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Chapter 6


I parked my truck in the driveway, and, slowly, I let my head rest on the steering wheel. Why did I even accept to go with Edward today? Did I really wanted to go watch a movie sitting next to him as a friend, surrounded by a lot of kissing noises made by some happy couple who probably paid 10$ only to go sit alone in a dark corner, sucking each other faces, and make people like me wish that they could do the same to the hot as hell, god-like and oh-so-damn-sexy guy who sat beside them?

… I guess so, since I didn't hesitate one minute before stupidly accepting his offer.

God, I really am pathetic.

I reached for the car's door knob, and, as I opened it and made my way to the front door, I realized that Charlie's police car was also parked in front of the house.

Uh oh, I thought as I was standing in front of the door. My subconscious had already assumed that Charlie won't come back home before 6:30, as he normally did on day-work, and that all I had to do was to leave a little note signalling him that I went to see a movie at Port Angeles with a friend. Since he was kind of new at this being-the-father-of-a-sixteen-years-old-adolescent thing, I wasn't so sure he could handle very well his daughter having a date with a guy she barely knew. I was 95% sure he would think that friendship isn't only what will ever occur between Edward and me.

I was searching in my pocket for my keys when, all of sudden, the front door opened right in front of me.

"Bella, honey, we were waiting for you." said a very happy Charlie with a huge smile plastered on his face. He had a bag full of chips in one of his hand, and, with a swift movement of his other hand, he took my arm and guided me to the interior of the house.

We ?, I thought, suddenly noticing his use of the first-person plural.

Who did he mean? Him and his bag of chips?

I abruptly stopped breathing when I took a good look at who was standing in our living room.

Billy Black.

And his son.

The very obnoxious, vile, nasty, stupid, vicious, jerk-like and… really not nice Jacob Black himself.

How dare he break up with me for his not-so-good-in-English English tutor, leaving me completely and utterly heartbroken, and then come back two months later to stand in my dad's living room, handing me a bouquet full of red roses?!

Hah. Ha hah.


My mind is, in all probability, playing some tricks on me.

That's it.

I must be hallucinating.

I mean, what are the chances that Charlie would have done this to me?

"Hello Bells," suddenly said a familiar voice, interrupting the course of my inner questions. "I was looking forward to finally see you." He smirked arrogantly at me.

Oh, what I would give to wipe this amazingly irritant smile off his face…

"What are you doing here?" I nearly spat at him.

"Just came by to visit our new neighbours."

I felt my eyes widen even more that they already were, and my jaw abruptly dropped open. "I beg your pardon?" I finally managed to whisper, completely flabbergasted.

"I'm sorry Bella if I forgot to mention it before." said a voice shyly behind me.

I promptly turned around and began to glare intensely at my father, trying to look as angry and menacing as I could.

He forgot to mention that the `ex` I wished to never see again would now become a part of my so-called new life?

Oh, please.

Humor me.

"Look Bella," he started, discomfort evident in his voice and on his face, "I didn't know how you would take it, so I didn't tell you. I'm sorry, alright?"

"You already said that." I grumbled, by eyebrows furrowing together.

He sighed and then he looked apologetically at me, almost pleading me with his eyes to calm down and to understand his point.

" You'll have all the time to be mad at me later, but can you just repress your anger for now and be polite to our guests, who happens to be great friends of this family?"

I looked at Jake- who still had an annoying coy smile on his face- and then at my father.

Taking a deep breath, I said:

"Sure Char-Dad. It'll be easy since I won't be here this evening."

"…What do you mean, you won't be here?"

I stubbornly stared at my shoes, too coward to look at him in the eyes.

"I… I have…Well, you see, I'm going to a…" I started pitifully. "Hum, you know Edward Cullen? I have a date with him later today, but don't worry; we're only f-"I suddenly interrupted myself as I heard a disapproving groan.

I glanced at Jacob's face, and realized that he was no longer smiling unpleasantly. Any trace of arrogance had disappeared from his expression, and he was now looking at me intensely.

I may be just imagining it, but his eyes had a strange gleam in them, an emotion that I didn't recognize instantly.

He shifted from side to side continuously and chewed on his lower lip. Something he only did when he was jealous, and that I used to find adorable (Note the past tense here).

The idea slowly sank in my mind.

He was… jealous?

Strangely, I felt that, deep inside of me, as I understood that simply mentioning a date with a person of masculine sex was making him getting jealous like this, it procured me a great satisfaction.

As his ex-girlfriend, I was unaccustomed to the feeling of wanting to put him in such a grieving mood. But after all the pain he has caused me, I was pretty sure – no wait, scratch that- I was absolutely sure that I didn't feel the desire to always put him in a happy mood anymore. On the contrary, I was founding it rather gratifying to make him feel at least a bit of the jealousy and envy his girlfriend once made me feel.

The word `revenge` automatically appeared in my head.

I grinned mischievously as a plan began to form itself in my mind. Of course, I didn't want Jake to suffer or anything like that. I could never want that for anybody. It wasn't my right to decide who deserved happiness, pain or whatsoever, and the simple idea of someone being hurt emotionally by me horrified me.

I just wanted to show him that I was over him. That I wasn't the vulnerable little girl who was still in love with him, and that I didn't need him by my side to be happy anymore.

"You're only what, Bella?" questioned Billy, opening his mouth to speak for the first time since I was here. I wondered what stupid explanation his son-of-a-liar had provided him for breaking up with me, his best friend's daughter. Maybe he told him that I was the one cheating in our relationship. I chuckled internally, thought there wasn't really something humorous in the present situation.


"Huh? Oh...well... we're only f...,"

C'mon Bella, find something logical that fits in your sentence and that starts with an 'f', I thought, enumerating the possibilities in my head.

Fencers, Firemen, Federalists, Feminists...

"fellows who knows that it's not good to have sex when you're underage?" I finished, uncertainty making my words sound more like a question than a statement.


All of the sudden, the phone's loud ringing made itself heard and we all turned around to look at it - except Jacob who was still facing me with an unreadable expression on his face.

"I'm gonna go get that." I whispered, slowly making my way to answer the phone.

" Bella Bella!" I heard a voice shriek hysterically as soon as I positioned the phone against my ear. " I'm parking my car in front of your house now. Hope you're ready to get ready for your date. Well... friend date. Sorry it took so long to come-"


I rushed to open the door, already knowing it was Alice, but before I could even touch the door's knob, I found myself being dragged upstairs by a jubilant Alice.

"I just had to pick up some clothes at my house for you," she finished her sentence, grinning hugely at me. "This is going to be so much fun, y'know. I never had a close friend before besides my sister and my mother."

"Ahem." Charlie cleared his throat loudly- a not so subtle attempt to get our attention. " Who is it Bella?"

"Alice Cullen, very pleased to meet you chief Swan." automatically responded Alice, handing him a hand. "Doctor Cullen is my father. I believe you've heard of us before?"

Recognition flashed on Charlie's face, and he took Alice's hand and shook it. "Yes, pleased to meet you too..."

"Anyways, Bella and I have a lot of work to do. We better get started now." she said, rushing to my room. "Let's go Bella!"

A lot of work to do?, I repeated in my head, suddenly becoming suspicious. What was she going to do exactly, besides helping me choose something presentable and decent to put on?

"Guess I'll see you later Dad..." I muttered. Turning toward Billy, I said: "Hope your move to La Push will go without any worries."

"Oh, we don't intend to live there, since our house has been burned this summer because of a bolt of lightning that hit it during a big storm. That's why we bought the house right there," he said, pointing his finger at the house that was just at the left of ours through the window.

Wait... WHAT?!

"It is not completely well arranged for now, so Charlie proposed us to stay here for a while until it's finished."


A strange feeling of panic filled me as I stopped moving altogether. I turned around slowly and saw him staring right at me. I swallowed, trying not to break out into a sweat.

The room suddenly felt so small and hot. Gosh, was that normal?

Yeah, of course it was.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe in. Breathe in.

Alright, calm yourself immediately, I commanded my body even thought I knew it would change absolutely nothing to its current it's-the-end-of-the-world-so-let's-panic mode.

"Does it bother you?" asked my father/traitor in a shaky voice, anticipation written all over his face.

Oh well... YES, OF COURSE IT DOES!, I screamed mentally, smoke almost coming out of my ears. I came here to let my mother live her life, but also to start a new chapter of my life!

How was I supposed to do that now?!

"I...huh...no, not at all." I answered feebly, not even fooling myself.

You know, God, I wouldn't really mind if you decided to kill me right now.

"Bella?" called a voice from upstairs.

Almost robotically, I turned my back to them and began to climb the stairs one step at a time. I closed my room's door rapidly behind me, shock restraining me from forming coherent thoughts. I had the strange feeling of surreal, like this was just a weird dream I had, probably caused by the consummation of too much hot chocolate late at night.

I was going to wake up in my bed in Phoenix in a matter of seconds. Yeah. No worries. There were no other options. Only a product of my imagination.

I mean, my life wasn't a freaking stereotyped soap opera!

I suddenly move out to a new town and I already have a friend (Alice), an enemy (Tanya, thought she have no reason to dislike me since I never even addressed her any words and that she's making false assumptions toward my claimed love relationship with Edward), a hot guy that asked me out (even if it's not technically a date... we're only 'friends' after all) and a stupid ex who came directly from where I wanted to escape to make my life a living hell...

It sounded so ridiculously cliché. Exactly the kind of lame and typical TV show my mom used to watch when I was little.

So, in conclusion, I was dreaming...


I pinched my forearm brutally, and squeezed my eyes as tight as I could, hoping that when I would be right about this being a dream when I opened them.

Too bad I was entirely mistaken.

My eyes slowly began to focus on the scene in front of me, and I laid my eyes on Alice. "Is everything alright?"


Good question.

Jacob – also called the reincarnation of the devil affectionately by me – was coming to live in my house for an indeterminate period of time. Knowing my father and the love and trust he accorded blindly to his best friend's son, he'll probably make us share the same room.

"Hmm...Let's just say that I've had better."

"Well, I think I might have something that'll make you feel better," she replied gleefully, obviously trying to cheer me up a little.

I was glad that she didn't ask me what was the cause of my mood.

She got out some clothes of the huge handbag I just noticed she had over her left shoulder and handed them to me.

"Um, I have to try these on...?" I asked awkwardly, trying to wipe off the grimace that appeared on my face as I realized that she was using the 'having-fun-trying-on-clothes-after-clother-to-see-which-one-suits-you-the-better' technique on me to make me feel better. It worked with the big majority of girls, but I wasn't really an integrant part of this same majority who worshipped the creators of makeup and plastic surgery.

"Why do you have to look so reluctant? I'm not going to inflict any kind of torture on you, you know. I promise." She told me, giggling.

Yeah well, that depended on which definition of torture she used in her vocabulary, didn't it?

"Just promise you won't force me to wear any makeup or not-decent clothes. I don't want to look like a hooker." I shuddered at the mental image. Looking like a slut was so...demeaning. Not that sluts were rude or anything. It's just that it was somehow... degrading?

"Of course!"she replied, rolling her eyes at me, "I would never dream of dressing you in something so... avant-garde against your- wait, no make-up?!"

"Yup. Absolutely none. I hate applying this stuff on my face. It makes me feel artificial."

"Alright..." she agreed after a moment, sighing. " Anyways... Shall we get started now?" She was visibly dying to play dress up with me as a victim – err, I meant, with me in the role of the 'doll'.

"Sure, you can start working your dark magic on me." I replied sardonically.





I glanced furtively at my watch for the fifth time in the same minute.

How could the time pass so slowly?! It was only 3:45 and I've been waiting in my car for what seemed like hours. I was parked in the shadows of the trees - this way, I wouldn't get noticed if someone looked out from the window - for about a good 5 minutes now.

...Okay, maybe just a little bit more. I was here since 10 minutes. Perhaps even 12 or 13.

Oh alright, who am I kidding anyways... I've been here for 38 minutes. Not that I've been counting or anything.

I suddenly realized that I must have looked like some kind of creepy stalker who asked girls on date only to rape them afterward. But I wasn't! I was only... very eager.

And yeah, I knew that I was supposed to arrive late when I had a date since I had to look cool, like I didn't really care about being in time and all. To not look desperate. I usually did arrive late to most of my dates, but I just couldn't restrain myself from being here right now. I was just dying to rush to her door and ring the doorbell to finally see her.

I studied her house's facade and suddenly noticed that the window of what I suspected to be her room was opened and that I could see what was happening inside. There was a feminine silhouette moving. I concentrated on what I was seeing and realized it was Bella. I wanted so much to be next to her right now, to see how her smile lighten up her face, to stroke the ivory skin of her face and...

God, what I just said make me seem so disturbingly obsessed... How the hell did I notice all those things about her anyway? I questioned myself. I only saw the girl for two hours, for god's sake!

Maybe I truly am obsessed...

Oh wait, Bella was currently doing something with her clothes...she unzipped her green hoodie and ...Wh-...Was she taking her clothes off?!

I quickly slapped my hands over my eyes. Looking at someone undressing himself when this person wasn't aware that you were there was immoral. Absolutely unethical. So not gentlemanly of me.

Don't look, don't look, don't look, don't look...

I peeked a little from the corner of my eyes only to realize that she was now slowly taking her jeans off...

Alright, I couldn't take it anymore. I quickly undid my seat belt and hurried out of my Volvo. I stumbled a few times before finally arriving to the porch to ring the doorbell.

The door was immediately opened and I found myself suddenly facing a guy who had – I assumed – about my age, maybe a year younger or so. His face abruptly showed abhorrence at my sight, and I could feel he was tense when I saw his hands turn into tight fists.

Who was this guy, and what was he doing here? It couldn't be someone from Bella's brother; his tanned skin showed it clearly, and besides, I was sure that it would have been mentioned at school if she had siblings.

Maybe he was a family friend or a neighbour who came to visit.

...Could it be possible that he was... her boyfriend? Intense jealousy flared through me at the possibility.

"Who are you?" he nearly spat at me.

"Oh, I'm Edward Cullen." I replied, deciding it would be better if I was polite. Offering my hand, I continued: "Nice to meet you. And you are-"I stopped myself as I saw him crack his knuckles one by one.

"Wh-" I was brusquely interrupted by a hard punch in the face.

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