Chapter 22: Bad News?

SG-1 had returned from P94-X6A. The planet where Colonel O'Neill had drank what he thought was the local moonshine with the natives and woke up the next morning in the body of a 18 month old child. According to all Dr. Fraiser's tests, it was indeed Colonel O'Neill. Not a clone. Nothing strange in his blood. Every test she could think of Dr. Fraizer performed. All evidence concluded that it was indeed Colonel O'Neill. And with all his adult memories intact.

It is the last part that has come into question. Colonel O'Neill…. Jack was starting to forget things. As the weeks turned into months Jack was becoming more and more like the child his body presented to the world. I had ordered Jack to have several mandatory sessions with Dr. McKenzie. At first he was resistant, but over time he became more cooperative with the psychologist. That alone was rather telling. As an adult Jack couldn't stand the man or any psychologist for that matter.

But the fact of the matter, little by little Jack is starting to lose memories. His memories of us are undimished. It appears to be other things.

Now we were gathered in the conference room for SG-1 to debrief us on their findings. From their expressions it didn't appear as if it had gone well.

"What have you learned?" I asked Dr. Fraizier.

"General," Janet began. She let out a sigh. "We couldn't find any incident where the condition was reversed in anyone who was affected."

"This has been happening for generations," Daniel said. "Every time both moons are full and they drink the sacred potion within the cave, someone comes out able to live their lives over. It's considered a great gift."

"We've broken down the chemical compounds down in the potion," Sam said. "But I think it might be a combination of the drink, the attributes of the cave and perhaps a type of light wave lengths when both moons are full reflecting the suns light into the cave."

"What does that mean for Colonel O'Neill?" I asked. I glanced toward the end of the table where the toddler seemed more interested in the picture he was drawing than the conversation going on.

"It means…. We won't be able to reverse his… situation until all three aspects are in alignment again," Janet said slowly.

"When will that happen again," I asked. I already had a feeling in my gut that this wasn't going to be good.

Daniel took a deep breath and let it out. "Eleven years," he said slowly. "Eleven years before the next cycle of the double moon."

I looked toward the end of the table. Jack had stopped drawing. His head was down on the table resting on his folded arms. I had no doubt he had heard and understood every word that was spoken. He didn't move. At first glance he appeared to be taking a nap, but we all knew better.

"Jack?" Daniel said quietly.

"No." came the muffled response.

"We'll figure something out," he began.

Jack lifted his head. "No you won't!" he said glaring around the table. "Not fow eleven years! I have to live like thith for eleven moe yeath!!" He was shouting now.

Daniel got up from the table and moved toward him. Jack shoved himself away from the table as hard as he could. His hands were clenched in fists and his small face was red with anger.

"Not fair!" he yelled.

Daniel approached him cautiously. "I know it's not, Jack," he said keeping his voice in a soothing tone. "Just give us a chance…"

"No! No moe chanth!" He stomped his foot on the floor. He swung at Daniel who caught the blow easily. He pulled Jack close but Jack fought him.

Colonel O'Neill was now in a full blown, high volume, no compromise meltdown. I winced at some of the things he was yelling. I may not speak Arabic, but there was no mistaking his meaning. And truth be told, none us could blame him in the least.

Unfortunately that much hysteria was tough on that small body. He had worked himself up so badly he started vomiting. Dr. Frazier had obviously come prepared for this. It may have still been the colonel's mind in there, but the body's emotions took a heavy toll on him. It took a few minutes for the sedative to take effect. And it took both Daniel and Janet to calm him enough to make it work.

The meeting was essentially over. Daniel carried Jack to the infirmary with Janet following. Teal'c and Major Carter would fill me in on the rest of the bad news. We all would need to look at a more permanent solution. In eleven years Jack would be 13 years old. Who know what will have changed for him by then.

I had sat with Jack after we brought him home. He was in a deep sleep. His body needed the rest badly. I wasn't looking forward to tomorrow. I had a feeling the next few weeks were going to be very difficult.

I had read through a report General Hammond had handed to me before we left the mountain. The contents had left me stunned. I went downstairs to the kitchen. Janet was sitting at the table stirring a cold cup of coffee, her mind obviously elsewhere. Cassie was currently passed out on the couch.

I sat down beside her and slid the folder in front of her. "You should read this," I said.

Janet looked at me startled then opened the folder and started reading. Her eyes went wide. She has pretty eyes. Her mouth dropped open. She went white. Then she went red. Then her face couldn't make up its mind and just went pink.

"Is this real?" she gaped at me.

I pointed to the living room. "There's the big wheel," I said.

"The women's shower?"

"Well… we did let him wear the stealth sneakers."

"Carmichael's rats?"

"They've found most of them."

"The quantum mirror!!" her voice had gradually risen to a strangled screech.

"I'm shrunk there and Jack is a general according to him," I said. "And some kid named Cam who I think was shrunk too."

Janet put her head on the table with a thunk. I winced.

"Shit…. Kill me now," she said.