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Warning: Yaoi boy on boy, no likey no ready
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8. Sai/Naruto; What Is Love – Haddaway; 4:31 min.

Sai had read a lot of books about love. He wanted to understand what this feeling was, more than any other feeling.
Love. It was a strange feeling he thought and it didn't really make sense.
Love, to fall in love, to feel loved, to love. It was all so very confusing and so hard to understand.
'Yo! Sai. What are you doing?' Naruto's voice called to him from the other side of the park. He held his book up in front of him, to let Naruto see that he was reading.
'Eeh? Still reading weird stuff?' Naruto asked as he dropped onto the grass behind Sai and wrapped his arms around the lithe body.
'I'm reading about love. I still don't quite understand it' Sai said quietly as he kept reading in his book.
'Hm' Naruto grunted and tightened his hold on Sai a little.
'You know, when you say you feel good when you're with me, and how you want it to stay like that forever?'
Sai nodded his head and Naruto continued 'You know, when I say that you are the most important person to me, and how I always want to be able to hold you?' Sai nodded again, not quite understanding where Naruto was going with this.
'Hm, and you know when we fall asleep together? When you kiss me and I say: night Sai-chan, sweet dreams?'
Sai nodded yet again, and Naruto gave a small grunt before turning Sai's head so they looked each other in the eye.
'That, Sai. That is love,' Naruto whispered.
Sai's eyes widened, this new information running wild in his mind. Then he smiled at Naruto and kissed him softly. 'We love each other' he said when they parted.
Naruto smiled proudly at Sai and nodded, 'Yeah, we love each other'


Fun fact: My first thought when the song ended was "I think I'm getting a fluff over-dose!!" and now I need sugar :stalks off to find some marshmallows: