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Listen To Your Heart

Chapter 4 -

"He's going to be fine, Brooke." Lucas tried to ease out of the silence that had gradually enveloped the two since leaving the doctor's office moments before.

Brooke nodded solemnly. She couldn't muster up enough strength to pick her eyes up from off the ground; she felt too sick and too weak. She really couldn't stomach even thinking about what happened. David was such a young boy, and he definitely didn't deserve what he was getting.

"None of this is your fault." Lucas added. "You do know that…right?"

"If anything, I'd blame this on you." Brooke's spoke in a cross voice sending shivers down his spine.

"Oh, so now this is my fault?"

"I didn't say that." She sighed exasperatingly, closing her eyes. "I never said that. I just…I need to know that he's going to be okay." As the last few words fell off her lips, her throat began to dry up, her voice proceeding to become cracked and her eyes began to fill with tears. "Luke, what if something happens?" She sounded so desperate, just wanting to get some straight answer. "Things have happened to you…and it is the same HCM."

"What do you mean?" She asked curiously. "You told me they said all your options didn't give you enough time. What's changed?"

"They said that there's a chance, a slight chance, that if I put my name on the transplant list now, I may be able to get the operation in time. It's no guarantee, but it's definitely something, right?"

He was dying of a bad heart. And it really wasn't anybody's fault but his own. Sure his HCM had done a small part, but his actions were what really caused the problems.

"…I don't know." She replied hesitantly.

Sure, if the plan pulled through, it was great. It was a chance for them to be the perfect family they once used to be. But what if it didn't pull through? What would be left then? She didn't

want to gain reassurance and hope just to have it pulled up from right beneath her.

"What do you mean?"

He was confused. He was sure she'd show some emotion towards this. Right now, she wasn't doing much. She was just standing there, numb; paralyzed by the thought.

"I-I don't know, Luke." She shook her head. It had been hard expressing her feelings towards him lately. Especially when everything hung in the balance.

"Brooke, this is my chance to be okay; to be healthy."

She shook her head; he wasn't understanding anything. What would happen if she; their children even, got their hopes up only to be pushed down once more; be defeated. They'd all be crushed; devastated.

"Lucas, I have to go…" It was all too much to handle. She needed some space, and some time, too, to think all of it through.

He just watched as she turned around, walked towards the door and out of it, out of his house.

She was gone.

He sighed as he took a seat, rubbing his face with his hands in frustration, trying to process what had just happened. Brooke had come to him asking for some help with David and he had instead dropped yet another major bomb on her. He knew he wasn't helping matters any.

He hated all of this.

What his life had turned into.

Who he had become in the past few months.

Not only was he hurting himself in the process of everything, but he was hurting the people around him; most importantly his family.

And the one person he could blame was only himself. By just one mistake his life was jeopardized. His family was jeopardized.

It wasn't like it was a surprise that he was dying. He had set himself up for it. His heart was bad to begin with and his stupidity didn't help.

"Lucas, is that you?"

Moments before, Brooke had driven up the driveway, surprised to see Lucas's car parked in there because he wasn't scheduled to arrive home for another several hours later.

He had traveled a few miles out of town to Charlotte to promote a new book that had just hit bookstores.

Brooke hooked her coat on the coat rack and dropped her purse on the small table beside the door upon entering the house.

"In the kitchen…" A voice called, answering her first question.

"Hey, you're home early." Brooke entered the kitchen and immediately ran up to her husband's side, embracing him in a hug.

"Yeah. I was done so I figured I'd head home early. The kids are still at school?"

"Yeah, I have to pick Sam up in a little while and David should get home soon, too."

Lucas nodded stiffly and Brooke sensed the tension.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." He shook his head.

"Luke…" She urged him to speak up.

"Well, while I was in Charlotte,…I visited Nate."

"Okay." Brooke nodded. And…

"And I met his coach. Um, the coach actually saw us play a little one on one and he thinks I play pretty good."

"Lucas, that's great." Brooke replied, though she still wasn't understanding the full story.

"I've just been thinking about the game…that's all. I miss it, I guess."

Brooke nodded; now she got it. Lucas missed basketball. He couldn't play that much anymore because of his HCM, and she knew it sucked for him. His medication would slow him down, and if he went off of it, he'd be risking his life.

"You sure that's it?"

"Yeah. I'm fine." He offered a small smile. "So, what'd I miss while I was away?"


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