"Wake up. Get up! Alright, Line up everybody. Now! Let's go. Line up!" The guards yelled as everyone's cell doors opened up. All the prisoners knew it was 5:30 a.m. The guards always woke them up at 5: 30 to begin work. Once everyone was gathered in the opening the guards began to divide them up.

"You, you, you, you, and you. Move!" Two guards left with that group.

"You, you, you, Stan, you, Gregory, Blades, and...uh..the big guy." One of the guard said pointing to them.

Sara groaned the last thing she wanted was to be in the same group as Riddick. It was like the guards knew that she hated the guy. They even assigned him to the cell next to hers. Quickly they all walked down the pathway till they came to a bunch of clusters of rocks.

"Move them all into the crates." The other guard demanded. Everyone got to work.

More blisters tore on Sara's hands as she lifted the heavy rocks. Some were almost boulders. She left those ones for everyone else to enjoy. She was strong but not that strong.

The guards sat down on the side and watched everyone else work.

"Hey Blades," One of them called out. "Did you run away from your parents or did your parents run away from you?"

Sara never took her eyes off her work but she did yell out a reply. "Depends on which one you're talking about."

Riddick knew that was directed at him but he refused to look at Sara. He knew he did what he had to do. He didn't regret it.

After that the guards left her alone. The day went on long and hard. Sara kept to her work and so did Riddick.

Six o'clock came around slowly. Their work was finished. Prisoners lined up for their food. They got the same thing they got every other damn day, an old fish sandwich extra moldy. Sara was sitting by herself against some rocks. Riddick walked over to her and sat down. He made no attempt to speak, he just sat their next to her and ate his sandwich. Sara couldn't take it any longer, she had to ask. "How did you know my name?"

For a moment Riddick remained quiet not sure if he should tell her or not. "When you were around five, I think, some mercs got a little to close to me. I was on Jerichano so your mom helped me. Gave me a place to hide for little while."

"She what?! No. No fucking way does my mom help you out. No!" Sara couldn't believe that he had really just said that to her. 'Why the hell would her mom help him? The guy who left her, left her to raise a kid on her own?"

"It's the truth. Where do you think you got those from?" Riddick pointed to the two dog tags dangling around her neck. She grabbed them and looked at them. They were his, she knew that. She just had never thought about where she had gotten them. Come to think of it she couldn't remember why the hell she wore these stupid things, all they did was remind her of the guy she loathed.

Sara huffed. "So what happened?" Riddick looked at her. "Well you guys must have talked."

"She had asked me where I'd been. I told her some lie." Riddick chuckled to himself. "She only had one request that I didn't bother you. Said it wouldn't be good for ya. I saw you though. In the park square."

Sara looked at him. "That was you!" She acused. " I knew someone was following me. When I told mom she said I imagined it."

"Yeah, the next day she told me to go."

Sara looked away from him, her hate growing inside of her. She secretly wished he hadn't of listened to her mom.

"So where's all this extra rock from?" He asked referring to the rocks they had carried into the crates.

"Oh, sometimes the rocks slip and fall cause of shakes and block the paths. The guards have us gather em up and dump em into crates. Then they take em to the top where the vents are and throw em outside to rot. Or whatever it is rocks do. In about an hour the vents will open up again to suck in what ever little air out there there is in to here so everyone can breathe."

"Interesting." Riddick replied in deep thought.

When you were down there it was harder to breathe. Probably even harder than it was on the surface. When you first get there it's killer but over time your body adjusts and you breathe more shallower.

"Hey Sara, miss me." Sara looked up to see who had called her and jumped to her feet when she saw him. It was Zack Brynes, the guy who had brought her here. 'What the fuck was that dick doing here?'

She glared at him. "Don't worry I wont touch you...yet..." He said with a sly grin. It was taking all of her will power not to beat the shit out of this guy. "I just came here to drop off another one of you rats and get paid."

"Ha! I think we both know who the rat is here."

"Ah, ya mean Sanchez? The guy had it coming, he was going fucking crazy."

Sara shrugged. "And you needed a payday quick so...him. That makes sense."

"Hey you do what you gotta do and I do what i gotta do." He laughed.

Sanchez was on Brynes team. Brynes decided he was of no more use to them and sold him out. Rumor has it the guy ripped out his own eye balls cause he was so pissed at Brynes.

Brynes walk to her. "Ya know what Sara? Let's hope you fuck as good as you talk." He said touching her lips with his fingers.

With that Sara snapped. She grabbed his hand and twisted it behind his back. She kicked him hard then and he flew to the ground. He jumped up but Sara was ready she punched him hard on his face, with her other hand she grabbed a tight hold of his shirt and punched him again, and again, and again, and again. Riddick ran towards her and tried to haul her off him. She had a good hold of him and Brynes dead weight added to her small weight was making it hard for him to pull her off him. Everyone began to shout. Some were cheering Sara on, a lot of people hated Brynes, others were just shouting for the hell of it. Guards came running down and roughly separated Sara from Brynes. Sara was hardly touched only a few bruises on her arm from Brynes roughly holding on to her, while Brynes on the other hand had a few more bruises on his face to show off his failure.

"Daniels!" One of the guards yelled. "Get her outta of here." He said referring to Sara.

Daniels came and pulled Sara out of Riddick's hold. When she fought against him he punched her right in the face knocking her out. Quickly he threw her over his shoulder and hauled her off to isolation.

"Uh..thanks. That bitch--" He was cut short when the lead guard sucker punched him.

"What the hell was that?!" Brynes shouted.

"You do not come to my prison and start a fight and then on top of that lose...to a girl! One who hasn't even properly eaten or exercised." He shouted at him embarrassed by how easily Sara had gained control over him. "Everyone back to your cells!" He added. "Playtime is over!"


Sara sat in the dark, dusty cell. So small it wasn't even humane. She could smell the blood of other who had been in here. There were no lights and it was so quiet that every little sound made her jump. If someone else was in here she was sure she would be able to here them breathe, maybe even hear their heart beating. Softly she cried. 'What the hell had happened to her life for god sakes?!'

Okay so I realize it sounds a little far fetched that Sara would be able to beat up that guy but she did have the element of surprise. Plus I think of that guy as more all talk than anything else.

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