..Buffy want more talk!" she grunted, then giggled. "Okay, that was weird.." she said with a goofy smile.

She tossed back the rest of her beer, closing her eyes when the room spun wildly. "Whoooaa..." Buffy said drunkenly. Carefully she got off her bar stool and fumbled in her purse. Throwing several bills on the bar, Buffy turned to head for the ladies room. She'd only taken two steps when suddenly a deep, primal need to see HIM hit her.

"Mate!" she growled. "Buffy want mate. Buffy need Angel, now!"

She turned on her heel and strode towards the exit, only to be halted when a guy grabbed her arm. "Hey there, sexy.." he said, a sleazy trying to be charming smile plastered on his face.

Buffy grabbed him by the throat and pinned him against the wall. "Buffy, no want you!! Buffy want Angel!" she grunted, tossing him aside.

The handsome man rubbed his head as he watched the hot little blond stalk from the bar. He shook his head, "Whoa man, was that me, or was that chick freaking crazy?"

Just then a strong hand helped him up. "What did she say to you?" the man asked.

Looking up into the rigid features of the soldier questioning him and shrugged. "I don't know...something about wanting an angel and mating."

"Are you sure? Think moron, this is important!"

The guy took a step back, "Hey, I just got my ass handed to me by a tiny girl. I really don't need you hassling me, 'kay?"

Riley Finn nodded. "Yeah, whatever. I just wanna know if you're SURE she said Angel?" he asked again.

The guy nodded. "Yeah, something about an angel..I mean..." he stopped. "Fuck! I don't know, she had her hand around my throat, y'know?!"

Suddenly another guy spoke up. It was the guy who had been listening to Buffy earlier."Yeah, she probably did say Angel. Her ex is some guy named Angel. She went on and on and on about him to me earlier. I mean...seriously, the whole fucking hour I sat with her, she didn't stop talking about this Angel dude once."

"So what all did she say about him?" Riley asked with a frown.

The guy shrugged, "Just went on and on about how he left her. It was sad man, a hottie like that shouldn't be sitting in a bar mooning over some asshole who in her words is an emotional vampire."

Riley's eyes widened. "EMOTIONAL Vampire? Is that what she said?"

The guy nodded. "Her exact words man."

Riley's thanked the man and left the bar. 'So the Slayer is still hung up on the vampire, huh?' he thought. He headed towards the compound. Professor Walsh would want to know this immediately. "Emotional vampire, my ass!" he muttered. "What the hell is wrong with her?" he wondered aloud, disgusted at the idea of a girl as beautiful as Buffy with a hostile as twisted as Angelus was reputed to be.


Los Angeles: Angel Investigations.

Buffy threw open the door of the small office that Angel had taken over for his business. She remembered where it was from a couple of weeks ago when she'd been here. Back then Angel...HER mate... had told her to forget. Buffy NOT forget! Buffy want! Buffy want Angel!

As she crept through the hallway, she heard his voice. It sent shivers up her spine and Buffy growled softly, gripping her club tighter. "Angel..." she breathed, feeling the involuntary reaction of her body to her mate. She felt all hot and tingly and there was a wetness between her thighs that was getting wetter the closer she got to him.

"Angel here. Buffy want!" she grunted, scooting along down the hall, still cautious.

Down the Hall...

Angelus giggled as he watched Wes, Cordy and that wannabe vamp actress, Rebecca cower away from him. He'd just told Cordy in vivid detail how bad she'd been in that play she'd forced him to watch.

"You know what Cordy? Here's a thought, maybe you could get Raven here to coach you. Then you'd really suck!!"

Cordy gasped and opened her mouth to retort, but suddenly the rude demon's attention was drawn away from her.

"Listen here you..." Cordy started, only to be interrupted.

"Shut the fuck up!" Angelus growled, looking around and behind him suddenly.

He laughed as he realized what he was feeling. "You gotta be kidding me! She really must be keeping up on her Angel news!" Angelus quipped as his belly tingled, signaling the approach of the Slayer.

Wes and Cordy looked at each other, not understanding. Angelus just grinned. Suddenly they weren't nearly as entertaining. He jumped at them. "Gggrrraaahh!" he yelled, his arms outstretched menacingly.

Wes screamed and dropped his stake. Cordy gave a shrill holler and hid behind a now stakeless Wesley. Rebecca made a beeline for the door and escaped. Angelus chuckled softly. "Go ahead...run," he said laughing, enjoying the sweet smell of fear.

His belly clenched and he started to turn, but he was tackled from behind by a very determined Slayer. Angelus gasped as he was thrown on his back and a very over-heated Slayer began grinding down upon his groin.

Buffy held him down, her desperate need for him driving her. "Buffy want...Buffy NEED..Buffy need Angel...NOW!!" she moaned as she straddled the slim hips of her mate and thrust herself against the hard ridge of his arousal.

Cordy and Wes gaped at the two. "You've got to be kidding me! Okay, here we go again...Hurricane Buffy! Only this time there's gonna be bloodshed. Great!"

Cordy started dragging Wes out the door. Wes hesitated, "Don't you think we should...? I don't know...do something?" he asked as he waved a hand at Angelus and Buffy struggling for dominance on the floor of the office.

Cordy scoffed, and pulled Wes towards the door again. "Do what? Interfere and get killed for our efforts? I think not, little man! Little Miss "Saves the World" can handle him. Now let's get the hell out of here and just be glad we're not becoming snack food!"

The door clicked shut just as Buffy grabbed Angelus' face in both hands and kissed him ferociously. "Buffy need Angel..." she stated, writhing on top of him.

Angelus was frozen with shock for about three seconds before he attempted to toss her off him. "Buff!! God dammit! What the fuck is your deal tonight?" he grunted, not caring that Cordy and Wes had both escaped. He had his hands full...literally. "I fucking KNEW you were hard up for my cock, but this...? You look pretty fucking desperate, Slayer," he snarled as he flipped her. They wrestled on the ground briefly, rolling over and over, each one struggling to get the upper hand.

He tried to throw her off of him, but she was more determined than he'd ever seen her. Shocked, Angelus thought he really might get dusted tonight or...raped!

Finally Buffy pinned him. She gripped both his arms above his head and smiled. Her grin was wolfish, predatory. "Mine..." she grunted, before she kissed him again. Letting go of his wrists, Buffy ran her hands eagerly over him, loving the feel of the soft silk of his shirt and the hard male body beneath it. "Angel feel sooo good," she purred before ripping open his shirt.

As the little vixen began to tear at his clothes it became glaringly obvious to Angelus that he really might not win this battle between them."Get off!"he growled, redoubling his efforts to throw her off him, but she completely tore his shirt from his body and clung to him as if she wanted to be inside his skin.

"NO!! Want Angel!" she whined, her hands running along his naked chest, feeling the cool muscled flesh she'd been denied for so long.

Angelus moaned as her hands seemed to rub him everywhere at once. 'Just HOW many hands does she fucking have?!' he wondered wildly, trying to avoid them, but failing miserably. Suddenly he felt a tiny hand grab him between his thighs. His eyes rolled back in his head as she frantically began rubbing him through his pants, moaning wildly as she stroked him.

"Buffy need...Buffy want!" she kept saying as she attacked his crotch.

"Fuck!" he gasped and gripped her hips, trying to get her away from his now very hard cock. "No! Dammit! Get off, Slayer!!" he snapped, trying to dislodge her.

She held on like a tick. "No! Buffy NEED Angel!!" she cried and swooped down upon his mouth again.

Angelus tried to avoid her kiss this time, but she gripped his face and basically raped his mouth! He whimpered as her hot little tongue plundered his own cool one, taking what she so obviously desired.

Suddenly he came back to his senses. "Stop that!" he snarled, yanking his head back, trying to get her away from him, but Buffy was determined to ease the ache he caused. She sucked at his mouth, licking and biting at his lips until the dark demon moaned and once again gave her the opening she was waiting for.

"Need you..." she groaned as she took his lips in a kiss that was so deep, so wet... it threw Angelus for a loop. He whimpered again as he helplessly opened his mouth to her.

"Mmmpphhff...yesssss..." the demon moaned, allowing the Slayer's tongue into his mouth.

"Mmmmmm...Angel taste so gooooood!" Buffy moaned. "Want..need. Buffy NEED Angel!" Buffy groaned as she mashed her mouth harder against his, thrusting her tongue deeper, on fire for him.

Angelus had no fucking idea what the hell was going on. All he knew was he had a horny Slayer on his hands and down his throat and he couldn't seem to find the strength...or..(honestly) the will to make her stop.

Buffy grunted as she tore her own shirt off. Angelus' eyes widened as her beautiful breasts were bared to his eyes. "Jesus..." he breathed as she rolled her skirt up to her waist and ripped her own panties off. He was amazed that she'd managed to strip herself near naked while still keeping him pinned beneath her.

They moaned in unison as her over-heated flesh rubbed against the hard cool muscles of his sculpted chest. It wasn't enough...Buffy's hands went to the opening of his pants, needing more of him.

"Mine..." she muttered, kissing him again as she tore at the buttons on his slacks.

He felt her busy little hands as they yanked open his pants."Holy shit!" Angelus gulped, tearing his mouth away from hers. "What are you...?" he groaned as she slid one small hand inside and gripped his cock. "Oh God, Buff!" he groaned even louder as she began to pump him enthusiastically. "W-what the fuck is wrong with you Slayer?!" he panted in disbelief.

His head thrashed side to side as he felt his balls tighten in impending orgasm. "No..." he groaned as he fought it. There was no fucking way he wanted to be that vulnerable with an obviously loopy Slayer all over him. "Stop! Have you lost your fucking mind?" he practically screamed at her.

Buffy used her Slayer strength to pin him completely. Her bright green eyes filled with tears for a moment and her lips trembled.

Angelus stared wide eyed. "Good! Fucking cry. Just get off!" he spat.

Buffy's face hardened. "No! No cry! Mate! Buffy mate with Angel!" she shouted.

"The hell we are!" he told her, struggling again.

Buffy had had enough of her mate's games. She slammed his head against the floor several times yelling "Mine!!" each time his head bounced off the tiles.

Angelus began to see stars. "Fuck! Stop! God dammit Buff, what're you trying to do, bash my fucking brains in?"

Buffy leaned down into his face. "We mate..now!" she snarled dangerously, squeezing his cock and licking his full bottom lip.

Stunned speechless for once, Angelus stopped struggling as he stared up into her face. He saw something in her eyes that finally made him see the futility of fighting her on this. She was going to have him one way or the other. He inhaled her scent and realized it was off. It smelled like magic and then it all clicked into place. Buffy was under the influence and whatever spell or magic she was under, it had made her almost non-functional. She couldn't seem to talk, she mostly grunted and when she did speak, pretty much the only thing she seemed capable of saying was Buffy, want, need, Angel and oh let's not forget his all time favorite...mate!

Buffy gave him a happy grin as he finally stopped trying to push her away. She clutched his shoulders and laid her head on his chest with a contented sigh. "Angel," she purred, rubbing her cheek against him just as she rubbed her lower body against him. "Buffy NEED Angel..." the Slayer moaned softly.

Being the pragmatic demon he was, he knew he could do this one of two ways. One.. he could fight her and be raped like a piss-assed loser...OR.. he could take what she so obviously wanted to give him and make HER HIS slave!

Angelus opted for the latter.

"Buff...baby. Ssshhh..." he whispered, lifting her head from his chest and stroking her hair back from her sweaty brow. "Slow down, baby. You want me?"

The Slayer nodded, almost incapable of speech at this point. "Want! Yes! Buffy want Angel! Buffy neeeeeeed Angel!" she whined as pressed her face against his throat. Angelus jumped as her blunt white teeth nipped at his neck. Burrowing deeper, Buffy growled softly as she inhaled his scent. "Mine!" she stated again as she bit him, her small white teeth, sinking deep, claiming her mate.

Struggling to keep from exploding in orgasm at her show of vampiric domination, Angelus turned his neck to the side, allowing her better access to his throat. "Fuck, that's good..." he gasped as her hand began to pump his hard length. Angelus purred in pleasure as she nibbled at him, then without warning she bit him hard, breaking the skin."Holy shit!" he cried out as he felt his blood gush forth. His hips lifted and he roared as he climaxed in her hand.

He came back to his senses slowly, but was immediately aroused again as he felt her small tongue lapping at his neck. "Mmmmm..." he murmured as she tasted his essence. "That's it baby, drink..." he whispered huskily, cupping her head and pressing her closer to his flesh.

He gurgled in pleasure as her mouth latched onto the wound she'd created and sucked at the blood that ooozed from the wound. "Yeah. Oh, fuck Buff!!" he moaned, his hips thrusting up against her again as she drank him down.

Buffy slurped at him. Her desire was overwhelming and she sought relief as she rubbed her wet center against his once again hard cock. He gasped every time her heat came in contact with the head of his penis which jutted out of the top of his black silk boxers. Buffy was becoming frantic as she ground against him harder and harder, sucking at his neck in a frenzy of lust."Want...Buffy want! Buffy need Angel inside...Now!" she panted against the corded muscle of his throat.

Suddenly she threw back her head and screamed his name as she found her climax. Angelus almost came again himself at the sight of her bloodied, swollen mouth screaming his name in orgasm as she ground her hot little body against his semi naked cock. It was incredible!

He grabbed her head in both his big hands after she'd calmed from her release. "THAT was fucking beautiful," he told her with a wicked grin.

Buffy tried to pull away, but Angelus held her tight. "I know you wanna run this show Buff, but you see..I've always had this thing about control..." he said turning her head and preparing to bite her.

She amazed him again when she mewled in pleasure and went completely submissive on him.

"Yes! Drink!!" she begged, pulling her hair aside. "Angel drink Buffy. Feel good!" she moaned, offering her throat

Angelus' eyes bulged. "And it gets even weirder..." he said staring at her in shock.

He couldn't believe she'd just said that. Never mind that she'd already jacked him off, drank his blood and rode him like a champ! But to have her actually beg him to drink from her!! It was inconceivable! He had no idea what spell had sent Buff off her rocker, but he would be a fool to pass this up. He smirked, he was a lot of things...but stupid wasn't one of them. But he wanted to be deep up in her when he did drink from the sweet well that was Buff.

"Damn, Buff that's hot.." he breathed as he gripped her hips and pressed her against his raging hard-on.

In seconds he had her worked into a frenzy again. "Aaaanngell..." she cried as she gripped his shoulders tightly.

Gripping her hips harder he guided her movements."Yeah... that's it...ride me baby.." he gritted out between clenched teeth, watching her wet heat rub against his naked belly.

Buffy keened in pleasure at the rough friction against the place she needed him most, but it wasn't enough for the excited Slayer. She needed him totally naked now and with a move that Angelus had to admire, she gripped his pants and silk boxers in both hands and scooted back along his body with nubile ease, divesting him of his last layer of clothing in seconds.

"Ahhh... there we go," he growled as his thick cock sprung free. He watched her face as she crawled back up his now naked body, tasting, growling and biting the whole time.

Buffy grinned down at him as she raised herself above the hard length of his erection. Angelus' hands on her hips stopped her.

Buffy scowled at him. "Buffy... Angel, mate... now." she muttered determinedly as she tried to take him inside her.

He chuckled at her eagerness, but still refused to let her have him yet. "And you can have me, but first...give it to me," he purred, pushing her hair aside.

Buffy nodded eagerly and immediately tilted her head to the side.

He licked her neck, nibbling at his scar. "WHO do you belong to baby?" he growled.

Buffy whimpered as she felt his cool tongue on her hot skin. "Angel. Buffy belong to Angel...Please!" she panted, gripping his cock in both hands.

"Good girl," he said, pleased. Angelus forced himself to relax as she led him to her dripping wet entrance. "Go ahead baby, take what you want.." he instructed softly.

Buffy's eyes closed in ecstasy as she rubbed the tip of his penis against her . "Buffy want Angel...ONLY Angel. Angel, Buffy's mate!" she cried out as she sank down upon him.

"Yesssss..." Angelus hissed as he slid up into her liquid heat. SO HOT! She was so hot she burned..."That's right baby, you're mine!" he growled, thrusting up deeper. He braced his feet on the floor and drove his hard cock up inside her as deep as he could go. "Give it to me...give me everything you are..." he snarled as he began to fuck her...hard.

Buffy whined in need and again pulled her hair to the side and offered up her neck. "Take...Angel take Buffy. Drink!"

Excited beyond belief, Angelus allowed his features to shift. "Jesus fucking Christ Buff! Now that's an offer I simply can't refuse baby..." he gritted out as he sank his fangs deep into his mark, gulping her blood as they both tipped over the edge into orgasm.

A bit later:

Angelus raised his head and looked around. "Christ that was crazy..." he groaned softly, throwing his arm over his eyes. He started to rise, but couldn't, realizing Buffy was still attached to his waist.

He tried to move her off him, but the tiny Slayer gripped him so tightly, he hissed in pain.

"Buff...baby lets go downstairs.." he cajoled again trying to peel her off him.

Buffy raised her head. "Buffy not let Angel go! Angel leave..Buffy cry. No more Angel leave. Buffy keep Angel...forever!" she grunted, her thighs hugging him tightly as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Angelus tried to pull her arms from around his neck. "I'm not leaving lover, but I don't wanna sleep on this damned floor any longer either, so we're gonna go downstairs, okay?" he told her, giving her the smile that had won him many a heart.

When she just held him tighter, he sighed. Pointing to her he said, "You Buff...go with me..." he pointed to himself. "Downstairs to my bed..." he said pointing to the stairs.

Buffy gave him a euphoric grin in return and finally let him go. "Buffy go with Angel..Buffy love Angel."

Angelus rolled his eyes. "Great! You just had to bring up the "L" word... Well, don't ask me to say it back..." he growled quietly as he held his hand out to pull the tiny Slayer to her feet.

She reached down and picked up her club before grabbing his hand and allowing him to pull her up. "Mine..." she said.

Angelus raised a brow at her weapon and wondered if she was talking about him or her tree trunk when she'd said that.

He didn't bother to get dressed as he led her downstairs. He doubted his horny little cave-Slayer would let him anyhow! He glanced down at her, still amazed to see absolutely NO fear of him in that beguilingly beautiful face.

She just held his hand and rubbed her cheek against his side, purring in pleasure. "Buffy happy..." she said softly as he led her into the bedroom.

Angelus chuckled as he wondered how happy she was going to be when she came out of her magic induced state. He swooped down and lifted her in his arms."That was just the pre-show, Buff..." he murmured in her ear then tossed her on the bed. "Get ready for the main event baby.." he whispered seductively as he gripped her ankles and pulled her towards him.

Buffy shivered at the look in his dark eyes. It was pure sin and she moaned in lustful abandon as his hands slid up her calves to rest on her inner thighs.

"Ya know Buff?" Angelus said with a wicked smirk as his hands trailed higher up Buffy's inner thighs. "I think I like you like this...all needy and horny for me. After I fuck you a few more times we're going to take a little trip. First I gotta go get a supply of the "happy" pills that stupid actress gave me. Then we're gonna find out what happened to you and how long it lasts. If it's permanent, hell, maybe I won't turn you tonight after all!"

"Please..." Buffy begged. "Buffy need Angel," the Slayer mewled when his hands slid higher up her inner thighs teasingly.

Angelus' eyes flashed golden fire. Hearing her beg him was such a turn on he skipped the preliminaries and went right for the prize. He yanked her to him and roughly flipped her over onto her belly. "I like hearing you beg Buff..." he growled into her ear as he pressed his erection against her firm, round ass. "But I think I wanna hear you scream a bit too," he told her wickedly. With gleaming golden eyes, he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and entered her from behind in one brutal thrust.

Buffy did scream then, a high keening wail of pleasure/pain.

"That's right baby...scream for me," he panted against her shoulder as he moved inside her. "Tonight I'm going to show you just how good pain can be Buff...by the time I'm through...you'll be addicted to both," he gritted out, scraping his fangs along her throat.

And he did. Throughout the night Angelus took her again and again. He made her scream, cry, beg, writhe and fight him too. It wasn't love-making. Not by a long shot, sometimes it actually appeared more like making war than love, but the dark demon thrived on her aggressiveness and her submission to him. He decided to make her his forever. Unknowingly, or maybe instinctively, Buffy resisted it, throwing him off her just as her heart started to slow as he drank from her.

After a second attempt which ended in some of the most brutal sex he'd ever had, Angelus realized it wasn't going to happen and decided to just enjoy her willing body instead. He'd promised her she'd be addicted, but he realized too late, he was hooked too. The Slayer's sweet body offered a lure he couldn't resist and after the first time, he didn't bother trying anymore. Unable to get enough of her, Angelus finally understood the saying 'once was too many and a thousand times wouldn't be enough!'

And it wasn't...

His last thoughts before he passed out was how amazing Buff felt wrapped around his cock and how disgusted he was at himself for getting so distracted that he'd forgotten to find Rebecca's dealer...

The next Morning:

Angel opened his eyes slowly. He felt exhausted. He tried to roll over, but realized a tiny body was asleep on top of him.

"What the...?" he gasped out loud as he felt a hot little naked body pressed against his equally naked body.

"Oh fuck!" he groaned as he recognized the blond hair and that sweet face, tucked so trustingly against his chest. "Buffy...how? Why? What...?" Suddenly it all came back to him and his cock hardened. He closed his eyes as the memories hit him. Images of her riding him, visions of him behind her thrusting deeply into her squirming body...her swallowing him down. Him lapping at the sweet honey that had flowed from her wet heat all night... All those images hit him full force, assailing him at once, overloading his senses and making him moan in pleasurable agony.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! No...how...? Why aren't I evil?" he wondered, looking around frantically as he tried to make sense of what had happened last night.

The last thing he really remembered was sitting with Rebecca having a glass of champagne. Then...this! Buffy naked in bed with him! Fuck, had he gotten that drunk that he'd completely lost his mind?

Buffy moaned and rubbed her lithe body against his. "Mmmmm..." she moaned as she slid one shapely leg up his side and across his stomach and ever present erection.

Angel bit back the groan that threatened to burst forth. "Buffy!" he gasped softly as her small hand wrapped itself around his cock. He could smell magic around her. "Buffy what...? Who did this to you?" he tried to ask her.

"You did," she whispered softly, crawling up his body, kissing and licking his every inch of him, while her tiny hand grasped and tugged at his throbbing erection. "All night long," she murmured against his neck.

His dark eyes closed as she kissed her way up his neck to his jaw and her tiny hand began to pump his throbbing dick. Suddenly other memories hit him and he moaned as he remembered things he'd said and done as Angelus. "Buffy..." he hissed. "S-stop...I-I'm not... Oh God... please stop," he pleaded, as he closed his eyes in a state of pure bliss.

"No, Buffy love Angel..." she said with a satisfied sigh, kissing his lips.

"Jesus..." he groaned. His big hand went to grasp her smaller one to stop her from stroking him so enthusiastically, but he ended up just covering her small hand and holding it, guiding it as she jacked him off. Buffy's hand touching him was amazing... it had been so very, very long. The whole act was so wantonly thrilling to Angel, he came in a rush of pure Buffy induced orgasmic pleasure.

"O-oh...God, Buffy!!" he cried as he spilled his cool semen across both their hands and over his pale, muscled chest.

Buffy purred with delight. "Angel like..?" she asked with an adorably eager grin.

Angel blinked, trying to focus on her sweet face after such a mind blowing orgasm. He chuckled softly as he finally focused on her expectant, enthusiastic expression. "Angel like..." he sighed. "A lot..." he whispered, cupping her cheek. He gave a weak smile as she pressed her cheek into his palm and began to rub herself against him, almost like he was petting her.

"Buffy please Angel..." she murmured. "Angel love Buffy now..." she murmured, running her face along his hand.

Angel's dead heart seized in his chest and his hand came up to stroke her head gently. "I've always loved you," he said, before he could stop himself.

Buffy's head snapped up. "NO! You LEFT!! You left me!" she accused him hotly. Buffy's angry expression fell and her eyes cleared as the magic began to wear off. "I wanted you and y-y-you left...made me cry...Y-you h-hurt m-me...s-so bad..." she said softly as tears rolled down her cheeks. "Oh God, Angel...I miss you..." she whimpered before laying her cheek on his chest and sobbing out her grief and misery onto his chest.

Angel closed his eyes, finally allowing his own tears to fall. This was just too much. Her pain was so palpable it was overwhelming. Truthfully, it was more than he could take. He'd already given her back, yet here she was again, her heart in her hand, telling him how much she still loved him. He couldn't turn her away. Not again, he just didn't have the strength.

He hesitated only briefly before giving in to his desires. "I'm sorry baby. I'm so, so sorry...don't cry...ssshh...please don't cry..." he soothed her in a halting, pain-filled voice. "I love you Buffy. I always have. I always have and I always will baby..." he murmured softly, cradling her closer to him, running his hand along the back of her head, comforting her.


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