The Phoenix and the Dragon: Knights of Hogwarts

The Phoenix and the Dragon: Knights of Hogwarts.

Summary: After the death of Sirius Harry comes to terms with his destiny and his power within himself. Aligned with the most unlikely of allies and armed with an array of weapons Harry takes things into his own hands, becoming a Knight of Hogwarts.

Prologue – Time's endless sorrows

Sand blew across the hot, brutal desert. Nothing but dunes of sand could be seen for miles. Waves of heat licked the ground, barely visible to the naked eye. And the red hot sun leered down, beating relentlessly down on the inhabitants before it.

A group of light robed gathers stood in the midst of this harsh climate. They laughed and shared drinks of magically cooled water. They held weapons that would never have been expected to be seen held by wizards, especially ignorant purebloods such as these.

The group of men in question were known as Death Eaters the last of its struggling kind, serving a new master of darkness. After the fall of their former dark lord, Lord Voldemort they struggled to stay afloat before falling prey to the enemy who vanquished over their previous master.

While the men and few women laughed and joked while waiting for the reason they were in the desert to arrive, one stood alone in the middle. This woman was Bellatrix Lestrange. The last of Voldemort's inner circle, his most devoted servant and soldier, she looked out onto the horizon, and burned scar painted across her once beautiful face. She ignored the others around her. If you thought she was cold before, years before this particular day, nothing compared to her change of demeanor after her beloved Lord fell to the hands of what she saw was her greatest adversary.

One of the men spoke noticing their leader's calm resolve and ravenous watch of the horizon, "Ms. Bella when did these people say they'd arrive?"

Bellatrix's mouth turned into a snarl turning to answer the man who dared ruin her focus. As she turned to face him, working up a shout and dragging her wand up to curse him for insolence, what happened next was beyond her. With a great force enough to knock her off her feet and explosion erupted from in the middle the group of travelers.

Everything else was a blur, a mixture of shots from rifles, and curses from those that preferred to use wands. More explosions around her, she felt a stabbing a numbing pain down the side of her face, she could no longer see through her left eye, and her arm seemed unusable. The explosions thumped the ground, throwing mounds of sand up with each thump.

Just as soon as it began the attack stopped. Bellatrix laid there in the sand unable to move from the pain. She heard the groans and cries from her dying comrades. She turned her head to face the man who spoke to her before to see half of his face staring back a few feet from where she was. The other half was bloodied closely resembling hamburger meat that was just grinded. Bellatrix closed her eyes at this site. But now knew what had hit her. The attacker was known now, for his tactful use of his own creation. Resembling a muggle mortar, but more deadly then thought possible. The bombs were known as diamond shredders. An empty mortar shell, filled with a stationary reducto charm, upon impact it made the shrapnel turn to fine razor sharp dust, effectively in most cases leaving a person looking like a pile of meat and bones.

The sand shifted again in the wind, Bellatrix hissed in pain attempting to roll over. Her hiss covered the sound of robes flapping in the wind though. Bellatrix now managed to roll over facing the sun above her, for the first time in her life she felt vulnerable and weak, especially when a figure silhouetted by the sun above stood towering over her.

The man in question wasn't who she was expecting but she knew after the attack it was him that was responsible. His robes flapped in the wind as he stood over her. She adjusted her vision to see his black robes, and his gloved hands. In one of his hands he held a silver instrument, which she knew was his light saber.

She smiled weakly, "finally come to finish the job?"

The man laughed, "I'm sorry Bella but I pictured you to be begging for death by now."

The man flicked his wrist and Bellatrix floated upwards to be before him. The man still towered over her, but more in power then height, he carried about him the air of righteousness and hatred towards her. But she knew it could be nothing less then what she deserved.

"Any last words?"

Bellatrix smiled, "only to see you in fucking hell."

With one fluid motion a glowing white beam shot out from the silver instrument and slashed off Bellatrix's head. Her body crumpled to the ground as if she was a puppet who just had strings cut off. The man stood there holding his light saber over his body for a couple seconds but for what seemed like ages, before putting away his dazzling weapon.

He looked around at the last of the fallen Death Eaters before lowering his hood and looking at the horizon just as Bellatix did. His face was hardened with experience of a seasoned veteran, but still kept his young youth in it. A single scar dashed down from his forehead to his jaw bone. His shoulder length, raven black hair drifted with the wind, contrasting with his deep intense green eyes. And the thin thunderbolt scar was barely noticeable since it paled after the fall of the dark lord.

Harry Potter stepped over Lestrange's body deep in thought. A lot has changed in the past three years following the fall of Lord Voldemort. Harry had changed he never would have thought he would've been here in the middle of the desert, fighting a new war.

He gazed at the hills seeing his friends coming towards him, he smiled seeing Draco Malfoy's blonde hair gleam in the sunlight. As they walked towards him he began to think of how this all started between 5th and 6th year.

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