A year passed since Setsuna died and Konoka was depressed. Asuna, Negi, and Kaede were worried about her since she never really smiled since Setsuna died.

"Konoka-san, you know Setsuna-san wouldn't be happy if she saw you depressed all the time." said Negi.

"Secchan's not here…Secchan's dead….Secchan won't come back." muttered Konoka as tears came out of her eyes.

Suddenly, a black cloaked figure appeared behind them. Not knowing if this figure was friend or foe, Negi, Asuna, and Kaede were prepared to attack.

"Who are you?!" demanded Asuna.

The figure walked forward, making them nervous. Either this person was overconfident or just plain stupid.

"What do you want with us?" said Kaede, having a feeling that she knows who it is.

The figure just pointed to Konoka.

"Get away from her!" Negi stood in front of Konoka protectively.

"Someone very important to her died! Why would you want her for?!" said Asuna.

"Asuna-dono, just give Konoka-dono to her." suggested Kaede.

"What?! Kaede-san have you lost your mind?!" said Negi.

"Just watch and try not to cry." smiled Kaede.

Negi, Asuna, and Kaede stood aside as the figure went up to Konoka and hugged her from behind.

"Sorry. I've left you alone all this time." the figure whispered in a soft and caring voice in Konoka's ears.

Konoka almost immediately stopped crying and turned towards the figure. Pulling off the hood, she hugged her tightly, crying tears of joy.


"What? But….how?!"

"Someone helped me. I was half-dead when Kono-chan was with me." Setsuna sheepishly scratched the back of her head.

"Did it have to take you a year to come back though?!" said Asuna, slapping Setsuna's face, "You made her wait a whole year!"

"A year?! It's been that long?! I thought that I was gone for three weeks!" said Setsuna.

"Three weeks my ass!" Asuna hit Setsuna again. "Don't you know how depressed Konoka was?! We almost took her to a hospital 'cause she won't eat, sleep, or even drink!"

"I got it now!" Setsuna hung her head low, "Someone already gave me a lesson about that so now." Setsuna hugged Konoka tight. "I won't leave her side until the day that I die."

Konoka hugged Setsuna back.

"So care to explain before you to…get it on?" Kaede giggled at the last part, making both Setsuna and Konoka blush brightly.

"Like I said, 'someone helped me' I don't remember who exactly, but this person helped me get better. After the first week that I met this person, he gave me a lecture on how foolish that I was for using my father's jewel, since it has a side effect, against Satsuko and for making Kono-chan cry." Setsuna paused and hugged Konoka tighter as if she was going to disappear.


"….T…the week after that, this person trained me back into shape. Or might as well call it 'hell week' since I never rested when he trained me." Setsuna lightly laughed at that.

"So you're gonna stay for good?" said Negi.

"Yes." Setsuna smiled, "Now can we go? I'm kinda tired after getting here."

"One thing that you need to know before we get back." said Kaede.


"The room order's change so you got a new roommate."

"Who?" Setsuna turned her head towards Konoka who blushed. "I'm fine with that." Setsuna kissed Konoka on the lips before following everyone back.

Me: There told ya that I wasn't that evil!

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