'That's the last of it!' I thought happily as I finished putting the last box of my belongings up. I had just moved here to Tulsa, Oklahoma from Panama City, Florida last night and after a rough three hours of sleep, I had successfully finished unpacking.

"Mommy!" Tess, my two year old daughter came running in the room. She ran over to me and started jumping up and down, all the while pulling on my fading jeans.

I sighed tiredly and picked her up. "What babyboo?"

She grinned at me as laughter showed through her pretty blue eyes. "Me hungry Mommy!"

I smiled at her. "You're hungry? Well, we better fix that problem." I carried her over to the fridge and opened it, sighing irritatedly when I remembered I forgot to go shopping. "Well I guess we're going to have to take a quick trip to the store."

Tess clapped her hands with joy. "Yay car ride!"

I laughed and grabbed the keys off the counter and headed for the door. Placing Tess in her carseat in the back, I got in the driver side and backed out of our new driveway. Oklahoma sure is different then Florida. It was always so hot there, especially when you live five minutes away from the beach like we did. Here it felt a little chilly but wasn't too cold. Of course, it was fall so it probably got really cold over here unlike Florida.

I grew up in a old house and I hated to leave it but there was just too many painful memories in that place. After my mom died, I took the money she left us and drove till I saw the Oklahoma sign. My brother said that Oklahoma was a pretty tuff place so I thought I'd see for myself. Donny, my brother, had ran away there when he was fifthteen but called and wrote to me all the time until the day he died in a gang fight.

"We're here." I say as I pulled up to the small stopping center. Going around the car, I picked Tess back up and headed inside the building.

"Buggy!" Tess pointed to a green shopping cart.

I placed her into the small compartment of it and decided not the buckle her up. "OK what do you want for supper?"

Tess looked like she was thinking very hard before answering, "Burger!"

I sighed. "We have hamburgers almost every night. Don't ya want somethin' else?"

"Burger! Burger! Burger!" She chanted causing people to look our way.

"OK, OK you win. We'll have burgers." I say as we headed towards the groundmeat isle. "What do you want to go with it?"

"French fries!" She squealed.

"How about some macaroni and cheese?" I asked her. All we've been having lately was fastfood and I knew it wasn't really the best for her so I was trying to cut down her amount of greasey food; easier said then done.

"OK Mommy." She said as I picked out things to get us through the week. Mom didn't have a whole lot of money to leave us but I was able to get a good bit for that old house.

"Yuck!" Tess yelled as she threw the pack of lettuce out of the buggy.

I popped her hand three times before going to pick it back up. "You don't do that little lady."

Tess looked up at as tears flowed down her cheeks, acting like I really did hit her hard. "I sorry Mommy."

I ruffled her curly, blonde hair. "Don't you do that again, alright?"

She nodded her head as she sniffled. I hated having to discipline her but I knew if I wanted her to listen and be good that hitting her was the only way. Of course I never hit her hard but not all that soft either. One thing's for sure, I won't ever hit her like my old man used to hit me.

I walked over to the sauses and looked through them while I had the buggy not too far away. While living in Florida, someone once tried to kidnap Tess but luckly I wasn't too far. Ever since then she's never too far from my side.

"Hey baby." I looked over to see a white/blonde haired guy leaning close to me. "What's your name?"

I raised a brow at him, something my brother taught me how to do when we were kids. "Nonya."

I tried to walk away after that but he put his arm down so I was pressed against the shelf. "That's a pretty name."

I rolled my eyes and looked at him angerly. "Get out of my face."

His cold eyes looked me over and his smirk seemed to grow when he saw my chest. "What if I don't."

I smirked coldly at him. I've had to deal with his kind before, hell Tess's father was a regular hood too. "I guess you don't fancy life then."

He didn't seem fazed by that. "You must be new around here because surely you wouldn't be talkin' to the Dallas Winston like this."

I just raised a brow at him. "Look, I don't care who you are. Nobody is gonna come walk up to me and act like he's the Lord himself and tell me how to talk to them."

I tried to get away again but he wouldn't move. "You sure are a stupid broad."

I gave him my most dangerous looks. "Now you listen up and you listen good boy. One, I ain't no stupid broad so you can get that out of your head right now! Now you let me go or so help me you will regret it."

The guy just smirked and shook his head. "I like them feisty." He then tried to kiss me but I brung my hand up and slapped him across the face as hard as I could, knocking him back.

"Don't you ever touch me again you stupid hood!" I told him as I grabbed my buggy and started to head towards the checkout line.

"Mommy OK?" Tess asked me and I could clearly see worry in her eyes.

I gave her a reasuring smile. "Mommy's fine."

I put the groceries in the back and placed Tess in her carseat before driving off.

It was later that night around six and I had just fed Tess and was about to give her a bath when there was a knock at the door. 'Wonder who that could be?' I thought as I went to open it. There stood seven guys that were lookin' pretty tough.

The really muscular one with the short hair spoke. "Hi, I'm Darry Curtis and we live across the street."

The movie star looking one smiled at me. "Yeah, we just came by to say hi and welcome you to this wonderful nieghborhood." He said in a sarcastic yet friendly voice.

I had to grin at him. I could already tell he was a happy-go-lucky kind of person. "Well hi, I'm Stacy Richards."

Darry pointed to everyone. "These are my brothers Sodapop and Ponyboy and our friends Steve, Two-bit, Johnny, and Dally."

I smiled at them all until I got to the snow blonde haired guy. "You!" We both said at the same time.

"I take it you've two met?" Two-bit asked with a brow raised.

"Yeah she's the stupid broad I tried to pick up at the store today." Dally glared angerly at me.

I gave him a cold look. "And you're the arrogant bastard who can't take a hint. By the way, didn't I tell you not to call me that? You need another handprint on the other side of your face?"

He looked like he was ready to hit me one but Darry and Two-bit pushed him back. Just then I herd a loud crashing sound from inside and Tess crying. I ran inside and picked up my little girl who was on the floor with one of the lamps shattered on the floor next to her.

"Mommy!" She sobbed and I held her tightly, placing her head on my shoulder as she wrapped her tiny arms around my neck.

"Shush, shush, shush. Mommy's here. Mommy's gonna make it all better." I say as I swayed back and forth. I looked up to see that the guys had followed me in and were looking at me kind of shocked. I rolled my eyes. I was use to that look. Back in Panama City, people use to give me those looks along with shameful glances. I guess it wasn't the best thing to be a mother at the age of sixteen.

Tess calmed down and pretty soon she was fast asleep on my shoulder. I sighed and glanced back over at the guys. "Well I guess you've met my daughter now."

"How old is she?" Two-bit asked as he gave us a small smile. The way he looked at us told me that he was pretty fond of kids.

"Two." I answer as I brought her down the hall and into our room. This was the cheapest house I could afford to keep and be able to still have money to live off of for awhile and it only had one bedroom. After placing her in the middle, I placed two pillows by her so she wouldn't roll off the bed even though it was a queen sized bed and it wasn't very likey for her to roll off of it.

I came back into the room and gave them a small smile. "Y'all want something to eat or drink?"

They all shook their heads. "We're good."

"Do you mind if I ask a question?" Steve asked me and I nodded, having a pretty good clue on what he was going to say. "How old are you?"

"Sixteen." I answered as I picked up the glass off the floor while they sat on the couch. "I had Tess when I was fourteen."

The guys just nodded their heads and I could tell they were still a little shocked. Hell, I guess I would be too.

Dally looked up at me with no pitty what so ever and for that I liked him. I hated when people pitty me a whole lot more than I hate those shameful glares. "Where's the father at?"

I sighed. "Probably in jail."

"It's just you who lives here?" A shy voice asked and I looked over to see Ponyboy.

I gave him a small smile. Somethin' told me him and that Johnny kid didn't talk much. "Just me and my babygirl. Both my parents are dead and so is my brother."

They gave me that sad look and I rolled my eyes. "Don't y'all dare give me those pitty eyes. I hate that look more than those stupid glares that most people throw my way when they see Tess. My old man's been dead for a good five years, my brother died three years ago, and my mom just recently died. The only one of them that I actually gave a damn about was my brother."

"Where are you from?" Soda asked me with a curious look in his eyes. I could clearly see why any girl would fall for him I mean, he's totally hot.

"Panama City, Florida." I answer.

"Well we better get going." Darry said as he stood up and smiled at me. "We just live across the street with the old gate. If you need anything at all or just have nothin' better to do, just come by and hang out with us."

I smiled at him and nodded. "Sure and the same goes for y'all."

I watched them leave before cleaning up the kitchen and calling it a night, knowing that I'll be up bright and early in the morning.


We were now back home and were eatting dinner while listening to the news. OK, scratch that thought. We were eatting dinner, goofing around while Darry tried to watch the news but with all the noise we were causing was making it quite difficult to eat, let alone watch TV.

"So what do you think about that Stacy broad?" Steve asked as he arm wrestled with Sodapop.

"She's pretty hot." I say as I thought about her pretty blonde hair that went just passed her shoulders.

"Well we knew you thought so." Soda rolled his eyes. "She's blonde after all."

I grinned at him. "Hey, not every blonde is hot."

"She seemed nice." Pony said as he looked up from his book. That kid read to damn much. It was very rare to see him without a book or not at the movies. I may not have any proof to back me up right now, but I'm 98 sure that this is somehow Darry's fault.

"So you are alive behind that book." I say with a grin on my face, making him roll his eyes.

"I agree. She's hot and she did seem nice." Sodapop said as Steve won the match.

"She may be hot but that chick don't let anyone get away with shit." Dally said as he took a swing of beer.

"I can't believe she actually said something to you. That takes guts man." Steve said as he grabbed a deck of cards. "Who's up for poker?"

"Count me in!" Soda said cheerfully.

"Me too." I say as I sat by the coffee table where we always play.

"I guess I'll play too." Dal said as he got up. "What about you Johnnycakes?"

He just nodded. Ever since those dumbass socs jumped him, he hasn't said hardly anything to anyone except maybe Dal and Pony. He worships the ground Dallas walks on and Ponyboy was his bestfriend.

"I can't believe a girl like that has a kid. Lookin' at her, you'd never be able to tell 'cause she's not big at all." Steve said as he pulled out some quarters.

"Ain't that the truth." I say as I do the same. That little Stacy broad sure was somethin' else though.

"I would hate to have a kid, especially at my age." Steve said and Soda nodded his head in agreement.

"I mean, just think. She had a new born baby at Pony's age." Soda said as he shook his head. "And what about the father? I know if I got some chick knocked up I surely would take responsability for it."

"Yeah well he was probably like Dally." I say as I grinned over at Dal. "Young, dangerous, and a down right hood who'll screw any chick in sight."

He had me down in a second. "What was that you little punk?" After a few jabs to the head, he let me go.