Riddick was pushed into Lastonian triple max prison by the guards. Toombs had gotten a lucky shot and captured him. They unshackled his hands once he was no longer a threat and left him to play with the other prisoners. 'So this is hell...I've seen worse.' He thought. Slowly he walked through the crowed. All eyes were on him. Everyone was summing him up. Was he a friend or a threat? Slowly everyone began to disperse. As he kept walking someone bumped into him. He looked around to see who it was. A girl. She continued walking and had her back to him. As she rounded the corner Riddick saw her face briefly. 'No.' He thought. The girl had dirty blonde hair. She looked to be about twelve years old, maybe a little more. She looked so much like Nina. It couldn't be her though. Why would she here? He pushed through the crowed to follow her but couldn't find her anywhere. Riddick sighed and turned back around. He'd catch up with her later. It probably wasn't even her.

He began to explore the place. Learn his new surroundings. He had to figure a way out of hear. Suddenly he felt a blade pressed against his back. "Should I go for the sweet spot? Left of the spine, fourth lumbar down, the abdominal aorta. What a gusher."

Riddick tilted his head to her. "What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Ah, ya know. Was passing by, this looked like a nice place so I came into say hi for a couple of years. What do you think?!" She yelled pushing the blade harder on to him.

Riddick grabbed her arm and then slammed her on to the wall. He held her hands up so she couldn't try anything. It was easy what with her being so small. "Why aren't you with your mom?"

She laughed. "Ha. Well, I could be if you want me to so badly. All you gotta do is use that nice little shiv of yours. I know you got one on ya. You always do." She saw his eyes widen when he realized what she meant. "Yeah that's right, Riddick, she's dead. Got sick, croaked about two years ago. And, here I fucking am."

Riddick snapped. Swiftly he grabbed the bar in between her legs and forced her up higher he put his other hand up against her neck.

"What are ya gonna do? Kill me." She laughed.

"Remember who you're talking to...Sara."

"Oh, how could I forget? Don't even for a second think you know me. You don't. You see as far as I see it you're just the guy who fucked my mom and I'm just the proof of the mistake. Nothing more."

"Watch what you say to me."

"No!" She growled. She could hear the sounds of a fight about to begin and new her chance of escape what arriving. "This conversation is over." She said smiling.

The fight broke out and everyone began to yell. Riddick wasn't expecting it so he looked behind him to see what was going on. Sara took advantage of the moment and punched him...hard. She got around him and stood in front of him near the passage way out. "Like I said, you don't know me." She repeated to him before she left.

Riddick stood there dumbfounded.

Sara was nothing like what he expected. Growing up with Nina and all he expected her to be more like her mom. Innocent, always laughing, full of blind trust for everyone. Instead she was...well like him. Hard and confident. And, she could definitely handler herself, but to what degree.


Sara walked around the prison. It wasn't huge or anything, but it wasn't small. It had a lot of back pathways too. The prison was underground. You couldn't survive on the surface of this planet. There was very little oxygen to breath. You would only last thirty minutes to an hour tops. So the guards didn't have to worry about any runaways. "Blades, hold up." Blades was a nick name she had acquired here, because she always had some extra blades on her. The guy calling her name was Stan; he was the unofficial leader of the prisoners. "Ya know this whole "experience" would be a lot less painful if you would work with us." By that he just meant help each other out in times of trouble.

"You know me, Stan; I don't play well with others."

Stan became very serious. He didn't appreciate it when people said no to him. "One of these days you're gonna piss off the guards a little too much and you're gonna wish we had you're back."

"Well then, rest easy I should be outta your way soon then, huh?"

Stan smirked and walked away. She was a lost cause.

Sara didn't know it but Riddick had been watching the whole time. It scared him how much Sara was like him. That was the last thing he wanted.

She kept on walking. She wasn't going anywhere specific. She was just looking for something to do, maybe some trouble to cause.


Riddick followed Stan. He needed to ask him some stuff. Sharply Riddick jumped in front of the guy. "We need to talk." He said calmly.

"Who the hell are you?" Stan said in surprise.

"The girl. The one you called "Blades". When did she get here?"

"I don't know. Why?"

Riddick advanced on the guy in a menacing way.

"She got here about a year and a half ago." The guy sputtered out quickly.

"Why?" Riddick growled.

"I'm not sure I've heard only rumors. She doesn't talk much. But if I had to guess I'd say murder. She's pretty skilled with the blades and packs one hell of a punch. Plus she's got a bit of an attitude that pisses off mercs and guards ya know."

"Where do you think she is now?"

"Man, I don't know. Looking for trouble probably. The girl gets bored easily and has a bit of a violent side."

"Don't we all." Riddick murmured. He walked past Stan to find Sara.


"Get out of my way." Sara growled.

"Not until you hand over a blade. I need it."

"Sorry but I don't do charity. Never was that kind."

"Either give me one or I'll just take one."

"Don't bother, here."

Sara pretended to reach for a blade but then brought her arm up and punched the guy in the face. She kicked him farther away from her. He quickly regained himself and came at her. She ducked from his fist and grabbed his arm. She through him against the wall and waited for his next attack. He spun around and reached for her neck. Sara blocked him but then he grabbed her arm with his other hand and pulled her closer to him. He shoved her against the wall hard. They both glared at each other until Riddick came out of the shadows and spoke. "I don't think she like you too much. If I were you I would leave while you still have your legs."

The guy glanced at him. "Who the fuck are you?" Riddick didn't say anything he just stared at the guy. The guy grabbed Sara and forced her in front of him never letting her go, "So what happens when I don't just walk away."

"I kill you." Riddick said bluntly.

"Ha! You're gonna kill me. With what?"

Riddick bent down and picked up a paper clip lying on the ground. He took it and straightened it out.

The guy laughed harder. "A paper clip you gotta be kidding me." Harshly he shoved Sara to the wall and stepped closer towards Riddick.

He flung himself at Riddick. Quickly Riddick grabbed him around his neck and shoved the paper clip onto his jugular vain. He twisted it around and then pulled it out. The guy's hand went to his neck as he tried to stop the blood from flowing out. It was no use. The guy fell to his knees and died moments later.

Sara kneeled down by his side. "Damn. That guy's been giving me shit for almost a month now. 'Bout time somebody killed him."

"I'm not here to sort out all your cat fights." Riddick said turning away.

"But that's all you got once you been here as long as I have. It's like the rest of the world just dies away with you."

"And, exactly how long have you been here." he said turning back around to face her.

"I don't know. I lost track after 117." She shrugged. "Probably a year, maybe a little less, if I'm lucky." She saw Riddick give her a look of anger. "It wasn't my fault, ya know. After mom died, some mercs convinced me to join em'." Riddick head jerked at her when he heard this. "Said I make a good amount of money, wouldn't have to worry anymore. It was a trick, Riddick. They slaved me out. Do you know what that's like to loose your mom and then week later go through a whole new hell?!"

"You should have known better!" He yelled at her.

"Why? Because they aren't exactly the most clean cut people? That didn't really cross my mind at the time."

"It's because of them that I left you and your mom. To protect you from them. Then you go and join them."

"Yeah, well looked how that worked." Riddick turned around and started to walk away. "You not being there and all."

He stopped and sighed. "You signed with mercs."

"They were all I had."

Sara walked away. Riddick growled in frustration and punched the nearest wall. For once he didn't know what to do next.

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