A/N Okay so this is a little poem that I wrote do to boredem, I usually don't write poems do to the fact I usually write them poorly but I feel pretty good about this one. Reviews would be appreciated.

All of her stuff has vanished.
Her blanket, clothing, and CD collection,
That had piled up over time.
Little pieces of her were disappearing,
And I just sat back and wondered why?
It hurt to much to care, it hurt to much to continue,

But when that knock came on the door,
I could only ask myself, could it be?
Sadly enough it wasn't and I was stuck in the house alone,
Our dog hurried about, wondering where her scent had gone.
She keeps disappearing,
My heart aching dearly.

Her fingerprints are like a tranturla's now, it leaves none behind.
My heart is pouring,
Why has she gone?