Chapter 1: The Arrival

"Good morning everyone!" said Negi Springfield, walking into the class.

"Good morning Negi-sensei/kun!" most of the class shouted cheerfully.

"I have a surprise for all of you today!" smiled Negi, "We have a new student starting today."

The door slid open and a young girl with a cheerful look walked in.

"Please write your name and introduce yourself."

The girl went towards the chalkboard and wrote her name Konoe Konoka.

"I'm Konoe Konoka! I'm 15 years old, moved here from Kyoto, and one of my hobbies is fortune-telling."

The door slid open once again as another girl walked in with her eyes closed, and bandages on her left arm and a black bandana tied on her right wrist.

"Um…you're late again Sakurazaki-san." Negi said nervously.

"Sorry Negi-sensei." said the girl, walking towards her seat.

'There she is…Sakurazaki Setsuna…I can't believe that I'm actually her in the same school and class as her!' thought Konoka, smiling to herself.

"Oh well, Konoka-san, you can take a seat next to Asuna-san." Negi looked at Asuna, "Asuna-san can you please raise your hand?"

Asuna raised her hand as Konoka walked over to her, "Nice to meet you."

"Same to you too. Can I see your schedule?"

Konoka handed Asuna her schedule and sat next to her.

"No way, we got all the same classes! And who's your roommate?" said Asuna.

"Um….someone by the name Kagurazaka-san…." said Konoka.

"That's me! Kagurazaka Asuna!"

"Really? Wow!"

"Hey can you two keep it down?" said Setsuna from behind them with her head down.

"Geez, sorry Setsuna-san!" said Asuna, "Is that a new battle scar?" Asuna pointed at Setsuna's left arm.

Setsuna covered her arm, "None of your business."

"Asuna-san, Sakurazaki-san can you two pay attention?"

Setsuna just stood up and walked out of class, scaring Negi.

"There she goes again?" sighed most of the class.

Asuna just shook her head sadly and noticed the worried look on Konoka's face.

"Um…sorry if she scared you….she's been like that since she got back from Kyoto. She's usually shy and never did anything like this before." explained Asuna.


"Yeah. Befo-" Asuna didn't finish her sentence because the alarm went off.

"Not again." whined the class, packing their stuff and going back to the dorms.

"What's that alarm for?" asked Konoka.

"To be honest, I don't know. I tried asking Ku Fei, Kaede-san, Setsuna-san and Tatsumiya-san but they never told me anything about it." said Asuna, leading Konoka back to the dorms.

"Why them?"

"They're the four strongest girls in class, but Setsuna-san was injured so she can't still be doing whatever they're doing."

"Oh really? Setsuna-san is pretty popular." Konoka covered her mouth at what she just said.

"Hey Konoka you're not…falling for Setsuna-san are you?" Asuna grinned mischievously.

"N-No! I-I'm not!" Konoka practically shouted, waving her hands in her face, blushing madly.

"Relax Konoka! You're not the first girl to have a crush on her!" said Asuna, patting Konoka on the back "How about I tell you everything I know about her? Then you can go talk to Kaede-san since she's Setsuna-san roommate and they're in the room next door."

Konoka blushed as Asuna laughed.

'This'll be a long night.' thought Setsuna, watching them from the shadows.


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