Isabella Swan and Edward Mason walked along the quiet street on a chilly Saturday afternoon

Isabella Swan and Edward Mason walked along the quiet street on a chilly Saturday afternoon. It was December of 1917. Edward was 16 years old and Isabella had recently turned 16 a few months before. The two teenagers had been childhood friends and their friendship had recently in the past year developed into young love. They meandered about the town talking and holding hands, like two carefree children should.

"So, Bella. You still haven't told me." Edward said as they passed various shops and markets in the town.

"Told you what?" She asked innocently. Edward laughed.

"What you want for Christmas" He pulled her closer and wrapped his arm around her waist to shield her from the wintry winds.

"Oh Edward, you know that I don't want anything. I hate you spending money on me, I'm not that important" She sighed. Edward came from a wealthier family in the city of Chicago, and money seemed no object to him when it came to the subject of Isabella. Bella wasn't from a wealthy family, yet she was by no means living in poverty, and she didn't believe in frivolously spending money.

"On the contrary love, I find you very important." She giggled and blushed crimson. Edward's heart jolted at the sight of her blush. He loved how her cheeks would stain red when he complimented her.

"Well—" she said brusquely "—you'll just have to figure something out, because I'm not giving you any ideas." The sheer tone of her voice made Edward chuckle and he leaned down and kissed her forehead. They continued their mid-afternoon stroll in the same light manner. They couldn't be happier.

That Christmas Edward Anthony Mason asked for Isabella Marie Swan's hand in marriage. He had blessings and permission from both of their parents. Bella gleefully accepted. By New Years they were married and both madly and totally crazy about each other. With time they only grew more and more in love. The two had a beautiful spring and a happy beginning to their summer in 1918.

Then the influenza hit.

Edward not three weeks 17 came down with the Spanish influenza days after his mother, Elizabeth, and his father, Edward Sr. contracted the disease. Edward's health was rapidly decreasing, and was soon hospitalized.

A distressed but healthy Bella sat by the sickly Edward's bedside she sobbed quietly into a handkerchief. "Oh Edward, I can't believe this is happening." She whispered hoarsely.

"It's okay Bella, I'll get better, you watch. Everything is going to be fi—" he was cut off by a cough that racked his body. It only made Bella weep harder.

"I-I've got to leave town for a few days, I have to go check on my parents, I haven't received a letter from them in weeks and the next train leaves tomorrow." Tears streamed down her cheeks, she couldn't bear the thought of being away from Edward any length of time. Edward reached up and laid his hand tenderly on her cheek, wiping away her tears.

"It's okay love, I'll be here when you get back. I love you." He smiled feebly. She returned a watery smile.

"I'll hurry back, I'll be gone a week at most. I love you too, with all my heart." She kissed him lightly on the lips. "Bye Edward, see you when I get back."

"I'll be waiting" he lifted a weak hand and waved as she exited the makeshift hospital.

Isabella boarded her train and was off to see her parents, while Edward lay dieing in his hospital bed. The doctor, days after Bella's leave informed Edward that his mother and father passed away in their terrible fevers. Carlisle Cullen, not knowing of Edward and Bella's marriage, took pity upon the boy and attempting to honor Elizabeth Mason's command to save her son, changed Edward into a vampire.

I believe that you know the rest from there…Edward's rebellion, living with Carlisle and Esme, blah blah blah.

Bella did not return for three weeks, her parents had in fact become ill with the same disease that ravaged her home in Chicago. She took care of them until they died. She boarded the next train back to Chicago, anxiously waiting to see her love once more. When she returned to the city she hurried to the hospital where she last left him. He wasn't there, nor was his parents. Her heart beat faster and faster as she flew to their house, expecting a well and recovered husband to be waiting with open arms. But no one was there. With shaking hands she called the city morgue and found out that Edward and his family had passed a two weeks before. She sobbed for days on end, trying to claim back her sanity. Bella had lost everything that she loved and cared about. She had no one left.

Bella lived though July and August in the house. It soon became too much, always seeing pictures of her and Edward, his clothes still hanging in the closet, she slept in one of his shirts, clinging to the scent and memory that came with it. She still missed him with all her heart, soul, and mind, every fiber of her being yearned for him. She grabbed an old carpetbag from the closet in her room and began packing clothes and such. She packed four of Edward's shirts, and his bottle of cologne. She scavenged the house for all the pictures of him and her, all accept for three, one was an oil painting the Mason's had made for her 16th birthday of Edward and her, the next was a family photograph of all four of them it was in an elaborate frame and was too bulky for her to carry, the last was a picture of her and Edward kissing on their wedding day, it was too painful to take with her, the sight of it made her immediately cry. She took her wedding band and put it on its rightful finger and then the diamond heart charm that Edward had given her for Christmas (The one that was Elizabeth's in Eclipse) and then the rest of her meager belongings and took her leave. Locking the house behind her, Isabella Marie Swan Mason, set off for her new life, alone till her dying days.

A month later Bella, freshly 17 years old, was bunkering down in a hotel in St. Louis. She was traveling around, trying to find a suitable town to live the rest of her widowed life in. She was on her way home from the grocery one evening when a stranger with snowy skin and crimson eyes befell her. She tried to scream in fright but the stranger clamped a stone hand over her mouth. She felt what seemed like two razors piercing her skin, she cried out in agony. For some reason, the stranger suddenly was appalled with her and threw her to the ground, she landed with a thud and knocked her head against a brick and fell into unconsciousness. She awoke hours later, and felt like her body was on fire. The pain was nearly unbearable. She merely sunk deeper and deeper in to the alley way and, too weak to move, waited the pain out in almost complete silence. On the third day of her torture the pain alleviated completely. She realized that she had unparalleled strength, speed and charm. Her teeth were white and pointed and razor sharp, her skin was smooth and like marble, she was new. She came to the realization that she was a vampire. After all the myths and stories she never believe that it could ever happen, but it did. She returned to the hotel in the dead of night and dashed in grabbed her things and left, leaving a wad of money on the unmade bed. A thousand different scents hit her at once, a monster inside of her told her to attack the people that lay sleeping in their beds in their quiet homes. She denied it. The terror of taking a life kept her from consuming human blood like the beast that changed her did. She ran until she found a cave in the middle of nowhere, far, far from civilization. She lived months sustaining herself off animals that often came into the clearing not far from her cave; she found that in the sunlight her skin would glitter like a thousand diamonds. But, when she wanted to she could turn it off, like a light switch, sparkle, or not sparkle. She mastered other great gifts in the months and once she found herself in control of what she was, she set off into the unknown, to dwell alone for the rest of her nomadic existence.

I just got the inspiration for this story when i was reading Twilight (AGAIN) on the way home from Columbia TN, so there's the first part