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Elphaba Thropp prided herself on never being late for class. Since her start at Shiz eight months previous, Elphaba met every deadline, and every class session on time. On this particular morning, Elphaba slept through her alarm, and was woken by the afternoon's sun warming her face. She immediately bolted out of her bed, and cursed aloud as she stubbed her toes on her bedside table. She scrambled around her and Glinda's room, clutching her foot, as she gathered up her clothes and book bag.

She glanced at the clock on her nightstand; the time read twelve fifty-two. Elphaba cursed again, blaming her lateness on Dr. Niddik. She had spent the previous night, and early morning hours, compiling her research on Animal and animal biology into a twenty page essay for her Life Science final exam; she did not get to bed until well after four.

Since the sudden and unexpected removal of Dr Dillamond, Life Science and History had become unbearable. Dr. Niddik took it upon himself to throw out all the teachings of Dr. Dillamond, and began to drill into the minds of his students, his prejudices of the animal and Animal kingdoms. He had assigned End-of-Term projects as well as a cumulative final examination.

All of the students were appalled at the amount of work they were required to do, but none of them chose Niddik's second option of the twenty page argumentative paper... Elphaba was the only one to step up to the challenge.

She hurried into the bathroom, brushed her teeth, and pulled her hair back into a tight braid. She grabbed her composition for Dr. Niddik and hurried out of Crage Hall, and made a dash for the Science and History building, which just happened to be on the other side of campus. The Shiz clock tower located in the center of campus struck one. Dr. Niddik's final exam was now beginning as Elphaba ran down the steps of the park, passed the willow trees that stood at the foot of the History and Science building.

She hurried up the building's flight of stairs, and the entrance came into view. As she stepped up the last step, she was suddenly tripped by a foot that appeared in her path. Elphaba fell to the ground, spilling the contents of her book bag and composition. She sat up and examined her hands and knees for any damage, "You should watch where you're going, Artichoke." Elphaba rolled her eyes at the sound of the voice. She peered up at her attacker and sneered,

"Piss off, Avaric."

"Oh, not very friendly this morning, are you, Greenie?" He walked over to her crouching figure and kicked the pile of papers that she was reaching for, and stomped on her book bag as he took a few steps away from her, "Don't be late for class, Artichoke!" He yelled over his shoulder as he kicked another pile of her papers behind a bush, just out of her line of sight.

"Asshole," Elphaba grumbled as she picked up her papers and organized them into their proper place and placed them neatly in her bag. She stood up and brushed off the dirt and gravel that now covered the front of her navy skirt, "Don't forget this." Elphaba turned to see Fiyero holding up her composition. He brushed off the dirt and walked over to her and handed over her papers, "Thank you," she said as she kept her eyes to the ground.

"Are you all right?" He asked with genuine concern as he noted her disheveled appearance.

"As good as I'll ever be." She looked up at him and gave him a fake smile, "Thanks again". She took off in a sprint before he could say another word.

Elphaba navigated herself to the third floor and to Dr. Niddik's lecture hall. She quietly opened the door and located her instructor, who was standing at his podium flipping through a book. The entire hall was quiet as the students were all engaged in their exam. Elphaba made her way to Dr. Niddik's podium, apologized for her lateness, and handed him her composition. He looked up at her in annoyance, but took her papers, and commended her for choosing to write the twenty page essay. He dismissed her and wished her a pleasant summer.

With Dr. Niddik's essay out of the way, Elphaba only had one more exam to study for; Madame Morrible's Sorcery seminar exam was to take place the very next afternoon. Elphaba was not at all worried about this exam, but she had decided that it couldn't hurt to look through her notes and to practice the more complex spells with Glinda later that evening.

Elphaba walked out of the building and made her way to the library. As she was walking she rummaged through the contents of her bag looking for the apple that she had thrown in there the night before. She thought for a moment that it could have rolled away from her when she was tripped earlier, but as she pushed around her papers and fished her hand around, her fingers found their target, "Ah ha!" she yelled.

"Whoa, careful!"

Elphaba's body collided with Fiyero's, throwing her off balance, causing her to fall back, but before she could hit the ground, Fiyero grabbed hold of her pulling her forward.

She looked up at him embarrassed, suddenly lightheaded by the fact that he was touching her. She made a motion of apology, and he looked down at her and smiled, "You're just bumping in to everyone today, aren't you?"

Elphaba's face shifted from embarrassment to anger, "I didn't bump into Avaric; the bastard tripped me!" She made a motion to walk passed him but was stopped by Fiyero's hand holding on to her elbow to pull her back.

"Okay, Tiger, calm down. I was joking... I'm sorry, I know he tripped you, I saw him yell at you as I was coming up the steps. I told him to leave you alone."

Elphaba looked up at him amused and gave a slight laugh,

"You're wasting your breath. The day Avaric Tennyson voluntarily relinquishes his disdain and taunting towards me, is the day that Galinda Upland denounces make-up and popularity. "

Fiyero smiled and laughed, "Can't argue with that logic... Are you sure you're okay?"

"Don't worry about me. I have endured far worse then Avaric. I'll be fine."

"If you say so... Where are you headed?"

"The library."

Fiyero rolled his eyes, "I should have guessed. I'll walk with you. I'm supposed to be meeting Glinda for lunch, and the library is on my way. "

They made small talk as they walked, discussing their happiness at the upcoming summer break, and their plans for the following semester. Elphaba had gotten to know Fiyero a little over the past five months, but she saw him as an acquaintance rather than a friend. When she first met him, she had already formed a number of assumptions about him: spoiled, self-centered, play boy, who uses his money and status for instant gratification and advancement.

However, their joint experience with the lion cub had lead Elphaba to believe otherwise. Though he still paraded around campus spreading his 'dancing through life' theory, Elphaba knew better. She still stuck to her earlier claim that Fiyero was not as shallow or self-absorbed as he pretended to be.

Fiyero's first night at Shiz marked the start of Elphaba and Glinda's friendship, and five months later, in the eyes of Elphaba, the two of them had become as close as sisters... At least as close as normal sisters. Elphaba did not consider her and Nessa's relationship as normal, nor did she consider the two of them close.

Elphaba assumed that Fiyero was polite to her purely out of respect for Glinda. Because of this belief, Elphaba did not like to admit that she found Fiyero charming. During the first few weeks of his arrival, she had to stop herself from starring at him during lectures. It seemed that he could sense when she was looking at him and he would always look up at her and smile, and sometimes wink, which would cause Elphaba to blush a deep emerald color.

Whenever Fiyero was around her, it seemed that Elphaba lost all her senses, becoming instantly clumsy and nervous... Two traits she only ever possessed whenever he would cross her path. Elphaba did not understand it. She had seen her fair share of attractive men in her life, but never once had these men gotten under skin the way Fiyero had. Maybe it was because he was the first boy to look past her green skin and freak status and be openly nice to her in public and in private. Deep down inside, though she did not like to admit it, Elphaba knew she had a crush, but she knew that she would never, and could never, make it known.

They approached the library entrance and were surprised to see Glinda walking out of it, "Fiyero, Dearest! " Glinda bounced over to the two of them, a smile plastered across her angelic face, "Are you ready to go to lunch?"

"Whenever you are, Glin." She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, as she stood on her tip toes to place a kiss on his lips. She pulled away and giggled as she rubbed their noses together. She turned away dreamy eyed, and looked to her roommate,

"Elphie, won't you join us?"

"Glinda, I'd love to, but I have some studying to do. Go on to lunch with Fiyero... Are we still studying tonight for Morrible's final?"

Glinda's happy smile faded, "O, Elphie, I forgot... I just spent the last two hours studying for her final so I could go out tonight... I'm sorry, don't be angry with me."

Elphaba gave a smile and a laugh, "Glinda, I'm far from angry. I'm rather impressed that you voluntarily studied on your own. Go on and have some fun. I will see you later." Elphaba turned to go, and Fiyero whispered something to Glinda,

"Elphie wait, "Elphaba turned towards her roommate, "What are you doing tonight? Why don't you come with us?"

"Thanks, but no thanks. I was up all last night finishing Niddik's paper, and I want to get plenty of sleep for Morrible's final-"

"Which I am sure you will ace," Glinda interjected. "You've worked extremely hard all semester. You deserve a night off. Come out with us. Please? I will let you borrow one of my dresses, and I'll do your hair and make up, "Glinda was now jumping up and down clutching Elphaba's arms, "Elphie it will be SOOOOO much fun, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, GO?!"

"If I say yes will you calm down?"

"Yes!" Glinda stopped bouncing and gave Elphaba her best puppy dog pout,

"Alright... I'll go... But only for an hour." Glinda jumped up and down and grabbed Elphaba into a tight hug. Elphaba stood there gasping for air and patted Glinda's back, "Remember your promise."

"O, sorry Elphie... Okay, go study and meet me back in our room at five o'clock. We're going out at eight."

With a wave of her hand, Glinda grabbed Fiyero's hand and the two of them walked off towards the Shiz commons. Elphaba rolled her eyes with a smile and made her way into the library.