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Summary- Slade's obsession causes him to try to claim the Batman's partner for his own.

Rated- R

Warnings- SLASH (Sort of). Slade attempts to have non consensual sex with Robin (Dick Grayson). Not that Batman is going to let THAT happen! LOL

The Apprentice

Pt. 1 of 2

BY: Shannyn Grayson Ivy

"What was that about?" Batman shouted at his junior partner. Throughout the course of the long night Robin had placed himself in harm's way far too often. His daredevil spirit was reckless and dangerous. Did he really think himself invincible? Whatever his reasoning, Batman could no longer let it slide.

Robin glared at him oddly resembling a bird with ruffled feathers.

"You have your way, I have mine." Robin answered straightforwardly.

"On this team we do things MY WAY." Batman responded angrily. He was at a loss to understand Robin's blatant disregard for orders lately. Protocol existed for a reason. Mainly to keep Robin from getting hurt.

"Well, since you insist on treating me like I'm still ten, maybe I'm done with this 'team'." Robin challenged and folded his arms across his chest.

"Yes, you are. At least until you learn to follow orders." Batman responded coolly.

"Good." Robin nodded, walking up to the Batmobile. "We are in agreement then. No more team. No more orders. No more YOU." Robin said angrily and reached inside the high performance car to retrieve his civilian clothes that he had stashed in a book bag.

Batman looked at Robin curiously. He knew teenagers were difficult but this was ridiculous.

"I'm still your guardian." Batman said slowly.

"Doesn't wash Bats. I'm an adult now." Robin countered and looked amused when Batman opened his mouth and then shut it, at a loss for something to say.

Batman watched as Robin began to walk off. Did the boy really expect to just…leave?

"Are you going to be at the house Sunday?" Batman asked in a gentler tone. "Alfred already has a movie marathon and an entire menu planned out."

"Sunday? Oh, let's see. That would be Father's Day, right?" Robin answered sarcastically. "Nope. Don't think so. I plan to be reviewing all the answers I receive from the want ad I placed in the paper."

"Want ad?" Batman asked with a scowl.

"Yep. Got one in for a new father. At this point, I'll take…um… anyone but you…"

Taken aback by Robin's attitude, Batman cocked his head and studied the boy. Robin's gypsy temper was flaring although Batman couldn't honestly say he understood why. Robin turned away and continued to walk off. Batman stared after him, confused. He had always been impressed by Dick's strong will that was, expect for when it was aimed at him…


Robin headed towards the nearby woods to change. He was already regretting the remarks he had made to Batman. Chastising himself for not controlling his temper he mumbled to himself. "No wonder he doesn't take me seriously."

"You were right to leave him. He is only holding you back." A familiar voice spoke from the tree line. Robin stopped cold. His eyes darting about, he realized that Batman had in fact left. "He dotes on you as if you were a small child. Does he not realize the man you have become?"

"What do you want?" Robin asked angrily.

"You." Was the chilling reply as a dart hit Robin in the throat.

"And I'll have to thank Batman for making it so very easy for me…" A sadistic laugh fluttered through the air and Robin tried to run. His feet would not move however and he immediately fell to the ground. A panic filled thought hit him. What if this was it? What if…he never got the chance to apologize to Batman?


"Looks like your wish has come true." Slade Wilson awoke Robin with a slap.

"What?" Robin asked, shaking his head trying to free himself from the grogginess.

"I heard you tell Batman that you wished someone else was your father." Slade answered, obviously very pleased with himself. Holding down Robin's arm with his vice grip, Slade brought a needle within view for Robin to see.

"NO!" Robin shouted.

Injecting the fighting teenager Slade smiled.

"In time you will call me 'father' but for now, I shall just call you my apprentice."


"Alfred, have you heard from Dick? He won't answer my calls. I'm starting to get...concerned…" Bruce Wayne admitted. He paced back and forth inside his office at Wayne Enterprises. Having to come clean with Alfred was hard to do.

"Would there be a reason he might be avoiding you, sir?" Alfred asked coolly.

Alfred couldn't miss Bruce's sigh.

"No, sir. I have not heard from him." Alfred answered. It wasn't like Bruce to be this worried without grounds. Was it only Master Dick's temper keeping them from hearing from him or was it something more serious?

"Try to contact him Alfred. He will answer you. If he doesn't, call me back immediately. "Bruce demanded in a rushed tone.

"And if he does answer?" Alfred asked.

"Then call me immediately anyway." Bruce huffed and hung up the phone.

"Come on kiddo. Just answer the damn phone…" Bruce mumbled.


"Why are you doing this?" Robin asked as he observed Slade, observing him. Through a splitting headache Robin tried to ascertain his location. It seemed to be a small house. There were no traffic sounds outside so he surmised that he was in a remote locale. What he assumed was once a living room had been turned into a torturous arena with several disconcerting devices in view. Robin was beginning to get a really bad feeling. It was not a secret that Slade Wilson had been physically enhanced by an army experiment. According to the Bat files, which in Robin's experience were never wrong, Slade Wilson had been given an Adrenocorticotropic hormone which quadrupled his strength. Not to mention the fact he had enhanced speed and reflexes and super fast healing abilities. Add that to a genius criminal mind and the fact that Batman wouldn't be looking for him and Robin suddenly felt very sick…

"I've been watching you for a very long time. You are quite gifted. Batman hasn't a clue what to do with all your abilities but I do…" Slade assured him.

Robin knew Slade's moniker was Deathstroke: The Terminator. He was an assassin. He had faced him before in battle but always with either Batman or the Titans at his side. He was totally alone now and very vulnerable. Whatever Wilson had put into his veins was making him lethargic and confused.

"Sorry. I'm not looking for a new partner or a new daddy." Robin answered defiantly. "And you should really see a shrink about your obsessive tendencies. Stalking is actually frowned upon by society…"

"You are exquisite aren't you?" Slade asked with a laugh.

Robin tried not to show how creeped out he was by the way Wilson was looking him up and down as though he were a desired piece of candy…

"You are wasting your time. I already told you Slade. I'm not into you. It's not happening." Robin growled despite the fact that he was bound and drugged he actually seemed quite convincing. This only intrigued Slade all the more.

"Don't worry Robin. I won't force you. No, my apprentice, it must be your choice to join me." Slade explained.

"Good. Then I chose, let's see… Oh yeah… HELL NO!" Robin spat.

Slade laughed yet again. Robin couldn't hide his annoyance at Slade's good humor.

"Batman is soooo going to kick your…" Robin shouted angrily as Slade injected him once again with an unknown drug.

"ass…" Robin mumbled and then all but blacked out. Though awake he couldn't seem to muster any movement. It was as though all the fight had left him.

"Perhaps yes, perhaps no. But can Batman survive hundreds of mercenaries?" Slade asked with a smile.

Robin's eyes fought to focus. What was Slade talking about?

"I have in my possession pictures of your ex-mentor dressed as Batman without a mask. My patience and stalking skills have served me well. Now all I have to do is upload these onto the internet and every villain that has ever faced him or ever wanted to face off against him will be enlightened as to his 'secret' identity. There would be no where for him to hide. I doubt he would live out an hour." Slade explained triumphantly.

"You're…lying…" Robin accused and hoped he was right. Slade had to be bluffing…

"Would you like to see them?" Slade asked and brought the pictures up in front of Robin's face.

"Those have been doctored. They aren't…real…" Robin defended.

"Does it really matter? The result will be the same." Slade reassured his new toy.

Robin looked into Slade's cruel eyes and knew that he was right. The pictures appeared authentic and if those pictures got out…

"Okay Wilson, you have my attention. What is it that you really want here?" Robin asked even though he was afraid of the answer. He couldn't let those pictures fall into the wrong hands. An unsuspecting Bruce Wayne/Batman could certainly take care of himself but when hundreds maybe even thousands got a hold of these pictures…AND…without him there, there would be no one watching Batman's back…

"I want you Robin. But as I mentioned earlier, it has to be your choice. Join me and together we will bring about your full potential or, choose Batman, and watch him die…

XXXXXXXXXX To be continued…