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No Different

Every year, Father's Day in the Madoka house was celebrated the same, at least since she had been three. And this year would be no different.

Nine year-old Kiyoko sat in front of her brother; it was late in the afternoon on the second Sunday of the month of June. She ran her small fingers through her brother's hair and told him stories of the man that she remembered. Not the terrorist that plunged the whole world into ruin, but the man that had held her and taught her how to play the piano.

"And when he came home from work, he would lift me as high as he could, and I felt like I was flying."

Every year since Twin X was spent reliving memories of the past, and this year would be no different.

"He taught me how to play the piano you know, he would play a note, and I would play the same note without looking."

She knows that this will never be enough for Tatsuya who will never had a father, but she tries. This year would be no different.



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