Stop calling yourself that. Stop calling yourself fat.

But I'm not calling myself fat. It was my mother's voice that invaded my head and filled it up with those pestering thoughts. The voice that reminded me to exercise everyday even though I hated it and told me to diet—not that I ever did. Standing at five foot five and weighing 138 pounds, I was actually healthy according to my doctor. Did she listen? No. I wasn't model skinny or well toned like she desired me to be.

No sir. I wasn't fat.

Why this ridiculous color? Don't you want to dye it? You'd fit in better that way…

My hair is a crimson red. I'm the only child in the family with this bloody hair color-no pun intended. It was rare to find a person with true red hair so I wanted to keep it that way. It made me feel special—something Mother didn't and wouldn't understand.

It was two in the morning and as I adjusted my telescope, I blew my annoying bangs out of my eyes. Luckily for me it was a clear night so I could see the sparkling, beautiful stars.

I sighed.

I should try to block out her voice now, other wise I won't be able to concentrate on finding the constellations. So I imagined a middle-aged brunette in my mind, screaming of course, and locked her in a cage. Tonight I wasn't going to be with my nagging Mother or my boy-addicted roommate. I was going to be with the stars and only the stars.

I smiled and went back to work. I yanked my book bag closer to me and pulled out my charts and journal. Tonight Mars was in Sagittarius and the moon was in Pisces. I suppose that would translate as the God of War was in the sign of exploration and the Goddess of the hunt was in the sign of illusions and dreams.

Whatever that means.

I looked through my telescope, spotting Sirius right away and the constellation of Orion. Sadly, Orion wasn't going to be there much longer because it's spring and Orion was out during winter. Draco would soon take its place.

I paused for a moment, listening around me. I knew it was against the rules to be out this late. I had transferred from America a few months ago, but as soon as the Headmaster handed me the rulebook and guidance, which was really a map so I wouldn't get lost, I took out my English-Japanese dictionary and sat in the library so I could translate it all. I memorized all the rules and the locations that were off limits.

So I knew that if the Disciplinary Committee found me they would most likely kick my ass.

Despite the rules clearly stating that I wasn't allowed outside during the night, I couldn't help myself. I felt like I was being suffocated in my room and my roommate wasn't helping with her constant chatter about 'hot men attending the school'. I had pouted when I realized that I couldn't get a clear view of the sky because of the skyscraping trees that were outside my window.

Needless to say this place made me feel tiny.

Tall buildings, tall trees and tall people.

It just wasn't fair.

What annoyed me even more were the women. Every time they saw the Night class students, they suddenly transformed into insane, demonic rapists.

Speaking of the Night class students, what was up with them? How could anyone study during the night? And I do realize I'm being a hypocrite since I'm out star gazing, but didn't the Headmaster realize it was bad for people's health if they studied at night? It goes way back to caveman ages when we slept at night because it helped us stay alive while dangerous animals hunted and we couldn't see them. Shame on the Headmaster for not being considerate of their health!

Furthermore, when I saw them, they were weird. It made me think that if you weren't drop dead gorgeous, you weren't allowed to join them. Maybe that's what the Headmaster is planning--make them ill enough so their beauty would dissolve.

The thought made me laugh.

Perhaps the Headmaster was just prejudice against beautiful people. That would explain why he told me that I would join the Day class students--not that there aren't any pretty students in my class! I just can't…compare them to the Night class…

Anyway, I heard nothing. No footsteps, no one clearing their throat, nothing. So I started to fill out my journal with today's date and got occupied with what I was scribbling until…

"You're out a little late, aren't you?"

The husky male voice made me jump, my hand slide so that my pencil wrote by itself and my heart was pounding loudly in my ears. My head whipped around to face the speaker and I found myself glaring at a blonde boy staring right back at me.

"Uh…I…I was…umm…"

I turned away from him, reaching for my dictionary to answer him…and then realized that he had spoken to me in English.

I'm officially the world's greatest idiot.

He chuckled, noticing my stiff form and my hand tightly clutching my dictionary. I averted my eyes to him and studied him. He was wearing a white uniform—this meaning he was a Night class student—and he was still staring at me with those lovely hues of ocean blue eyes.

Don't gawk at him, you moron.

I snapped back into reality, forcing the heat in my cheeks to run away.

"Yeah, I'm checking out the stars," I said and then hoped he wouldn't throw me a perverted comeback.


I blinked, unsure of how to treat him.

"Er…how is it that you can speak English?"

As soon as that stupid question slipped out I mentally smacked myself for it, realizing that he looked so damn familiar because he was one of the boys that my roommate drooled over. From what I heard earlier, he was supposedly a genius, meaning he probably knew a dozen languages.

"English is an easy language to learn," he replied, snorting.

I narrowed my eyes at him. What's this? Am I sensing a superiority complex? I think so!

"You're that transfer student, right? Don't you know the rules yet? Day class students aren't supposed to be out at this time."

That's when I noticed how extremely close he was leaning in. I cleared my throat, scooting away from him to make sure I had my bubble space and glared up at him.

"Well…Mister…" I stopped.

What the hell was his name? Adol? Ido? Advil? It'd be funny if his name was Advil…

"Aidou Hanabusa."

Aidou…Oooh! Idol! That's what it was! Hannah Boosa? What a weird name.

"Right Mr. Aidou, I was—"

"You didn't give me your name. How rude," he snapped, giving me that 'humph' sound and folded his arms across his chest. He was still leaning in really close to me, well, more like leering over me.

Practically smothering me… "Hey! Yo! Man, dude you really have to give me some space here. I'm starting to feel claustrophobic."

His eyes held mischief, appearing more like predators all the sudden. "Aww, am I making you nervous?"

"Nervous?" I scoffed. " The more I look at you the more you remind me of a…"

"A what? Wolf?"

"I was gonna say rabbit."


Actually, I was gonna say that the more I looked at him the more he seemed gay, but I made a bet with myself that saying rabbit would make him feel less offended than telling him I thought he was gay. I have a bad habit of stereotyping beautiful men as either gay or asshole. His appearance and actions led me to believe he was both.

"Well…" I started but couldn't find a way to explain why I picked rabbit. Was it his bright hair? Or the fact that he also came off as someone who would be hyper all the time? You know, the energizing bunny that would never shut up.

I think a part of him stopped listening since he was still talking to himself, fuming over that he was NOT a rabbit and that he was a WOLF god darn it. Well, except he didn't say darn.

So I didn't bother. Instead, I chose to ignore him and returned to my telescope.


"Aidou-senpai! Why are you yelling so much?" A feminine voice asked curiously.

I groaned, recognizing that voice immediately.

Yuuki Cross was a member of the Disciplinary Committee, meaning my ass was so busted.

I made a small, pathetic sniffling sound.

Good-bye my dear stars. I don't know when I will see you again! Surely they are going to take me away from you! Farewell!

"Fontana-san? What are you doing out here at night?" Yuuki's voice became annoyed when she saw me. Probably because I was her billionth rule-breaker tonight and she was getting tired of repeating herself. "It's against the rules! Honestly, does anyone listen to me anymore? How many times do I have to say it?"

I bit back my comment. I wasn't going to say that I actually knew the rules quite well. I might as well play dumb so I wouldn't get into too much trouble.

"I was looking at the stars, Cross-san. Sorry," I apologized while reading the dictionary to make sure I said it right.

All of the sudden, as if she was bi-polar, she perked up and rushed over to the telescope. "Really? Can you see anything?"

I rolled my eyes, redirected the telescope so it centered Sirius. "Yup, there's one of the dog stars."

"It's so beautiful!" She beamed, her voice a bit squeaky.

I know. I am nothing like the stars.


I was reminded roughly that the blonde kid was still there and still upset.

"Hmm…Aidou-senpai? What's wrong?" Yuuki asked, switching to concern, and stared at him curiously.

"She insulted me! She called me a rabbit! A RABBIT!"

Yes. You are a rabbit. A rabbit. For now on, I shall name you Rabid Rabbit.

"I didn't call you a rabbit. I just said you reminded me of one."

Yuuki Cross sighed, "Fontana-san, please return to your dorm immediately."

"…Fine." I shoved my journal and my charts into my bad and started to dismember my telescope.

"But for now on, could you tell me when you go out to look at stars so I could inform the Headmaster? We could get an Astronomy club going since there's no Astronomy class," she said, smiling.

For some reason I didn't believe her, but I nodded anyway.

"Good night, Cross-san."

"Good night, but call me Yuuki."

"Okay…Yuuki-san," I smiled. A small one though. Don't go thinking that I'm some jolly person now. "Then call me Serena. I feel weird being called by my last name."

"Fontana Serena is your name then?" Aidou-senpai questioned. He sounded like he wanted to take me to court and accuse me of violating him.

"Well…umm...yea…at least the last time I checked it was."

"I will find you the next time then. Miss Serena. This means war."

I blinked. Was he serious? "Okay...Mr. Bunny."

I threw that name in because I knew it would piss him off, and as if right on cue, he blew up on me like a firecracker.


Yuuki laughed nervously. "Okay people, good night!"

She began shoving me back to the dorms before the blonde kid could strangle me. As soon as the sun dorms were in view, she began laughing hysterically.

"You have some nerve calling him that," Yuuki grinned, "But I'm surprised he didn't do anything. Usually when he gets like that he does something."

She never went into detail of what exactly the 'anything' and 'something' were, so I didn't ask. I was too preoccupied with making sure I didn't leave any of my belongings behind anyway. I don't want that blonde boy colliding into me in the future, sneering and informing me that he has my stuff.

Especially my journal. 'Cause my journal is my journal—no one should read it but me.

When I returned to my room my roommate, Shizune, was in deep sleep—snoring away. I was afraid that she might one day suck up the curtains or vacuum the carpets. So I quietly walked around my room, putting back all of my stuff into their rightful places and slipping into my nightwear.

I caught a glimpse of my eyes in the mirror while I was brushing my red hair and grinned. I took pride in only my hair and eyes. My bloody hair and my muddy eyes. What a combination, right?

Anyway, I climbed into bed and pulled the covers over me, not even noticing the pair of red eyes watching outside my window.

I'll damn the trees tomorrow.


I hope I kept the characters cannon because I have only seen a few episodes and read a few manga chapters. If not, let me know. Not sure as to what I want to do with this. Originally I planned it to be a one-shot.


Serena Fontana—the name means calm fountain.

I don't own Vampire Knight. Just the characters I created.