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Unexpected Child

Chapter 15: Embrace

At that point, Amira refused to let go of Kenji. His warmth was too overwhelming to pass up now, and she sighed, content in his arms, the shivering a distant memory. The half-demon didn't say much, only whispering occasional apologies, and then just her name, over and over, almost as if he was painfully tasting it. Bella had forced every single male vampire out of the room, though Amira expected they had their ears tightly pinned to the closed door, just waiting for an excuse to barge in and peel Kenji off of Amira. She refused to let that happen. Unconsciously, her hand slid up his shirt and across his smooth, muscular stomach, eliciting a shiver.

"Your hand is so cold." He murmured, running his own hand down the back of her head. Amira flinched, moving it away from his skin, only to be stopped by Kenji, who smiled and shook his head gently, placing it back where it once lay. His own hand began to tremble just a bit as it hesitantly traced her stomach, his eyes asking permission. She nodded silently, and there was a sudden forwardness in his movements; his fingers tracing her upper body, somehow feeling like he was memorizing her. The warmth of his touch forced Amira to arch her head backward, letting out a next to silent sigh.

Slowly, tortuously slowly, he bent down and touched his lips to her own. The exact same electric sparks from before ignited within their bodies, and without delay Kenji tightly wrapped his arms around the vampiress and slammed his lips down on hers violently. She audibly cringed in a soft voice, rudely reminding the half-demon of her many cuts, bruises, and scars, not to mention the marks.

"I'm – I'm sorry." Kenji whispered, torn, knowing that he'd been the one that gave her these injuries. Surprisingly to him, she smiled and traced the outline of his lips with the tip of her finger. The sheer desire of it all took over his senses, and he slammed her as gently as possible onto the bed. He traced each and every cut on her stomach with his lips, she was braced against the wall, in utter bliss.

"You'll catch my fever." Amira gasped, gripping the back of his shirt tightly. He looked up from her skin, chuckling ever so quietly.

"I'll take my chances." His lips were on hers then, his hands feverishly moving to cup one of her breasts. Immediately, Amira pushed Kenji away. He looked at her with wild eyes, questioning – no – demanding why he was being denied such a thing.

"It's too early for … that." murmured the vampiress in an uneasy voice. He began to protest, but realized she was completely justified in this decision, and merely took her into his arms, nodding in silence. Clinging to him like one of her stuffed animals, Amira slowly let herself fall asleep for the first time in ages, feeling completely safe.

All the vampire women of the house were in Amira's house very early the next morning, taking in the sight of the two young creatures sleeping so peacefully and soundly in each other's embrace. Alice bit back the need to announce how positively adorable they looked. There was one problem, Bella had sent every man on an urgent hunting trip the following night, and they were going to return within five minutes. So, in response to that threat, both Bella, Alice, and Rosalie stood guard outside Amira's door as their men walked up. Edward's eyebrow rose at the sight.

"Would you ladies please move?" He asked as politely as possible. "We need to go see how Amira's doing."

"She's fine," Bella dismissed it with a wave of her hand, "now go away before you wake her up. You can see her when she's awake."

"And who are you to deny us passage?" Edward challenged, stepping forward. Bella, too, stepped forward, accepting this challenge.

"I'm your wife." She smiled, knowing this answer would suffice to more than enough. Edward groaned, gesturing with his hand with Jasper and Emmett to follow in supposed defeat.

Amira awoke to be encased tightly in Kenji's embrace, and could've been blushing furiously, if possible. She could barely budge, his arms seemed to trap her there, almost as if he was purposely making sure she couldn't get away. She was, however, enticed by his sleeping face, tracing each and every outline as lightly as possible, in an attempt not to wake him. He stirred, possibly by the unnatural coldness of her touch, and pulled her recklessly close, their bodies not having even an inch of separation at that moment.

Her bliss was abruptly interrupted by hushed arguing outside, and she realized that Edward, Emmett, and Jasper were going to sneak in, probably to find even the slightest reason to maim Kenji.

"Kenji," she whispered as quietly as she could manage, "wake up, or just crawl under the bed and sleep there."

"Why?" he hissed groggily.

"Because my aggressive family members are trying to make their way in here."

"Alice will take care of it." he buried his face in the crook of her neck, sighing in an attempt to drift back to sleep.

"Not if they're fast enough." Amira pointed out quietly, and with a groan, Kenji obeyed and slumped to the ground, falling asleep again, regardless of the hardwood. Amira, too, decided to let herself relax, although she greatly missed his warmth, almost making her frown at the sheer lack as she drifted back to sleep.

"That's my girl!" Emmett exclaimed quietly when they were in. "Making the scum sleep on the floor after the job is done, I swear, she's more of my kid than yours, Ed." All three vampires laughed in hushed voices. Edward's hand suddenly came on her forehead, sighing in relief.

"Much better, her fever has subsided, that lifts a weight off of my shoulders." Edward lifted her like a child then, cradling Amira as if she were a very delicate piece of china. "It frightens me to think of the pain she's enduring."

"Not to mention the confusion while having that around." Emmett murmured, kicking Kenji's body on the ground, making sure he didn't wake him up.

"So when are we going to get information on this Drale character?" Jasper murmured, eying Kenji with dark eyes. Before any of them could answer, all three wives stormed in, their eyes livid.

"Busted." remarked Emmett dully as Rosalie latched onto his ear painfully, pulling him outside, as did Bella and Alice.

"Now, now, love. I was merely checking on her – ow, ow, not so hard, Bella, dear." Edward winced as his wife pulled him out of the room, closing the door behind them.

Kenji immediately scrambled back onto the bed where Amira lay, encircling his arms around her small figure and spooning in beside her. He was content with just staying in this position forever, making sure she was always right beside him. However, he couldn't forget that he was, in fact, a male half-demon, but a male demon nonetheless. And when a male demon chooses a mate, he absolutely has to claim her physically, because a demon's claim is easily scented or at least felt by any creature with a keen sense of smell, and so therefore warned that that particular female had been claimed, and is off limits. And what's more, his first Heat was approaching quickly, and his actions would be clouded by raw lust.

"Kenji, your heart sounds weird." she whispered oddly, placing both of her hands on his face, examining for something out of the ordinary. He only smiled weakly in reply, closing his eyes when her fingers began dancing in his hair.

"You shouldn't do that," he warned her as quietly as possible, halting her hands and looking straight into her eyes, unrelentingly serious, "because although I've left demonic ways, that doesn't dismiss the fact that I'm still a half-demon, and my Heat is almost here." Her eyes widened, something in her head reminding her of what she read in a book long ago, specifically about when an animal has Heat, though she had no idea what demonic Heat entitles.

"What does demonic Heat do to you?" a grim smile crossed the half-demons face, and his lips suddenly brushed against her ear, hot breath caressing the skin.

"My self control will be very low," he whispered rather cruelly, "and I'll most likely attempt to claim your body, many, many times in the most merciless of manners, not stopping until you've cried for me more than a dozen times." this statement sent a voluptuous shiver up her spine, his warm fingers stroked her face, an ice blue staring sincerely at her.

"Kenji, after everything you've done to me, I don't –" He silenced her with dark eyes.

"You're strong enough to refuse me when the time comes," he reassured her gently, "and I warn you, I won't be myself in the slightest, so you need to stay away, or else I have no idea what I might do." A lump formed in her throat.

"How long won't I be able to go near you?"

"Unfortunately, about two weeks to a month." An immense burning in her throat suddenly let a snarl rip through her throat. Blood lust, she hadn't been this thirsty since she'd been a newborn. With a jump to her feet, the dry fire in her far more important than body pain at the moment, Amira lept out the window, running as fast as she possibly could, tackling a full grown buck to the ground. A feral growl tore past her lips, and she bit hard on the creature's neck, savoring the liquid that ran down her throat.

"Why must you be so reckless!" Edward snapped impatiently, as him and his brothers finally caught up to her. She easily ignored them.

"Jeez, kid, why don't you just go slaughter an entire village while you're at it?" Emmett commented on her feasting with a raised eyebrow. Kenji, too, caught up to them without so much as a gasp for air. She finally managed to suck the poor creature dry, releasing her fangs from the carcass. With a blink, she managed to shift back to normal.

"Are you done, or should I go fetch a full grown bear for you to slaughter?" Amira merely rolled her eyes, finally noticing the hefty amount of blood seeping down her mouth and neck. She almost ran off to rinse herself off, but was immediately halted by searing pain just at the tip of her stomach

"The … marks!" she gasped, clutching frantically at the area and screaming as quietly as she could. Jasper almost reached down to attempt to soothe her, but Kenji beat him to the punch, immediately crushing the vampire to his chest and stroking the back of head.

"Shh, shh, daijoubu, koishii." amazingly enough, she grew quiet, clutching his shirt. Kenji almost sighed to himself in relief, knowing not only that she was alright now, but that her obviously furious family members couldn't exactly do anything to him.

"Damn it, Edward, over 100 years of learning languages and you didn't think to learn Japanese?" grumbled Emmett, crossing his arms across his large chest.

"I apologize for not learning every language on the planet, Emmett." said Edward, bitterly sarcastic. Jasper snatched the injured vampire from Kenji's grip, glaring very fiercely at him.

"Haven't I made it clear you aren't allowed to touch her, only when absolutely necessary?" Amira bit back a small giggle, knowing they'd possibly try to rip off Kenji's head if they found out about how close he was last night. As they walked back, Jasper refused to release his extremely tight on his niece.

"Really, Jasper, I'm not going to spontaneously combust." she murmured, noticing the dark circles under his eyes. His expression didn't shift, as he stopped and looked down at her.

"Your condition says otherwise," he said, frowning a bit, "you're really worrying me, you know."

"Yes, that's all I seem to be able to do these days."

"It's not your fault, I'm just taking extra precautions for your safety." Amira smiled slightly, placing both of her hands on each side of his head, knocking their foreheads together.

"I'm not a porcelain doll, and I'm not a child anymore, please just trust I'm old enough to make my own decisions and mistakes." Jasper frowned a bit grimly, but nodded.

Late that night, her dream managed to shake quite a bit of things up in her head.

It was dark, a deadly silence seeped throughout the wooded area. The trees seemed to be glaring at her, as the small vampire strode through the pitch black. That's when a bright, blinding light made her stagger back.


The sky had turned red, the color of blood, and screaming tainted the air. The vampire screamed for Kenji, silence. Edward? Emmett? Jasper? Rosalie? Alice? Bella? Carlisle? Esme? No. No one. There was only the sinister faces of demons, goblins, and human corpses. Above, there stood Lord Ronan, who was supposed to be dead, raising his arms in the air and congratulating his fellow brothern, telling them that the job was well done.

"We have slain the last of the vampire scum, this is finally our dominion!" No, no. No! There suddenly, eight bodies were lain out before her eyes. Their physical bodies were asleep. Ronan had stolen their souls, they were empty shells with gaping holes in their heads and seemed to be disappointed in her somehow. She wanted to scream and wail, but nothing came from her vocal chords.

"Our traitor is dead, rejoice, my brothers!" His face, his beautiful face was asleep, too. She pushed past the legions of demons, who didn't seem to notice the seemingly invisible vampire running toward them. His ice blue eyes were staring past her, at nothing. That's when she began to scream, at the blood on his chest, at the deadness that he was now. On top of everything, there was suddenly an earthquake, and her name began to be yelled across the horizon.

Topaz silently screamed in the half-demon's face as he shook her awake. It was a dream, and he was alive. In a breath, she was kissing him, so relieved she couldn't even stand it. Kenji replied instantly, pushing her down onto the comforter.

"You're alive." She whispered, placing rapid, lingering kisses on his neck. The half-demon almost gave in to his attempts at self-control, but finally pushed her at least two feet from him.

"It was a dream, Mimi, I'm fine." he managed to tell her, breathless by the unexpected onslaught. Yes, he was fine. But she wasn't.


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