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Ring Riiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggg

What now?

Oh…it was just my alarm. Ugh. It was already morning. 7:00 a-freaking-m. It meant that I have to get up, get ready for school, and go drive my enormous old red truck to not be late to my first day at Forks High, my new school. Why couldn`t I choose a school where you didn`t have to wake up so early?

No wait, the real question was why I moved in this town- which was strangely called after a kitchen utensil- where rain, wetness and boredom reigned. I was seriously beginning to question my decision... After all, I was living in sunny and wonderfully bright Arizona with my mother Renée. Everything was great.

But that was because she met her brand new man, Phil. It's not that I hated Phil. Far from it. I knew anyway that we couldn`t continue to live only my mother and me for the rest of our lives.

I was probably better this way. I sighed.

I reluctantly left the warmness and comfort of my bed and made my way to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.

Damn it! I'm going to be late, I realized as I glanced at the clock. I hurriedly made my way downstairs, choking a bit as I tried to eat a banana in only three bites.

Charlie had probably left for work. He was the chief police officer of Forks. He probably announced my venue to all the population in Forks.

I could only imagine the attention I`ll get from the people in town. I knew it wasn`t like in Phoenix; everybody knew everybody, and a new face couldn`t fit so easily in such a little community.

I tried to shake away my nervous thoughts so that I wouldn`t go all panicky when it would be time to face my new co-workers at school.

Taking a deep breath, I stomped gently at the gas pedal.





"EDWARD! Don`t tell me you`re still sleeping, you sleaze bag! "I heard a blurry voice shriek as I felt two little arms trying to get me of my bed.

"Huh?" was the only thing I could manage to murmur.

"Go get ready you lazy bastard! "she said quite loudly in my right ear.

"Alice! Could you please stop tried to make my eardrums explode?! "

"Sorry!" she replied sheepishly. But you need to get your skinny ass out of your bed now so that you can put on the new Calvin Kline I bought you this week-end. And if you don't, I swear I'll force you to wear whatever I want you to for the rest of your life. Even at your marriage. Or your honey moon. Or your son`s baptism. Or your son marriage. And even your-"

"Alright...I give up, okay? " I grunted, interrupting her.

"You have 10 minutes… the discount is starting now…" she whispered, counting on her fingers.

"Yeah, yeah. Now just get out of my room. I don't really want my twin sister to see me getting my shower."

"Okay! Hurry up! I'm excited to see if it`ll good on you. "she said cheerfully, clapping in her hands and jumping at the same time. Good to know she isn`t allowed to drink coffee...

I collapsed on my bed as soon as I soon as I heard her close the door behind her.


Like I was really going to get up just to go to school.

"Oooh I almost forgot! Tanya left you a message saying that she couldn`t to see ya!" Alice yelled from downstairs.

Great, just great. Tanya called. I remember telling her perhaps a good hundredth time that I didn`t want to have anything to do with a serious relationship.

Normally, the human brain took nine times to register something correctly...

But I guess she wasn't really the most intelligent girl on the planet. Thought I have to give it to her; she was an awesome kisser. We only had a physic relationship of course. The only kind of relationship that I accepted to have with girls. No much talking, a lot of kissing. That was why I was considered as kind of the school playboy. I had dated all of the girls in the school. Even some sexy teachers…

Edward's playing with the older chicks, I thought, mentally smirking.




Later, at school


I grabbed my bag, and headed to the entrance of the school.

I was trying so hard to not be the center of attention; I looked like I had just robbed a bank and tried to get away or something. I was as discreetly as I could, looking at my shoes to make sure that I wouldn't trip on air. Again. I could be ridiculously clumsy sometimes. Falling a lot had become a daily routine for me, actually. Fate always placed something on my way so that I would stumble and humiliate myself.

So, of course, my I-don't-want-anyone-to-remark-that-I-am-a-new-student-here-and-that-I'm-the-daughter-of-the-chief-police-officer-of-Forks attitude only resulted in me slipping on something.

I massaged my foot and groaned as I realized that I had tripped on a peel. No, not a classic banana's peel, but a orange`s peel. Trust me to stagger on an object that didn`t usually make people fall.

I felt like everybody present turn to look at me, and I could feel the burning heat grow redder and redder by every minutes that passed on my cheeks.

A little pixie-like girl came to see me while asking me – as noisily as she could, it seemed- if I was new. Is she trying to make everyone realize that I'm the student?! I thought, embarrassed by the fact that her talking to me was making me get even more attention – if that was even possible.

"Hum… hey… I'm Bella. No you haven`t seen me here before, today is my first day at Forks High…" I replied rather shyly.

"Oh I see. I'm Alice, nice to meet you." she said, extending her hand toward me.

"Nice to meet you too." I grinned at her as I shook her hand.

"I'm sure we're going to be great friends." She winked, and laughed shortly. "You know what? I'm going to present you to everybody!"

"Hum nooo thanks. I'm sorry, but there is absolutely no way I'm going to go talk to people and make a fool out of myself. The first day of school. "

"C'mon! It's going to be fun! And you won't make a fool out of yourself. Believe me. First, I'm going to present you to my best friends…"


"Don't be stubborn. Just follow me…"She said, while taking my hand and guiding me to a table where a few people were sitting.

"Hey everybody! That's Bella. She's new here." She told them, gracefully designating me with her fine hand.

"I'm Emmett. So what do you think of the school so far? "said an intimidating muscled guy, flashing bright white teeth at me – I was almost sure they were fluorescent in the dark. His huge grin and friendly attitude contrasted with his imposing stature. His black curly hair fell a little bit over his left eye.

"Well it hasn't started yet, but I guess that it won't be too bad… right? " I answered.

He chuckled a bit and was quickly joined by the others before he reassured me that I didn't have to worry. I let my eyes wander on the other people sitting beside him. A magnificent black eyed blond with perfect features clung to him, showing that she was obviously more than only his friend. Another guy who was also blond but who had dark blue eyes sat next to her. And next to him sat a-

I took a sharp intake of breath as he entered my sight. His beauty was literally breath-taking. His piercing emerald green eyes were staring directly in my eyes, and I suddenly felt so... nude. Like he could see every single thought I had. Like he could understand in this moment everything that was going on in my mind.

I felt my jaw drop open.

His bronze hair was perfectly well arranged, like he had just rolled from bed, but it wasn`t too messy. It had a mysterious reddish glint in it.

Even Apollo the Greek God of beauty would've been jealous of him.

" … Bella? Bella ! "said Emmett, shaking his hand in front of my face.

"Huh yes? "

I just did a fool of myself right in front of the most drop-dead gorgeous I`ve ever seen, did I?

... Just give me a wall already so that I can bang my head against it.

"Well, nothing. It's just that I was telling you to don't worry about the school, and that my name was Emmett. Oh and I had to repeat your name at least 10 times to finally get your attention."

"Sorry," I said sheepishly, looking down trying to hide the blush on my face with my hair,"I haven't noticed that you were talking to me."

I knew pertinently in this moment that I couldn`t be any more mortified.

"Yeah, right. You were too preoccupied to look at Edward…"He sniggered.

Correction: Now I knew pertinently that I couldn`t be any more mortified

An awkward silence followed my little conversation with Emmett. Fortunately (Heavy sarcasm), Alice decided to restart the "presentation of Bella", and I cautiously kept my eyes away from the bronze haired god.





I locked my car. Ah, Becca. All the things I had shared with her. My first kiss, my first movie with a girl at the cine parks… yeah, pretty much everything. Becca's my Volvo. She was my first love... I sighed as I remembered the old days when girls weren`t such an integrant part of the society.

I made my way to our table. And by our, I meant Emmett`s, Jasper`s, Rosalie`s, Alice`s and Edward`s table. We were kind of the most popular people around here, and we had already established last year that we didn't want anybody else to hang out with us.

"Hey man!" called Mike from another table. You could call him the school's perv. God, I totally hated this guy. Every time I broke up with a girl, he'd go to see her and to console her, like he cared, and would rapidly become the new boyfriend of the girl. Yeah, a total loser.

"Did you see the new chick? Pretty hot, huh?" He continued.

Suddenly, I realized that he was talking about a new girl. Oh, poor her. She would be the victim of all the gossiping around. Everybody knew everybody in Forks, so when someone new moved here, everybody HAD to get to know the person. I guess that's what happens in all the little cities.

"Edward! " said Emmet.

" Huh?"

" Did you see the new girl? Everybody's talking about her."

"Yeah, I know. I didn't see her, but I guess that it won't be long before I will…"

"Hey everybody! Here's Bella ! She's new here." said Alice, enthusiastically.


I looked up, and there was an angel right in front of me. She was gorgeous. Splendid. Stunning. The most exquisite creature I had ever seen. Her brown chocolate eyes were looking nervously at Alice. Wait… what was happening? How could a insignificant girl have such a big effect on me? She was like the other girls. Remember your motto, Edward. The packing is always prettier than the present. Therefore, all the pretty girls are stupid. …Right?

"Hey! What do you think of the school so far? " said Emmett, amused by her nervousness.

" Well it hasn't started yet, but I guess that it won't be too bad… right? " she answered in a melodic voice. God, everything in her seemed to be irresistible!

Everybody at the table chuckled at her answer.

I didn't. I couldn't. I was too stunned by her. I couldn't think of anything else than kissing every inch of her that I could reach. And I would. Totally. I would find a way to get her. Of course I would! I had dated every girl of the school. She wouldn't be an exception. When I was finished with her, she'd eat of the palm of my hand.

Suddenly, she looked at me. I got lost in her eyes. I couldn't take them off her. Every part of my body wanted her. And by every part, I mean every part. My staring made her blush the most beautiful shade of pink I had ever seen. I wanted her…badly. Was I the only one that was completely stunned by her, or everybody was?

" … Bella? Bella ! "said Emmet, for the tenth time.

" Huh?" she responded. She looked like she just get out of a trance or something like that. Could she possibly be… stunned by me too? My heart began to beat faster at this single thought.

" Well nothing. It's just that I was telling you to don't worry about the school, and that my name was Emmett. Oh and I had to repeat your name at least 10 times to finally get your attention."

" Oh! Well, I'm sorry. I haven't noticed that you were talking to me." She said, while glancing at me.

" Yeah, right. You were too preoccupied to look at Edward…"He chuckled.

She blushed an even deeper shade of pink that suited her cream skin very well.

Bella… Bella, Bella, Bella. All I could think of was how to make her fall for me. I didn't even realize that nobody was talking until Alice decided to restart the conversation.

"Well, Bella. The guy you just talked to was Emmett, my brother. The guy you were staring at was my other brother Edward. " she said, with a little smile in her voice" And here's Jasper, my handsome boyfriend, and his sister Rosalie! They're all wonderful when you get the chance to know them and to-"

"Hey Eddie! Here you are! "said a familiar and annoying voice.

"Hey Tanya…" I answered .

" Wanna make out?" Tanya asked.

" Not now. " I said, rolling my eyes.

"Alright! Byyyeee Eddie! See ya later!" she said, winking at me.

Yeah yeah. I had to break up with her. This way, I could get more easily with Bella. I don't think she would accept to have the status of second girlfriend. And, anyway, I didn't want her to. I wanted her to be my official girlfriend. And what Edward wants, Edward has it… Now, I had to get rid of Tanya…





I looked at Edward. Then at Bella.

They would made such a great couple, I thought, already making plans to match them together… An evil smile appeared on my face. When Alice has an idea, Alice realizes it. It had always been this way, and it was not going to change either…

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