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-x-Kate of Carlay-x-

A dark figure slowly lowered itself onto the balcony outside the Copper Isles spymastrer's bedchamber. With a discreet symbol drawn above the lock to remove any protection spells, a quick flick of a few lock picks and the flip of a cloak through the door and the figure was moving through the room with catlike silence and grace. The figure rose up to almost six feet with barely noticeable breathing. The figure now sat mere inches from the sleeping spymaster.

"Psssst. Aunt Aly." the cloaked figure pushed back her hood.

Aly sprang from her bed, tripping over her blankets but recovered and got into a fighting stance."Katelyn. What are you doing here?" Aly looked at her sixteen year old niece, Katelyn Cooper of Pirate's Swoop and Larstspur, daughter of her brother Sir Alan Cooper of Pirate's Swoop and Lady Torrianne Cooper, formerly Lumbershot, of Larstspur, once known as The Abyss but few people know that.

The Abyss as considered the deadliest assassin known to mankind until people thought she was killed but really she went back to her life in Tortall to marry her essence connection and have her three children.

The young woman that now stood in front of Aly had dusty brown hair with a hint of red that hung down her back to her waist in a long thick braid. She had her mother's height and strong build. Her eyes, the only feature that Kate and her sister Danyel didn't share, were green hazel with a small flare of red in the very center. Dany's were missing the red flare. Kate was dressed in dark cotton knee length breeches and a sleeveless shirt under one of her mother's cloaks that hid your essence.

"Mom, Dad, Jason, and Dany will be here in the morning."

"Then why are you here now?" Asked Aly

"You know, I don't feel like waiting and mom refuses to come to the palace the day her ship arrives." Kate shrugged

"With good reason too." Aly rolled her eyes."Your bed is set up in Aleea's room but there aren't any blankets on it yet."

"Blankets? in this heat you must be kidding me." Kate began to leave the room

"You know not all of us were raised up north in Larstspur." Aly retorted

"Good night Aunt Aly." was Kate's reply as she headed out the door.

Katelyn walked the through the suite of rooms like they were her own at the palace in Corus, the castle at Pirate's Swoop, or her tower at Larstspur until she reached a large oak door.

She pushed the door open and began removing her cloak and soft leather shoes, with her back turned to the other bed.

A cool blade pressed up against her throat but she wasn't worried, she just stood up calmly, "Is that how you greet your cousin Aleea?"

A young woman with raven black hair and deep set brown eyes relaxed her stance releasing Kate, "Kate, sorry didn't realize it was you. Tired of waiting as usual."

"You know"

Aleea sat back down on her bed, "Well, my own rooms are under repair but they should be done tomorrow so I was staying in here until you and Dany get here."

"No we are visiting officially so Dove's giving us a guest suite." Katelyn got into her bed.

"We'll have to tell Lassia" Aleea spoke of her younger sister that was the same age as Dany and Kate."She's been helping Taybur with the Queen's Gaurd."

"With--" Kate prompted

"How should I know" Aleea turned her back.

"You're the Spymaster's assistant and daughter you should know something." Kate pushed

"Helping with Gaurd stations and archer posts." Aleea's voice became defeated, "Gaood night Katelyn"

"Good night Aleea."


"Come on let's go." Dany sounded impatient.

"Wait for your sister." Alan called up to his daughter. She looked just like Kate from the strong build to the long thick braid but without the red flre in her eyes.

"Kate always sneaks in over night dad." Dany rolled her eyes

"She's right dad, Kate left a note" A tall young man that looked just like Alan except for the striking blue eyes. Sir Jason Cooper of Pirate's Swoop turned many heads with his broad shoulders, and strong jaw, but his eyes alone could woo many.

"let's go then" said a middle aged Lady Torriane climbing into the carriage sent to pick them up.


"Tory, Alan, not to mention my favorite niece and nephew." Aly greeted the party

"What about me?" Katelyn came from a building.

""You scare me half to death in the middle of the night." Aly said over her shoulder," So what brings all of you here, particulary you Tory?"

"Vacationing and my business must be discussed in a more private area." Tory shrugged

"I told you they were here" Aleea led her younger brother and sister towards the group.

Lassia was a short young woman with raven black hair, a tanned skin tone, green hazel eyes, and dressed in a raka sarong.

JJ was slightly older than Jason. He had the strawberry blond hair of Aly and Alan's and their green hazel eyes but his muscles were like wire under his skin.

"Sir Jason Cooper of Pirate's Swoop" JJ offered his hand

"Sir Jeorge Crow of Banzang" Jason gripped the offered hand.

Queen Dovesary had made Aly and Nawat Crow a Duchess and Duke after the revolution and Aleea said to give the inheritance to JJ because she would be busy in the palace working for Dove's daughter Maren.

"Where's Nawat?" Tory asked Aly both of them shaking their heads at their sons overly formal greeting.

"Lombyn running--flying-- errands for Dove. Why don't we get you settled so we can then take care of your bussiness."


Aly sat in her chair behind the large desk scattered with papers with Tory sitting in the chair in front of her."Aleea where are those papers on break-in's from last week?"

"Right here ma." Aleea came in holding files and Kate right behind her."How did he get out of Tortall on you after trying to kill Jon?" Aly sat back flipping through the files

"There was a group, I had a feeling that one was a Gallan and not all of us have assistants" Tory's tone was depressed

"You could" Kate grumbled

"She has a point Tory I let Aleea help me." Aly added

"Your position doesn't require you to chase after crazed killers on a daily basis." Tory snapped

"Neither does your's anymore. Word is that anyone who attempts to get to close to Jon with a weapon ends up dead."Katelyn smirked

"That rumor has come clear over here to the Isles" Aleea added her words as well

"Enough you three. It's bad enough I get from her and George , you two don't need to help." Tory let out a sigh.

"He has good reasoning for trying to convince you to let Kate help you." Aly pointed out

"I know maybe -someday- but not likely" Tory glared at her sister -in-law.

"Now then, thanks for your permission to hunt this stormwing dolt over here." Tory turned to her daughter, "You won't be helping."

"Sorry Kate, I'll keep trying." Aly said before shooing her daughter and niece out so Tory and Aly could start plans.

"Eavesdrop?" Aleea asked moving closer to her wall.

"Good luck, my mom puts up a secrecy spell that I can't crack. I got a better idea though." Kate sat back in Aleea's chair and kicked her feet up onto her cousin's desk.

"I don't like that look in your eye Kate" Aleea perched on the edge of her desk

"I know, you never do. I think we should hunt this flea down ourselves." Katelyn sat back weaving her fingers together behind her head.

"I'm not sure Kate." Aleea's brows furrowed

"You're the next spymaster. I should be the next royal assassin. I think we can take one guy, you pinpoint him for me, and I'll make the strike." Kate gave one of her father's crooked grins.

After a moment of thought Aleea answered, "I'll work on it but that means you move." Aleea flipped Kate out of her chair.

"You'll pay for that tonight at practice but thank you." Kate jumped to her feet, "I'll see you later" Katelyn move out the door with an assassin's grace and silence that just came naturally to her.



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