Title: Saving You

Title: Saving You

Author: ME

Rating: PG

Summary: This time around, it's Ichigo that needs saving. drabble oneshot

Author's note: The plot bunnies accosted me. I am now addicted to writing fanfiction.


Aloft Renji's shoulder in a fireman's carry, Ichigo was rushed from the enveloping darkness, momentarily dazed. Then it hit him.

"REN, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! I DIDN'T NEED TO BE SAVED!" He started clobbering Renji's back and snarling. "Unhand me, dickweed!" /ha. OOC phrase but I couldn't resist./

Paying no heed to the clobbering, said asshole raised a curious brow at the strawberry. "Oh really? You were on your last limb in there. I don't think you woulda held out much longer if I hadn't come." 

"Where the hell do you get off?! I was fine!" Ichigo was fuming but looking haggard nevertheless.

"Ichigo, no man has that kinda endurance. You needed to get out of there."

"I don't need anyone's help! I had the best chance to endure out of all of us! And if I did need help, I wouldn't ask for YOURS! GOD--DAMNIT, LET GO!" 

Now this struck a bad note with the previously calm and conciliatory Renji.

Ichigo was abruptly dropped to the floor to face the now impending height of the redhead.

"Get off your fucking sanctimonious high horse." Renji's voice lowered dangerously. "What right do you got to save everyone and compromise their pride in their strengths, but not allow yourself to be saved? Ya think you're that much better than everybody?!"

Ichigo gracelessly struggled to his feet to growl in Renji's face. "YOU'RE UNDERESTIMATING ME!"

"YOU COCKY HYPOCRITE!" Renji roared back, without the humor in his voice that usually accompanied such banter.



There was a slight pause, which Renji took advantage of. "...You really were suffering, weren't you?"

"..." A deafening silence called attention to all ears.

Then Renji pulled a sobered Ichigo in close, affixing the orange-topped head to the crook of his neck. He spoke close to Ichigo's ear, his brash voice softened by the mop of hair. 

"Don't worry, Ichigo. I'll protect you this time." 

"...I'll make sure you never have to sit through a chick-flick with Rukia again."



If any of you got that the "enveloping darkness" was the movie theater, I congratulate you. 
You know, it certainly could have worked in a serious context, but imagining this unfolding in Cinemagic took the cake…