A few days later Leah was called into Healer Lang's office; she wasn't nervous. Although Lang was technically her superior, he treated her very much as an equal. But she became worried when she saw a very conservative, elderly wizard in business robes sitting in his office.

"Ah, Healer Cooper, may I introduce you to Mr. Phillip Lewis Alcott, one of St. Mungo's Directors."

Leah nodded to the man who continued to stay seated, perfectly straight, in his chair. She gave Healer Lang a look and sat in an empty chair. "Now, the Directors were reviewing the past year's expenses and they're going to be cutting back in a lot of departments and research," Healer Lang paused, obviously started by Alcott's cough.

"Ms. Cooper," he said stiffly. Leah however interjected just as stiffly and snidely, "I think you mean Healer Cooper, Mr. Alcott."

She tried to hide her triumphant smirk as she watched his face sour at the idea of a woman (and a Muggle-born to boot) being a highly qualified Healer. "Yes, well, we've decided to cease fundings on a few of the research boards, including your Muggle one." Leah could do nothing but nod as he continued. "And we are going to cut down on the number of Healers working with vampires and werewolves."

Leah looked between Healer Lang who looked completely apologetic and obviously upset that there was nothing he could do; Alcott had an unsurprisingly smug look on his face and all she could do was laugh. She laughed disbelievingly at first but her laughter grew until she was all but holding her sides. Mr. Alcott was about to say something, but Leah held up her hand, "Oh, no, Mr. Alcott, I think you've made your point perfectly clear. But I think you need to be enlightened." She leaned back in her chair and smirked, "And don't worry, I'll put all this in writing for you later this afternoon. But consider this my oh," she looked at her Muggle wristwatch, "my two hours notice. You see, Mr. Alcott, I'm not one to brag, but I'm your most qualified Healer. I may be 22, and a female and oh, yes, a Muggle-born, but I'm the youngest Head – oh, and did Artie here tell you I was offered Head of Plants as well? – the youngest Head of a Research Board, in the most (and varied) departments, performed the most rare and risky procedures and completed my training in the shortest amount of time by 2 months." She smiled at Alcott's raised eyebrows. "But you know, you and your conservative, Muggle and Squib-hating, cronies who don't believe that other non-wizarding people deserve the same health care, have made it impossible for our society to move forward. In case you had forgotten, Mr. Alcott, we defeated the prejudice bastard who wanted all of those people killed. And so until you and your old, stiff, conservative, Pureblood, brainwashed cronies die, I will not be returning to St. Mungo's." She stood up, her eyes blazing, "Because I know that Artie here, and his contemporaries, will welcome me back with open arms," she leaned her face close to Alcott's, catching him off-guard, "And I don't care how incredibly unprofessional I'm being, you threw that privilege out the window long ago, but Merlin, you better hope with whatever you have left of that little black heart of yours, that I don't open my own practice or start working and researching for another hospital." She moved towards the door, "I hope you kick yourself on the way out, after, of course, Artie shows you my extensive resume. I'm thinking of publishing it."

She turned on her heel and said to Healer Lang, "I'll keep in touch, Artie, perhaps we can set up some sort of consulting correspondence? And I suggest Healer Dean take both my office and my position of Head of my now-smaller department. And I presume that all of my positions will be waiting for me when I get back?"

Healer Lang stood and tried not to grin as he gave Leah a hug. "Don't even worry, Healer Cooper, we'll be waiting with open arms."


Leah was nearly done packing up her office when there was a knock on her open door. "No, I'm not changing my mind, I'm leaving," she said exasperated without even turning around.

A deep laugh ensued and a familiar voice said, "I only came to congratulate you." Leah turned, grinning to see Reed leaning against the doorframe. "Word is Alcott was red as a tomato when he finally left. Not sure whether he was angry that you weren't bringing in more revenue or patients, or that they lost such a qualified Healer."

Leah rolled her eyes, "Maybe they'll try to get you to stay on longer."

Reed laughed again, his dark grey eyes twinkling, "I'd like to see them try." There was a comfortable pause as Leah continued to pack the rest of her books into a box when Reed continued, "What will you do?"

She shrugged, "Travel, read, write a book maybe, learn new things, help new people." She shrunk the last of her boxes, "I'll come back eventually. There are still enough resources here for me to get some things accomplished."

"You'll be fine," he opened his arms to give her a friendly hug. Even though it wasn't said aloud, they both knew this would be the last time they'd see each other at least for a few years. "I better a free copy of your book."

Leah smiled, "If I write one, of course, Reed." Reed nodded silently and left Leah to take one last look at her office before she walked out for the last time.


A few minutes later Leah was nervously knocking on the front door of the Burrow. She wasn't worried about resigning, of not having a paycheck, of not having a real, secure job. She knew everyone would be confused and maybe slightly disappointed, but she knew they would support her no matter what she decided to do. But she was nervous that maybe things with Charlie were moving too fast, and maybe this, the decision that he didn't want her to make, would be the determining factor. Would he guilt her into going back? Would he go back to Romania sooner, blaming himself? She bit her lip: she couldn't worry, she shouldn't. Charlie would understand that her department and her board were just like his dragons, and she couldn't let these stiff-shirts take that away from her. He'd understand that she just couldn't stay at St. Mungo's, wouldn't he?

"Oh, Leah, what a wonderful surprise!"

Leah tried to smile, but knew she wasn't going to convince the mother of seven children very easily, "Hi, Mrs. Weasley, sorry, is Charlie here?"

"Yes, yes, dear, in his room."

Leah walked up the stairs slowly, still trying to not think about what Charlie would think. She would just tell him the truth: quick and painless. She knocked on the door hesitantly and tried to smile when he answered the door with just his towel around his waist. "Leah?" His surprise quickly turned into a sly grin, "Missed me so much you left work early?" When she didn't quite meet his eyes or smile, he became worried, "What's wrong?"

"Uh, can I come in?"

Charlie frowned at the aversion to her question. He let her in, rubbing her back to try and comfort her as they sat on his bed. "Charlie, you have to promise not to get mad, not to blame yourself and not try to get me to change my mind. It's what I want."

Charlie took her hands in his, "Are you okay?"

Leah took a deep breath, "I resigned from St. Mungo's," she paused and looked up, blurting everything out quickly, her voice rising as she got angrier. "Charlie, you know I can't go back if those bloody old folk are still there, not allowing the hospital to grow." She looked up, waiting for Charlie's reaction. Her eyes searched his, but she couldn't read his blue eyes.

Charlie nodded, his eyes still not revealing any of his feelings. "You sure this is what you want? This will make you happy?" Leah nodded. To her surprise, Charlie's eyes lit up, twinkling, and he grinned, reaching to his nightstand and handed her a thick envelope.

"What is this?" He walked to his closet to put clothes on.

"Read it."

Leah looked up at him for a few minutes, "They're offering this to you?"

Charlie grinned, "Every few years they have a Keeper or two travel to study, tag and basically chase dragons across the continent, give lectures, and recruit."

Leah raised an eyebrow, "With full pay?"

Charlie laughed and sat next to her, "Trust me, they pay us handsomely enough."

Leah smiled and stared into his deep blue eyes, "You're going to do this?"

Charlie stroked her cheek with the rough pad of his thumb, "You wanted to learn about dragons right?"

"And I'm pretty good at Ancient Runes…" she leaned her cheek into his hand and smiled at him.

He laughed deeply, "Why am I not surprised?" He kissed her lightly, "And we'll be traveling. They won't be able to mock us anymore about vacations."

"Or working too hard," she finished.

"And Mum will leave us be since we'll be able to come back here easy enough," he paused and picked up his letter again. "They gave me a list of some areas Muggle, Wizarding and both, where there are relatively cheap places to live." His eyes were twinkling again, "And your flat is much too expensive to keep while we're not here, but we'll still want a place of our own so we don't have to stay with Mum."

Leah cocked an eyebrow and leaned into him again, "Who says I'll want to live with you?"

Charlie growled and attacked her neck, pushing her down on the bed, tickling her stomach lightly making her laugh. But he silenced here with his lips on hers. It was a few minutes before either could think clearly again. She smiled up at him, brushing hair away from his eyes, "All right, all right, I'll live with you."

Charlie grinned and stood up, pulling her with him, "Good, come on, get your coat." He tugged her down the stairs, "Mum! Going for a walk! We'll be back later!"

Leah laughed as Charlie continued to tug her to the Apparation point before he pulled her close to him to Side-Along. His eyes still bright and twinkling, his grin infectious and all Leah could do was hug his waist as she felt the familiar tug and tear as they Apparated. They landed in a flat, dull field right along a dirt lane. "Where are we?" she asked, terribly confused.

Charlie kept his arm around his shoulder as he walked her down the lane, "Why, the city girl can't recognize the countryside?"

Leah was still very confused, "Yes, I see it's the country, but what are we doing here?"

Charlie looked down at her, obviously confused that she was so confused, "Seriously?" She nodded. He cocked his head to the side, "Are you sure you're the most qualified Healer? And are you sure you're street smart?" He laughed as she hit his arm playfully, "Looking for a place to live, foolish girl!"

Leah's mouth opened in shock and understanding, "A country home?" She grinned and pulled his waist closer to hers and looked around at her surroundings, "Do you know where we're going?"

Even though most of the vegetation was mostly dead, Leah still found it beautiful. There were a few trees she couldn't name lining the lane, and she could the forest behind the large, flat fields. She knew one day she'd be able to name all the flowers that would eventually bloom, the trees, and the wildlife she was bound to see. She looked up at Charlie, biting her lip, "You want to live in the country, right?"

Charlie's lips curved upwards, "I'm not doing this for you, if that's what you mean." He laughed when she hit his arm again. "Yes, of course I want to live in the country – do I look like a city boy?"

She grinned, "So what do you know about the neighborhood?"

Charlie tried not to blush, "Well, I kinda looked into this house before we talked, because I was planning on taking this job anyway, and was hoping you'd move in with me," he paused and glanced at her face. She was staring at him and grinning but nodded, encouraging him to continue. "So, it's not far from the Burrow, Godric's Hollow and even Shell Cottage, and there are still some available houses in the nearby area if Ron or the twins ever want to move out here. There are some wizarding families, there's a small Muggle 'downtown' a mile up the road, with a pub or two, a Muggle post, general store, that sort of thing." He paused and Leah looked to her left where Charlie was pointing, "And this is the cottage."

It was small, but Leah looked at the land surrounding it, and there was a lot. "Merlin," she breathed, "can we go in?"

Charlie grinned and led her up the narrow dirt path to the cottage, "No one has lived here for a while apparently." Leah could tell he wanted to continue, but she didn't press him. She was too excited, already thinking about what they could to fix up the outside of the cottage. She pointed out the slate roof however, "Merlin, look at that! A slate roof!"

Charlie opened the door, "It's not much, but." Leah didn't let him continue however. She covered her mouth and started laughing. "Merlin, Charlie! This is brilliant! Look at this place!" They were standing in a very open entryway and Leah was admiring the beautiful hardwood floors before Charlie led her into the room on the left where there was a large floor fireplace decorated with beautiful stones that were "from the area" Charlie said. "And it'll be easy enough to connect to the Floo." The room to the right of the entryway was slightly smaller and bare, but Leah loved it anyway and admired the wood beams on the slanted ceiling that were in the other room. The kitchen was off the back and Leah balked at the large bay window behind the large sink that was surrounded by more of the same stone by the fireplace. Charlie pointed out the small wood stove and Leah agreed that they might need some Muggle appliances. There were cabinets, but Leah pointed out the lack of table, but Charlie ignored her, grabbing her hand to lead her upstairs. The stairs were off to the left of the kitchen near a back door. Leah gasped at the size of the second floor: it was as big as the kitchen and the room with the fireplace and was completely open. "All the master bedroom," Charlie grinned. Leah laughed at the small closet and Charlie said it would be easy enough to make it a walk-in. "In fact," he said rather slyly, "it'd be easy enough to expand any part of the house, and I'm pretty good with the paint charms." Leah barely heard him, however since she was admiring the old-fashioned tub and toilet in the bathroom.

She popped her head out, "I love it, Charlie! It's perfect!" Charlie laughed and pointed to the ceiling which had a window where they could see a few trees that were in the backyard. He brought her over to one of the many windows, "And did you see your backyard? You're very own woods to explore."

Leah let out a small laugh, and tried to wipe her eyes before Charlie noticed, "Charlie, this is just perfect, Merlin I don't even know what to say," she laughed again and hugged him fiercely, "I love you."

Charlie kissed the top of her head, "That mean you want to go to Gringott's right now?" Leah laughed and took his hand, but he continued seriously. "You don't mind that we'll have to put some work into this house?"

Leah smiled and said just as seriously, "I love that we'll have to."


As they walked to Gringott's, they discussed what Muggle appliances they would have to buy, and Leah even suggested buying a cheap, Muggle "pick-up truck", which she than had to explain what it was and what it was used for. "What is a 'dryer'?" Leah attempted to explain it, but Charlie could only reply, "Why can't they dry by air, or by magic?" He squeezed her hand playfully, "Did you forget you're a witch?"

Leah rolled her eyes as they reached the front of Gringott's, "Let's just buy the house first, yea?"

Charlie nodded, "So, are we," he hesitated, not really knowing how much money Leah actually made, he wasn't sure if she expected to split the price, or what. "Look, Dragon Keepers make a lot of money, and –"

Leah leaned on his arm as they walked up the front steps, "Charlie, just because I still work at WWW doesn't mean I have to, and trust me, Healers make enough. Want to meet back here, with half?"

Charlie smiled, relieved and kissed her as he followed one of the goblins to his vault.


It was easy enough for Charlie and Leah to convince Mrs. Weasley to hold a dinner to celebrate Harry and Ginny's return without giving rise to much suspicion. Dinner was a normal affair: no one really noticed how quite or nervous Charlie and Leah were until he cleared his throat just as the clatter of eating utensils finally died down. Leah swallowed noticeably when all eyes were on them, so Charlie began, "Ah, everyone, Leah and I well –"

"I've left St. Mungo's," she blurted out.

There was a moment's pause before Mira started laughing, "No, really, did Charlie knock you up or something?"

Leah looked slightly hurt at her best friend, "No, I've really left." Leah continued when no one said anything. "They're disbanding my Board, shrinking my Department, and the Board are too old and conservative to appreciate any of my services to the hospital or experience. So I told Alcott and his cronies to stick it where the sun don't shine."

Hermione sniffed slightly, "Leah, you didn't honestly tell them that."

"No, I did. I told him I wouldn't return until they all died. And trust me, even though I was a woman and a Muggle-born, he still realized what the hospital lost."

Mira tried to say something, opening her mouth multiple times, only to close it again. George, however, looking from his girlfriend to one of his best friends spoke for her, "So what are you going to be doing?"

Charlie, covering Leah's hand with his on the table said, "Right, well, she'll be traveling with me."

Now it was Bill who laughed, "Where to Romania?"

Charlie looked slightly disappointed with his older brother's response, "No, the Reserve offered my a job to travel around chasing, tagging and studying dragons as well as giving lectures and recruiting."

Arthur spoke up, and Leah was worried that he would be disappointed with her for somehow ruining Charlie's career. "What about Head Keeper?"

Charlie frowned, "Right, well, he decided to stay on, so that's out of the picture."

Hermione seemed almost indignant, "And Leah, you're only going to be traveling along, not working?"

Leah gripped Charlie's leg, gripping his thigh tightly, "No, actually, I'll be writing books, learning new Healing practices, maybe Healing in villages, reading," she added with emphasis, "and there's bound to be Ancient Runes I can decipher."

Mira snorted, but Leah noticed a slight smile playing on her best friend's lips. She apparently was more okay with the idea than she originally thought. "Just another subject that she was keen on."

"And she'll be learning about dragons of course too."

Leah looked at Ginny who seemed slightly hurt, "But Lee, you love St. Mungo's! And Charlie! You love the Reserve!"

"Actually, Gin, I love my dragons, and Leah loves to heal. But we can do those things together, and well, we'll be around more often."

Mrs. Weasley, who had stayed oddly quietly throughout the conversation now spoke up, "You'll be around more? How?"

Charlie took another deep breath, "Well, okay, before anyone freaks out, since not everyone is convinced we really want these jobs, we both decided on our career changes before we talked to each other. I got the letter while Leah was at St. Mungo's and I didn't say anything until after she told me her dramatic entrance. So after that, we both decided that since everyone is getting married and having babies, and we won't be traveling all the time, we'd need a place to stay."

Mrs. Weasley waved her arms around excitedly, "Well, you'll stay here, of course!"

Charlie continued delicately, "And Leah's flat is much too expensive to keep while we're not around."

Leah nodded and continued for Charlie, "So, we found a small cottage in the country, not far from here, or – or Godric's Hollow or Shell Cottage."

There was another long pause which made Charlie and Leah both extremely uncomfortable.

It was Mrs. Weasley who broke the silence with her happy sobs as she stood up to hug the two, nearly suffocating both. "Oh, dears, this is truly wonderful! Living and traveling together! Oh, when can we see the cottage? How long until you leave? Oh this is wonderful! Wonderful!"

Leah turned to Mira and George who had blank expressions on their faces. She looked to them, pleadingly and Mira said quietly, "And you two are sure –"

"-Absolutely positive –" George continued.

"-Utterly certain," Fred finished, "that this is what you want?"

Leah nodded, "Without a doubt."

Bill coughed and said to Charlie, "Not too fast?"

Charlie shook his head, "This is what we want, Bill."

Mrs. Weasley ignored her children and nearly ran around the kitchen she was so excited. "What's the cottage like?"

Charlie laughed and rolled his eyes at his mother, "Well, we'll need some help cleaning it up since it hasn't been lived in for a while, and once we clean and decorate, you can all come over."

Ginny grinned, "Harry's free tomorrow to help!"

Harry laughed, "I'd be happy to assist!"

Harry and the twins were going to help clean the next day, and Ron promised to bring food during his long lunch break, hoping to see all the land they were going to own.

Once dinner was over however, Leah knew Charlie wouldn't be coming back to her flat. She sighed as they approached the front door and Leah saw Mira, the twins and Hermione waiting for her by the Apparation point. She turned to him and sighed, kissing him lightly on the lips, "Seems I'm going to be harassed for a few hours."

Charlie nodded to Bill who was still sitting in the living room with Fleur, "Me too," he sighed and kissed the top of her head, "how is it that badger us forever, and now, when we're truly happy and changing our lives by not working as much, they think we've gone mental?"

Leah laughed softly, "Apparently people can't change, Char."

Charlie grimaced, "Oh, no, please don't change and start calling me that."

Leah grinned wolfishly, "I'll see you early tomorrow morning?"

Charlie kissed her once more, "Where work clothes." He laughed as he watched her walk outside, her obvious confusion evident on her face.

"Leah," Mira said, "we're going back to my place for a few, make sure you're head's in order."

Leah groaned and looked at Hermione, "Even you?"

Hermione shrugged, "What about our goals?"

Leah didn't get to answer as they chose that moment to Apparate, and George had grabbed her arm at the last second to make sure she didn't go back to her own flat. "We'll still be here for a while, and we can correspond through owl. I'm still going to be corresponding to St. Mungo's."

Mira set her coat on a chair and sat down, "First thing, you really left St. Mungo's."

"Does that mean you're leaving WWW too?" Fred pouted.

"Yes, and yes. Mira, they're giving you my office, and you get to be Head of Squibs, Werewolves and Vampires. Albeit the now smaller size department."

Mira let out a strangled laugh and George beamed, "Congratulations, love!" He grabbed her face and kissed her soundly to Fred's catcalls and Hermione's uncomfortable laughter. Leah grinned, glad the attention was off her, but George pointed at her, "Now, now, little missy. Are you sure this is what you and Charlie want?"

"Aye, are you two doing this so we'll get off your backs about working and finding love?"

Hermione rolled her eyes at her boyfriend, "Fred, they're doing it for themselves first, than each other. Weren't you listening? Charlie wasn't going to get the promotion he wanted because that foul man decided to stay at the Reserve. And than those bloody board members were undermining Leah because she's a female and a Muggle-born! So why shouldn't they leave? And Leah will be doing so many other things! Ancient Runes! Books!"

George smirked, "Romance novels, Leah love?"

"You know, romance novels about a young, strapping Dragon Keeper and a beautiful novelist, isn't such a bad idea…"

Fred stuck out his tongue in defense, "Leah! That's vile! Our brother Charlie is no where near strapping!"

"Yes, I think you meant the romance novel about the witty, brilliant prankster!"

Mira rolled her eyes and ignored her boyfriend, "Leah, you sure this is what you want? This Charlie character won't hurt you?"

Leah smiled at her best friend, "Does it look like he would take that chance?"

Mira got up and hugged her best friend, "Merlin, you two crazy kids in love scared the bloody shit out of me! I was afraid you were moving too fast, and all that jazz."

Leah smiled and hugged her best friend back as she became vaguely aware that the twins were coming dangerously close to joining in on the hug. "I know, Mira, I know, but this is what we want, what we need."

Mira let her go, however, before the twins could suffocate them. Fred frowned, "But you two will be living in sin!"

Leah rolled her eyes, "Please, I'm sure Mira will be moving in with George soon enough," she winked at Fred who's face paled slightly, but Hermione wasn't paying much attention as she started to doze slightly on one of Mira's comfy chairs.

George turned to Mira, "What do you say? Living in sin?"

Mira shrugged, "With you? Eh…."

George laughed and pushed her playfully as Fred and Leah laughed and Hermione continued to doze. Things were going to be okay and the worst and most terrifying part of her day were finally over.


She tapped her foot and looked at her watch for what felt like the twentieth time and wondered to herself where the twins and Harry could possibly be. She rolled her eyes as Charlie's laughet died down only to start up again. She tried again, "And what, pray tell, are you laughing at?"

Charlie finally managed to choke something out, "These, these," he wiped away tears, "are your work clothes?" He clutched his sides, "Merlin, I knew you were a city girl but," he couldn't finish he was laughing so hard.

Mrs. Weasley walked down the stairs and Leah was gratefully she at least had managed to keep her composure. "Here, dear, these are some of the things Percey used to wear when he was degnoming the yard. I'm afraid Ginny's things are too small and the other boy's things are just too big."

"Thanks, Mrs. Weasley, I really appreciate it."

Mrs. Weasley nodded, "And don't worry, you can keep it until Charlie – or Ginny – helps you buy more, uh, suitable clothing." She pushed her to the bathroom to change and Leah could hear her quietly, yet sternly, reprimanding Charlie.

"But Mum!" she heard him laugh again. Rolling her eyes again, she changed into Percy's baggy jeans and flannel shirt, thankfully that she at least could wear Ginny's old trainers again and not Percy's shoes.

Soon enough the twins and Harry showed up, the twins saluting and Harry rolling his eyes, "We're at your service all day, sirs!" Charlie rolled his eyes and he and Leah led them to the Apparation point to bring them to their new cottage.

The twins let out a low whistle and said simultaneously, "You done well," and "Not bad, Cooper."

Harry turned to Leah grinning, "You two didn't do it enough justice last night at dinner. This is wonderful."

"And you said there are others nearby?" Fred asked, trying to be stealthy as they walked up the path to the front door.

Charlie winked at Leah knowingly, "Yea, and there's a town about a mile away."

Leah was scrubbing the bathroom floor when she stopped and said to Harry, "So married life. All it's cracked up to be?"

Harry pushed his glasses up his nose as he stood up from scrubbing the side of the tub, "Yes, it's wonderful," he smiled knowingly, "you should try it one time."

Leah rolled her eyes, "You know, Potter, no one gives you enough credit. You're just hilarious."

Harry laughed, "So far it's been pretty great. I'm sure it won't always be so easy as it is now, but you know Ginny and I –"

"You two are pretty laidback, yea."

Harry grinned, "I think we'll be okay."

"I'm not too worried for you two, no." Harry went back to scrubbing when Leah said quietly, and in a more serious tone, "And living together?"

Harry looked up, but Leah was already working on cleaning the floor. "Leah, you two will be fine. I know you both pretty well, and well, Charlie's probably one of the more laidback of the Weasley's." Leah looked at him and they shared a knowing smile.

"To say the least."

"And while it might be scary, living together, traveling together, all that, you two will always be friends first, and from what I can tell, you guys will be fine."

Leah shook her head, "Potter, who knew you were so wise?"

Harry shrugged, "You have such little faith in me, Cooper."

Leah was about to retort when Fred shouted up the stairs, "Oi! Where's lunch?"

Charlie was finishing pulling weeds when Leah Apparated back with Ron, paper bags in hand. The twins ran to meet them, yelling "Food!" Leah and Ron rolled their eyes but laughed and continued to talk as the twins went to sit in on the floor of the now clean kitchen. Charlie, wondering what they were talking about, gave them one last glance before walking inside to eat his own sandwich.

"Leah, we don't want to impose, and we'll help clean or decorate, or pay and we'll set up, obviously, but Mum has been going mental, and well, we figure this would be the easiest and quickest way for us to get married and –" Leah smiled slightly as Ron's ears turned the infamous Weasley-red and he rubbed his neck awkwardly.

"Ron, please, that would be wonderful! And don't worry, Charlie and I are going to decorate the house ourselves, so don't even worry. Just let us know when you want to get married."

Ron grinned and gave Leah an unexpected hug. "Oh, this is brilliant, Leah! Thanks! Are you sure Charlie will be okay with this?"

Leah laughed and patted him on his back and led him inside, "Don't worry, he won't mind." She crossed her arms and couldn't help but smile as she watched her boyfriend laughing and eating with his brothers and brother-in-law. She shook her head before she thought too much more about the scene in front of her now and the future scenes that would take place in her – their – kitchen.


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