Chapter One

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That being said, I do not write lemon, because for the life of me I can't do it. So if you're wondering why my details are vague, that would be your answer:)

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And, based on an idea I've seen used in fics before, each chapter is going to be named after a song, so if you haven't heard of the songs before, it would probably add to the overall enjoyment of the story to pop onto YouTube or LimeWire and give them a listen. The fic is titled "Bleeding Love", which is a song by Leona Lewis, and I think it definitely describes what these boys are going through!

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Bleeding Love

Chapter One

In The Air Tonight

Kyouya Ootori looked down at the sleeping redhead in his arms and wondered briefly how this had come about. As far as he remembered, it had started with a phone call that morning…could it really have been less than a day since his perfectly ordered life had had the biggest wrench he could have imagined thrown in it?

And now, a sixteen hour flight and some interesting revelations later, he still couldn't help but wonder why everything had played out the way it had.

"Hnn…" the young man in his arms stirred and opened hazel-green eyes that were distinctly cat-like. "What time is it?"

"5:30. Go back to sleep," Kyouya said quietly. The other yawned and closed his eyes again, and Kyouya went back to thinking.


His cell phone rang early that morning as he was exiting a business meeting regarding some profit considerations on a new relaxation park his family was building. Being the third son, there was no chance that he would ever take over the company as a whole, but his father had come to appreciate his skill enough to almost single-handedly let him run smaller areas of the Ootori business that were also essential to the well-being of the people they served. As it was, he wasn't expecting any calls, but he picked up the phone regardless and put it to his ear.



"Yes," Kyouya continued to walk down the hall. "Who is this?"


Kyouya stopped in his tracks. "Kaoru Hitachiin?"


"Why are you calling?"

"I…I know where Tono is."

Those five words were staggering enough to Kyouya that he found he needed to sit down, or else he was sure that his legs would not have supported him much longer. "You what?" his voice was no more than a whisper.

"You'd best hurry; your flight leaves in two hours. I'll see you when you land." The line went dead.

"Wh…Kaoru? Kaoru!" His outburst caused a few people strolling down the hallway to glance at him curiously, but he all but ignored them as he stood and smoothed down his jacket. Walking briskly out of the building, he informed his chauffeur that he would need to head for the airport immediately. The man seemed a little surprised, but he asked no questions. And soon, Kyouya was on his way to Paris.


And so, blood pressure dangerously low due to jetlag and in an extremely sour mood, he arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport in the late evening and met the man who would take him to Kaoru.

Stepping out of the limousine in front of an upscale condo in downtown Paris, he was informed that the young Hitachiin co-heir was in suite 302. A knock on said door received a brisk "Come in" in Japanese, and he entered. "Kyouya. Long time no see."

The room was nearly dark save for a fire in the large hearth, and Kyouya was a little taken aback by the brisk and rather frosty welcome. Normally, Kaoru was the more open and sensitive of the pair of twins; and certainly the one most likely to look for physical comfort in any situation. So Kyouya had expected a warm handshake at the very least…if not a full-contact hug.

"Sorry it's so dark. Here." Kyouya blinked at the sudden brightness as Kaoru flicked on a lamp, and when his eyes had adjusted he focussed on the young man in front of him. "Wine?" Kaoru asked, holding out a glass.

"Thank you," Kyouya accepted it with a nod, taking a sip as he did so. "French?"

"What else?" Kaoru shrugged, not meeting Kyouya's gaze.

"You look good, Kaoru," Kyouya finally broke the awkward silence.

"Thanks. So do you," Kaoru glanced up for a split second before examining the carpet again, and Kyouya impulsively reached to tip his chin up; grey eyes meeting golden.

"Kaoru, what's wrong?"

"I…I've been…I…" Kaoru's large eyes were damp. "It's just…seeing you…after all this time. I thought it would be easy…but it's not."

"Kaoru, are you still afraid of me?" Kyouya asked with a smile.

"I was never afraid of you, Kyouya," Kaoru returned the smile hesitantly. "I think Hi…" his voice broke as he attempted to say his brother's name. "Can…can I hug you?" he abruptly changed the topic, which made Kyouya immediately suspicious.

"Come here, already," Kyouya set the wine down on a side table and Kaoru slowly approached him before all but melting into his arms. "Talk to me," Kyouya said softly as the smaller man began to sob, his body shaking. "What happened? Why are you here in Paris?"

"I…I…" Kaoru continued to shake as more tears ran down his face.

"Calm down," Kyouya ordered as he led the younger man to a nearby couch and sat him down, completely unsure as to how he should react. Eventually, he decided that rubbing a person's back when they were crying was supposed to be calming, so he did that.

"You might not want to get too close to me, Kyouya," Kaoru finally said in a soft voice. His crying had finally subsided, although his eyes were still wet.

"Why?" Kyouya asked, his voice implying that he really wasn't interested.

"I'm gay." Kaoru laughed scathingly. "What do you think of that?"

"I am, too," Kyouya responded bluntly, overriding anything Kaoru would have said by adding, "But that's not relevant in the least. Now, what happened between you and your brother? When was the last time you saw each other?"

"Three years ago, at our graduation. He got incredibly drunk and took off with some girls, and I went home alone. The next morning, Mom woke me up and told me that he was headed off on a plane to New York, and that my plane to London left that afternoon. We never even got to say goodbye," he sighed. "Since then, I've been running the business here in Europe…London, Milan, Paris…while Hika's doing the same in the States. I don't talk to Haruhi much, but the last I heard she was in law school, and the others…"

"Hani and Mori are running their respective families' dojos," Kyouya supplied. "And Tamaki…"

"You've never really forgiven him for disbanding the Club and running off with Éclair. But I don't think you've ever stopped loving him, either," Kaoru said softly, gazing up at Kyouya with those unusual eyes.

"Was I that transparent?" Kyouya wasn't surprised that Kaoru had figured it out; he was more observant than he let on.

"To me," Kaoru continued to stare at Kyouya, and his voice dropped. "Kyou…" it was a mewl. "Are you as lonely as I am?"

"Kaoru, did you bring me here because you've really found the baka, or did you bring me here to seduce me?" Kyouya asked wryly.

"I've been alone for three years. I…I'm in the fashion industry, and there're no shortage of…men like me around. And most of them are models to boot, so they're as handsome as anyone could wish for. I guess I had hoped that…" he paused, his fingers coming up to undo Kyouya's tie. "I told myself that expanding my horizons would help me get over him." There was no question who 'him' was. "But…the truth is…the only person who's ever come close to understanding me…" he removed the tie, and once again his point was clear. "I know you love Tono, but…"

Kyouya glanced into the young man's golden eyes and was stunned by the sheer loneliness and desperation there…feelings that, admittedly, were not as foreign to him as he would have liked. Kaoru's eyes had always been different than his brother's; more open and easier to read. And of course, he was beautiful. He had grown out his hair in the last few years, although it was still the same shade of reddish-brown.

But Kyouya Ootori was immune to such base human needs, wasn't he? It shouldn't matter that they were once friends; shouldn't matter that everything Kaoru said rang true for him as well. It shouldn't…

But if it didn't, then why was he tempted? Because he had nobody else? Because he actually knew Kaoru and…dare he admit…liked him? Because they were alike in several ways? Because…he took one look at Kaoru's now lust-filled feline eyes, and all conscious and rational thought flew out the window.


And Paris, they say, is the city of lovers.

Kyouya still could not find any sleep, and he occupied himself by watching the sun rise over the Seine. He had to admit, Kaoru had a beautiful view, and the early morning sunlight crept over the bed, highlighting Kaoru's hair with streaks of gold. But Kyouya was not one to get poetic, and so he continued to wonder why…with the jetlag and the activities of the previous night…he wasn't exhausted. And he couldn't stop thinking about Tamaki. What would happen when they met? Would he…could he hope that…

Last night. Last night had been something he could never had hoped for…something that hadn't even crossed his mind in his wildest fantasies…but in the whirlwind of sensations that had run through him, only one mattered now: he was content. Sated. But last night…

Heat. That stood out. The slickness of skin on skin; the sweat from their bodies mixed with night breezes from the open window, and the two of them…high school comrades, Host Club members, sufferers of unrequited love finding solace in each other…it didn't matter, because when all was truly laid bare, what were they? No more than two scared young men with nobody else to turn to.

Lust, and a passion that he thought only one man could ignite in him…thought that only one man would ever see Kyouya Ootori at his most vulnerable. But maybe Kaoru was more vulnerable than he…and maybe that made all the difference.

And it had happened so quickly; Kaoru's mouth on his own in a desperate, needy kiss while hands removed any clothing that could easily be reached. And then…it went farther. Too far. And maybe…maybe just far enough. But it didn't matter. In that moment, they had each other. For the first time in years, they were important to somebody else.


And now, it had come to this. "You're not sleeping, are you?" Kaoru's mild tone broke him out of his musings. "I remember what a terror you were in the morning." He leant in for a kiss, and Kyouya willingly obliged him, not caring anymore whether it was right or wrong. The kiss deepened; hands tangled in hair before they finally drew apart. "Yep. Still a terror," Kaoru affirmed with a nod.

"Insufferable brat."

"Am I? Well, there's still some of the old me left," Kaoru winked, wincing a little as he shifted.

"Are you alright?"

"Little sore," he admitted with a laugh. "But…not as bad as I thought, seeing as how it was my first ti…" he stopped, realizing what he had just said.

"Your what?" Kyouya's eyes narrowed, and it was obvious that he was close to losing his temper. And what with the jetlag and everything else, Kaoru suspected that Kyouya losing his temper now would be even more unpleasant than usual.

"Kyou…" he tried to placate him.

"Kaoru, your first time should be with someone special! Someone you love!"

"Kyouya," Kaoru reached to touch the other man's cheek. "You're the only person in the world who understands how I feel. And one of the only people who looks at me as Kaoru, and not just as one of a pair. I love all of the old Host Club members, but…you're the only one who truly knows who I am. And not even Hikaru can say that anymore. So, please…" he moved his hand to Kyouya's dark hair and stroked it gently.

"Kaoru," Kyouya closed his eyes and willed his temper away. "Sorry. I had no right to snap at you like that."

"Hmm…" Kaoru was silent for a moment before asking, "Who was your first?"

"My fiancée. Arranged marriage with a business partner, of course…although I truly think she loves me. But she said that while I may have physically been with her, it was obvious that I was envisioning somebody else in her place. So we broke it off. Of course, my father was somewhat disappointed, but with two other married sons to provide him with heirs, it shouldn't be that much of a problem. And if it becomes one, I'll deal with it then," Kyouya shrugged.

"At least it worked out between you." Kaoru tilted his face up so he could kiss Kyouya's neck and trailed a line of kisses down his chest.

"Kaoru, have you ever considered us?"

"As a couple?" Kaoru glanced up. "If Hikaru…hey, Kyou? If it doesn't work out with Hikaru and Tono, do you think…would you…

Kyouya pulled him up and kissed him in response, and Kaoru gave a soft moan into his mouth. We have to go," he reluctantly pulled away. "You want to see Tono, right?"

"Right. But…" Kyouya realized something and groaned. "You whisked me away so quickly yesterday that I didn't even have time to pack a change of clothes!"

"Kyouya…I'm the heir to a major fashion company. I'll let you borrow something; I'm sure I've got stuff that'll fit you," Kaoru offered.

"Thank you."

"Don't mention it. Now, let's get going."

So, I'm actually going to (usually) post ANs at the end of chaps in order to explain the songs. "In The Air Tonight" is by Phil Collins.