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Chapter 9

The Breaking of Friendships

West of Imilchil, Morocco 2330 Hours.

Diary of Private Marcus Davis, 1st Elite Infantry Division-

"Imilchil, a small town in central Morocco located in the Atlas Mountains. Like most small villages and towns in the country it was over sighted, best place to have a smuggling ring or anything of the like for the Wizarding world. Far from England and the waterfront and smuggling businesses we've been taking out all week since Gringotts. The Jedi won't be assisting us on this one, wouldn't blame them they've had enough on their plates this week with training the 'newbie's' Commander Kale is leading this strike. Why Imilchil? Not sure, we're to be briefed before we strike."

The men stood around the light blue flames that lit up their camp, they were minutes away before beginning a raid in their first foreign country. Kale was standing before them, having handpicked the two small groups for this assignment. Making sure he had everyone's attention he began, "Boys I'm sure you're wondering why the hell we're all the way out here in Morocco, well you get to finally know."

He looked around again before continuing, "During the last war in England, Tom Riddle, aka Voldemort was using muggle born slaves for experiments, we do not know the experiments he was doing but we do know no one ever s

urvived. Ever since General Potter and the others have found this out they've been searching for where he's being getting his slaves from, well yesterday we've received some Intel that a group that calls themselves 'The Children of Light' have been capturing and sending slaves out from Imilchil, this little town down the mountain."

He pointed down to the small cluster of lights, "The Intel came from a man named A'hd, whose been working with a resistance to free them, they've asked us to help. The plan is simple, the building we're after is on the west outskirts of the town, we're to go in from the back, A'hd and his men will be going in through the front, we're to take out these, 'Children of light' and free the slaves, we're also under orders to find out if this group has any other operating areas. Any questions? Good let's move out."

Kale picked up his rifle and put on his helmet as everyone filed into rank and began to march down to Imilchil, which looked peaceful this time at night, but the Vanguard knew that the muggles wouldn't be at peace for long.

London, England


In the list of attacks that has ensued over the week since the assault on Gringotts Goblin Bank, the Jedi Vanguard led by the Neo Sorcerers the Jedi Knights. The Jedi Vanguard has now attacked again, this time not on our own soil, but in Central Morocco this time. Around 12am muggle and magical residents of the small town Imilchil awoke to sounds of gunfire and explosions on the outskirts of their town. In what was an hour long fight it was found that the Jedi Vanguard was assaulting a group known as the 'Children of Light' known slavers and murders of North Africa's muggleborn population.

While the Auror department couldn't be reached for commentary on this new attack, news of the International Confederation of Warlocks will be convening this weekend to hold talks of the growing supposed threat of the Jedi Order.

But what threat is there? Rufus Scimgeour, Head of the Auror Department has released information that seems to have been justifying the acts of the Jedi.

"The targets that have been attacked by the Jedi, have so far been all Death Eater Smuggling Rackets, brought back into business since He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has come back into power. They've been smuggling poisons, banned tradable goods, and even slaves, while the Auror Department has been looking into where the slaves were coming from it seems the Jedi have beaten us to the punch," Scrimgeour commented when interviewed on this matter.

Minister Cornelius Fudge in all matters stands by his words that the Jedi order is still a Terrorist cell, and all their doing is taking out their competition before moving onto us. He also claims, though has released no files that a few months prior to these attacks from the Jedi that similar strikes were happening in Manhattan, New York.

Harry looked up, "seems he's not doing everything to stop the newspaper yet."

"Wonder why," Alex mumbled, stirring more sugar into her coffee. The four along with Damien and Mrs. Malfoy were sitting in a small café across the street from Kings Cross. They were really early for the train and didn't want to go in just yet, they were hoping to avoid the Weasley family, "I figured since his original broadcast, that'd he'd be leaning on the Prophet to follow what he's said and keep writing bad about us."

Harry nodded, looking at Nita and Draco who were sitting and the café counter laughing with Damien and his mother. The two were just caught making out in the training room last night, so were more forward with their relationship now, "It might be harder, Fudge is trying to keep his job, and I guess the Wizengamot hasn't pulled for his impeachment yet, so these stories might be of the Prophet's actual opinion this time, unlike last year."

Alex nodded sipping her drink and making a face causing Harry to laugh, "Would you like hot chocolate? Cause Nita said that's what you prefer over coffee."

Alex tinted pink, she was only drinking coffee because Harry was, she wanted to seem more sophisticated in his eyes, not childish, and "No this is good."

She added more sugar, causing Harry to laugh more. Unlike Nita and Draco, who just seemed to click with each other, Alex and Harry were having a harder time. Alex, because she was afraid of rejection from Harry, Harry because his last relationship wasn't really a relationship at all and he was very disconnected from his feelings.

"Excuse me, miss?" Alex looked up to see Harry had stopped the waitress, who was checking Harry out again.

"Sorry for bothering you but would you be kind to get my friend here a hot chocolate please," Harry smiled his dazzling smile and the waitress smiled back.

"Of course anything for you dear," she winked and sauntered off behind the counter.

"Eighteen year old anorexic slut," She thought savagely. She couldn't blame her to be honest. They had all dressed in their school uniforms, except the robes to avoid stares, and Harry dressed in his black slacks, his white button up shirt stretched across his tight chest with his red and gold tie loosened around his neck, he looked incredibly sexy.

Alex on the other hand was subconscious about her legs, hated her school uniform skirt, until she caught Harry looking at her legs.

The waitress came back with a steaming mug of hot chocolate and was to take the coffee away but Harry stopped her, "I can finish that."

She nodded smiled again and walked away. Leaving Alex to blush as she sipped her new drink, She couldn't hide the look that obviously said 'yum' on her face that caused Harry to chuckle as he continued to flip through the paper.

Eventually Draco came over, interrupting their comfortable silence, "Mum says we should get boarding the train now come on."

Harry nodded folding up his paper and followed Draco out, leaving a small tip for the waitress Alex and Nita followed, swinging Damien with their hands as he laughed. They went into the train station seeing Kale and Jacobs waiting near platform nine and three quarters, dressing in modest muggle wearing. It didn't fool Alex and the others though; they knew they were armed with at least their pistols and wands.

Kale smiled as he saw them, despite having led the assault on Imilchil hours previous, he looked like he was well rested, "Hey kids."

He chuckled at the looks on their face, "we ran some satellite imagining, and Severus gave us a report. Apparently Aurors are going to be on the train, and it'll be passing through a check point set up by the ministry half way through your journey, in case anything gets passed the Auror's who have post here, so I'm asking if you still want an air escort?"

"No, for all we know they could have their eyes on the sky, but have 8492nd ready to scramble on notice, as well as the Raiders. Just in case," Harry answered, looking around to make sure no wizards were passing as he said this.

Kale nodded, "Alright I'll get right on it, oh and F.Y.I. Draco, McGonagall is waiting for you on the train."

Draco nodded, "Alright let's go then," he was the first to go through the barrier with Nita. Then it was Mrs. Malfoy and Damien, with Harry and Alex close behind. The platform was packed, just as Harry had hoped; Mad-eye Moody would even have trouble spotting Harry in this mess.

Two Aurors stood by with secrecy probes waving them over luggage over the students and parents. The luggage would be checked as it arrived at the school, not that Harry and the other were worried, their trunks had been modified and given another compartment. When they tapped their wands with the correct incantation they'd open it to find their Jedi Robes and other belongings from the temple. It was undetectable. Their sabers, which stayed on their person at all times was in these trunks as well just to pass this first inspection.

The Aurors paid no mind to them but ran the probes over them before pushing them along. The four then clambered on the train, placing their trunks in a compartment near the end of the train before getting back off to exchange hugs with Mrs. Malfoy and Damien.

The whistle blew its final call the four Jedi got back on waving good bye as the train began to move down its track slowly. They were heading back to Hogwarts.

Harry laid his head back and propped his legs on the seat across from him, Draco was pulling on his black robes, pinning his prefect badge as Nita had book out and was reading it, while Alex stretched, and lay down across the seats, her head resting on Harry's lap.

"Well I have to go to the prefects meeting, I'll be back in a bit," Draco announced, placing his saber in its sheath, hiding it from view.

"Have fun," Harry said not looking up from the copy of the Quibbler he was now reading.

Draco slid the compartment door closed, and began to make his way through the narrow hall to the front of the train. He ignored the looks from his fellow class mates. Some were his fellow Slytherins, giving him mixed and confused looks. Then there were the others from other houses, who gave him dirty looks and quickly went back to their seats. Draco paid them no attention. He made his way up to the Prefect Carriage just in time to see the other prefects leaving. He didn't see Hermione and Ron though. He walked in see that Hermione and Ron were still talking to Professor McGonagall.

She looked up seeing him arrive, "Ah Mr. Malfoy, nice to make an appearance."

She ushered the two Gryffindors outs before continuing to address him, "I was to send for you."

"Sorry Professor, I was under the impression that the prefect meeting began after the train left the Platform, not as the train was leaving."

She shook her head, "We tried to send an owl to you but it kept coming back, we were beginning to worry. Is it true that you ran off this summer?"

"Yes, my father's master wished me to do something and I refused, so I left, sadly my choice placed my family at risk, and we all had to go into hiding."

"Is it alright for me to ask where they are now?"

"In London, with Potter's relatives, that's all I can really say, if you don't mind Professor."

She nodded and walked over to a wrapped around cloth, "Well Professor Dumbledore and the other head of houses had a talk, and do you feel safe in your original house?"

"I'm not exactly worried, but there might be a lot of fighting to be honest," Draco smirked, "But there's nothing that could really be done about that is there Professor?"

She smiled a tight lipped smile, "Well there is a clause in Hogwarts policy that permits students, who might be in trouble within their own house, to be resorted."

With a flourish she unfolded the sorting hat, setting it upon one of the cushioned seats of the compartment, "So the choice is yours Mr. Malfoy."

Draco nodded, unperturbed by this turn of events. Harry and Nita predicted this may happen, so he was prepared for it. With luck he was hoping to be placed in Gryffindor. Even though the four original families were of the four houses, these days being split up between the houses was not the best thing. Sighing he sat down and placed the hat upon his head, allowing it to cover his eyes.

"Well well Mr. Malfoy, haven't we changed over the past five years?" The sorting hat spoke within his head, "much more courage, the yearning to gain knowledge has grown, and such loyalty to your new friends. The training of the Jedi has done you well."

"Please keep that a secret from a headmaster," Draco asked politely.

"Don't worry young Malfoy, all your secrets, as well Mr. Potters and Miss Russo and Callahan, will be kept in confidence, but this isn't a conversation is this? No this is a sorting young Malfoy, and I believe, for the time being, that it'd be best for you to be Gryffindor."

He spoke the last word out calmly and quietly. Without anything else said McGonagall took off the hat. And folded it back up, "Well you may go back to enjoying you trip to the castle, upon arriving you are required to sit with the Gryffindor House, and I'll notify Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley of your resorting, and before the sorting ceremony, you must go see Dumbledore, if you see Mr. Potter you need to tell him the same thing, the password is 'lemon drops', now off you go."

Draco nodded and began to make his way back to the end of the train again. It was there that he met another surprise. He slid the compartment door open, seeing Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, who looked like there where in a middle of a heated discussion, Nita was looking ready to shout, and Alex who was snoozing peacefully with her head in Harry's lap.

Draco smiled at the sight before Ron turned on him, "What do you want Malfoy?"

"I could be asking you the same Weasley."

"What the hell do you mean Malfoy, you're not welcome here!" Ron stepped right into Malfoy's face, spitting on him, Hermione grabbed him by the scruff of the shirt and pulled him back, "Out of line Ronald!"

Draco looked down at Harry giving him a questioning look. He answered, "What'd McGonagall want?"

Draco smiled despite himself, "Dumbledore wants to see you and me when we arrive at the school, that and I've been resorted for protection, looks like we'll be seeing a lot more each other Potter, whoops I forgot, McGonagall is supposed to tell the prefects first."

He looked at Ron when he said this.

"Wait, you've been resorted? I thought Hogwarts didn't do that," Hermione asked her eyebrows vanishing beneath her bushy hair.

Draco grinned maliciously flopping down in his seat next to Nita, "well Granger it does, so Weasley do you mind? I don't want to have to look at your disgusting robes all day so let's keep this brief…unless Potter."

Harry shook his head, "Ron's already said what he has to say, but good luck turning the rest of the house against me Weasley."

Ron gapped at him, before storming out of the compartment, Hermione stood there looking uneasy, "Harry…I…"

"Don't worry Hermione, I'm not holding anything against you, I know what's going on, when you get tired of it you know where to find me," Harry went back to reading his magazine, not looking up as Hermione, who looked near tears whispered something and walked out, closing the door gently behind her.

"The bloody hell happened?"

"Ron came in, asked who the hell we were, then began asking why Harry had decided to hide away with a terrorist group, abandoning his family, yada yada," Nita answered stretching her arms up, "I thought you were being pretty calm about it Harry."

Harry smiled, but didn't answer as he was too busy finishing the article.

"Well the headmaster's going to be pissed off at him for this either way."

The three jumped, thinking Alex was happily asleep. Her eyes were opened a little and she was looking at Harry, a smile threatening to break across his face.

"What do you mean by that?"

Alex sighed, sitting up, keeping her skirt from riding up, "no one here read his thoughts?"

Draco and Harry shook their heads but Nita made a look, "Akamu has told us we're not supposed to invade other minds, but linger, feeling their emotions to see their intentions."

"Well I was wondering why he had such anger towards Harry; I mean he's supposed to be one of your best friends isn't he?" Alex looked to Harry who nodded before continuing, "He's jealous, cause the Prophet has been naming him the Chosen one, that Hermione is leaning towards his side, but she's confused cause she likes Ron, wonder why though…and Dumbledore gave Ron orders this summer to keep a close eye on you, and try to get what he can about the Jedi, he was given that order since Gringotts."

"Never thought I'd see the day Alex would gather more information than the three of us," Draco commented with a grin. Alex laughed with Harry and Nita but threw a pumpkin pastry at Draco who caught it and began to unwrap it.

"Well it's settled, we'll have to keep on eye on Dumbledore and Ron, maybe even his sister…"

"No we won't," Harry stood up and looked out at the landscape flying by through the window, "the Weasley family doesn't know about Ron's orders, and they all support me, Severus told me this last night, the Order is beginning to question Dumbledore's actions against us, it seems this week we've begun to loosen the seams of the Order and the Ministry…"

"The Ministry too?" Alex looked to Draco, who gestured for Harry to continue.

"Last night while you were in bed, I was getting the report from Kale on what happened in Imilchil…that's when the other reports came in, Dumbledore is having half of the Order beginning to look into possible members of the Vanguard, is also asked Severus to try and smoke out our spy within Riddle's circle. That's begun the split in the order, according to one of Kale's informants in the Ministry, the Auror department as well as the Magical Department of Law Enforcement has begun to question why their being told to attack Vanguard members on sight, and to bring us in alive if at all possible. Not to mention was going on with the ICW."

"What's going on with the Confederation?"

"Countries are questioning Dumbledore and his arguments, about us."

The three were silent, contemplating this new information. It seemed like months ago since they ran through the cavernous tunnels of Gringotts bank, but it hadn't been, they've taken in three new people to train as Jedi's Akamu was just finishing up their training, they all belong to the Vanguard, young men and one girl barely out of 18 that wanted to join the military to do some good, but they found the Vanguard much better to their liking. Harry and Draco were the ones to spot them for their adept use of the force. Alex and Nita always worried as they were so tuned in with the force yet, but had to keep remembering Draco and Harry had been working with it longer then they had. Whenever they trained, the two would overwhelm them, they seemed to be equal in power, but when they watched the two sparring themselves, Harry always won, if only just.

The train began to slow down, "We're at the first check point."

Alex looked over Harry's shoulder to see he was correct, they saw a battalion of Aurors in battle armor waiting on the side of the train, a voice came of the loud speaker of the train, "Students we ask that you politely step off the train so that Ministry Officials could run a check, you are to stay sight of the train and officials at all times of this search."

Harry and the others began to follow the rest of the students off the train; everyone was chatting wildly and smiling uncertainly at the serious looking aurors as they helped the students off the train.

Alex nudged Nita seeing a red headed girl with freckles and a dark haired round faced boy make a beeline towards them and Harry.

The red head was the first to reach him and gave him a tight hug; Alex felt a rush of jealousy wash over her.

"Be mindful of your emotions Alex," Draco whispered in her ear, "besides Potter has all eyes for you."

Alex blushed at that thought now, and walked up to greet the two friends of Harry's.

"Honestly I don't know what's Ron thinking, he has more of a chance getting in some chick's pants before he can get the house against you," the red head spoke, she looked and saw Alex, "oh hello, are you new?"

Alex smiled as kindly as she could manage, she didn't feel anything dark from her, but she knew of the feelings she had for Harry, "yeah, I'm Alex Russo, transfer from New York."

"Ginny Weasley, nothing like my brother Ron if you meet him," Ginny answered shaking her hand, "This is Neville Longbottom, he's in the same house as me and Harry."

"Harry? As in Harry Potter?" Alex joked acting surprised as she looked over to Harry, Nita and Draco laughed as he gave her a dark look.

While Alex introduced Nita to Ginny and the three traded stories about New York and England, Harry and Draco drifted off to the side, looking as the Auror's conducted their search, but their attention was given to a set of men dressed in black armor with a shield upon their shoulders, depicting a sword drawn diagonally between a 'T' and a 'C'.


"Talon Company, Mercenaries," Harry spoke before Draco could finish his question. Harry looked at the rifles they were carrying, majority of them were carrying M4 carbines or M16 Assault Rifles.

"Kale mentioned them, brutal and efficient, maybe more so, I'm surprised the Ministry hired them, they must think that they are the best to contend with the Vanguard."

Draco nodded in agreement, "Should we let Kale know?"

"Knowing him he probably already does." Harry didn't speak any more, as he began to climb back onto the train.

Dumbledore peered over the sprawling parchment that covered his desk within his study at Hogwarts. He paid no mind to the portraits of its previous headmaster's and headmistresses that cleared their throats and shifted in their chairs within the paintings as they watched him. That and the uneasy footing of the man who stood opposite of him, waiting to be addressed. Nope Dumbledore's full attention was devoted to the report that lay before him, a detailed report from Sector 7. While searching the entire west coast, they deduced that Alex Russo and Nita Callahan and their saviors were no longer in the country and were broadening their search to South America, and Canada. Dumbledore scoffed as he read this, he already figured that Russo Callahan, Malfoy and Potter were the four Jedi, but he couldn't say anything about it as of yet, especially if Harry was the leader. If the world found out Harry Potter was the leader of the Jedi, support for them would be explosive, and everything he and his family had worked towards for so long would be undone in a matter of seconds if the whole wizarding world found out that Harry was leading the Jedi. Support for the Jedi in the Confederation was already appearing. He was trying to make movements to label that Jedi as a terrorist group, or to make some sort of international law so it'd make them all criminals worthy to be hunted on sight but it was hard to push the deliberations any faster.

The second part of the report from Sector 7 was informing that the rest of the Russo family had vanished off the grid, and they were conducting a separate search for them, as this sudden disappearance occurred right behind Alex's disappearance. The Callahan family was kept under surveillance but Dumbledore knew that Nita was muggleborn, so her parent's posed no threat.

Sighing to himself, folded the parchment up and lit on fire with his wand before bringing his attention to the man who stood before him. The man stood at attention before him, dressed in a black collared shirt and khaki pants with black high polished boots covering his feet. On the chest of the shirt bore the Talon Company Crest.

"You must be Lieutenant Webb I presume?"

Lieutenant David Webb of the Talon Company Mercenaries was previously a member of the US Auror Corps. Webb fell out at the age of 25 and joined Talon Company, a corporate the shipped magical surplus throughout the world, there he was recruited into the private army of Talon Company. The Mercenaries were usually hired by arms dealers and the like as the International Confederation banned actual Governments from hiring mercenaries unless they were in open warfare. Webb as well as four other High ranking officials were sent with the battalion of Mercenaries he had hired to help protect Hogwarts this year and stave off the Jedi when need be. Minister Fudge believed that the Mercenaries reported to him but in reality they all reported to Dumbledore.

"Yes sir I am, I'm here to give a status report on our defensive measurements."

Dumbledore nodded and gestured for him to sit down, "spare me the details and give me a rough summary if you could please, the students shall be arriving soon."

Webb nodded and cleared his throat, "we have set up patrols through the village and along the castle walls as well as mounted defense at the castle gates. We still have worries about the openness of the Forbidden Forest though; the enemy could come through there."

Dumbledore smiled, "The last army that marched through that forest was the Northern Army of King Edward I and not all of them left, and not even the Jedi would manage to traverse through the forest. Is that all?"

"No sir, you requested our researchers to look into how the Vanguard weapons were enchanted, I have information on that."

Dumbledore was now looking interested, "Go on."

Webb set down a pale looking crystal before the headmaster, "This is a manmade crystal that consists of infused magic, integrated with some muggle technology and you got an energy cell."

Webb showed the empty cartridge that was one of many left at Gringotts as well as the many other attacked places by the vanguard, "this type of creation I've seen before and only one man would jump at the bit to create this stuff."

"Who would that be?"

"Kale Richardson, he was dropped from the USAC for proposing this kind of technology, even though we were allowed to carry muggle firearms we weren't allowed to enchant them."

"So Kale Richardson may be in the Vanguard?"

"Quite possible sir."

"And what of the Jedi weapons, these light sabers?"

"We cannot be sure of how those work unless we can see the sabers for ourselves, we have a theory that it might be the same crystals used for the guns, but we cannot be sure because the sabers seem to be self sustaining."

Dumbledore nodded again, "Alright, send word out that the train shall be arriving soon, I want all luggage checked before the elves take them up to the dormitories."

"Yes sir," Webb saluted the headmaster before turning around on his heel and began to leave before being interrupted.

"And Lieutenant? I would like for you to be present as the Sorting Ceremony as well."

Webb made a face, attending the school's beginning of the year feast was something he didn't look forward to, "I'll be there sir."

Without another word Webb left the old man to his other business.

The weather seemed to reflect the ominous feeling of being in the looming shadow of the Castle as they rode up the narrow dirt road to the school gates.

Alex and Nita were talking excitedly, ecstatic about seeing one of the most prestigious schools in the world of magic while Harry and Draco were taking note of the new security placed around the castle. They were just looking out the window to see another squad of armed mercenaries trudging up the road in line.

"That's four Harry…" Draco muttered.

Harry nodded, "four patrols up the main road, two entrenched MGs at the beginning of the road…"

"And by looks of it, and there's mounted guns at the castle gate," Draco pointed out.

Harry looked up from the notes he was taking to see the pile of sand bags and tank obstacles standing in front of the gates flanked by statures of winged boars. Before he could comment on them the coach lurched to a sudden stop, and one of the mercenaries walked up opening the door.

"Alright kids out," he barked waving them out with his rifle. The four complied without question. He noted the two Browning M2 .50 cal. machine guns positioned behind the cover of the sand bags.

The soldier backed up from them his rifle was still trained on them, "arms out and legs apart."

Harry and Draco complied, knowing this was the new procedure of the school, before even stepping onto the grounds they were to be checked.

"What for?" Alex asked giving the man a dark look.

"To be searched missy, school has strict policy on bringing in dark artifacts, and we find that there is a high probability of students being imperiused and smuggling in contraband to attack a high priority target within these walls."

The soldier made to push them forward and pat them down but another solider interrupted.

"Derek you off your fucking rocker?"

Derek blinked at looked up to see someone else emerging from the shadows of the grounds, "they've been checked as the boarded the train, and their luggage is going through inspection now as well, besides the fucking priority target is right in front of you!"

Derek looked at Harry and gaped when his eyes fell upon the lightning bolt shaped scar, "oh erm…sorry about that mister Potter."

He backed off and shot a glare at the person that interrupted him, "What is it that you came down here for Smith?""

"To escort Potter, to the school Lt. Webb asked me to," Smith gestured for Harry and the others to follow him, "try to pat down any other students upon their entry, I'll report it to Webb."

Derek grumbled and backed off allowing the four to follow Smith up to the castle.

"I apologize for this Mr. Potter, Derek is kind of unhappy about being on patrol at the school gates," Smith spoke after a moment of tense silence.

"Surely you-know-who isn't the cause for this much protection is it?"

Smith looked over his shoulder and smiled at Nita, who asked the question, "you Callahan or Russo?"

Nita sputtered looked surprised at the mention of her surname.

"She's Callahan; I'm Russo sir," Alex answered smiling, "were you guys informed of us or something?"

Smith nodded, "Two exchange students from the States, fifth years yet to sorted, the Headmaster informed us of you two, seeing as we have to make sure if anything happens it doesn't happen to you. But to answer your question, this school already well protected against the Dark Lord and his followers, it's the Jedi and their vanguard that brought us here."

Draco scoffed at hearing this, "Surely the ministry is that scared of them? After all me and Harry spent time with them this summer and we're alright."

"The minister and your headmaster believed that even though they haven't made an attack upon the actual government it doesn't mean they won't especially after Imilchil."


Smith smiled, "figured everyone would be aware of that event."

"We're aware of it we just want to know why they feel like that it'd be the next step to attacking them," Harry looked at Alex who shrugged as he asked this.

"Testament to their power Mr. Potter," Smith stopped at the bottom of the stone staircase that led to the tall entrance doors, "I'm sure it's not listed in the newspaper, but apart from the magnificent light show they showed, there was no trace of them. No signs of apparition or portkeys, they even went through muggle channels to see if the vanguard flown in and out, nothing. So we're here because it's showing that the Jedi and their Vanguard are a lot more stronger and good at being below the 'radar' so to speak."

Without saying another word Smith saluted them and began to march off back to his post.

"Wait!" Alex called after him, "what do you think? Are the Jedi a threat to us?"

Smith turned and smiled again, "My opinion differs from my brothers, but no, I've grown up with the Legends of the Jedi that so few have heard anymore, and if the time comes that I must face them as an enemy, I'd not turn my back on my brothers."

The four watched as Smith marched away before entering the castle. Harry and Draco sighed with content at finally returning to the grand school. Alex and Nita gaped in awe at the vastness of the entrance hall leading to the Great Hall.

"Ah Mr. Potter, Mr. Malfoy."

The two girls blinked seeing a very stern looking witch walk towards them, "The Headmaster is expecting you, if you can head to his office so he can speak to you before the welcoming feast begins."

Harry nodded and flashed a smile to Alex and Nita before leading Draco up the grand staircase to the headmaster's office, leaving the two girls with Professor McGonagall.

"You two must be the exchange students, Juanita Callahan and Alexandra Russo?" she asked looking down at the girls through her square spectacles. The two nodded sheepishly.

"Alright then if you can follow me, so you can be sorted with sadly, the first years."

Nita and Alex nodded, their thoughts being cast out to Harry and Draco one last time.

"Must be a record eh Potter? Being summoned to Headmaster's office before term can even begin."

Harry chuckled as he bounded up the spiraling staircase, "maybe he'll make me the new head boy so I'll kiss ass this year again."

Draco laughed at the joke coming up short as Harry threw out his arm to stop him.

"Harry what?"

"Quiet!" Harry urged cutting him off. Draco as about to ask why until he heard the voices creep upon him through the office doors, the two silently walked up to them now listening in on them.

"I've said this before during the summer, despite your dislike of him you must attempt to continue to be friends with him, especially now that he holds information that we need dearly," one of the voices said urgently. They recognized it to be Dumbledore's.

"But he's an idiot sir! Stuck up and worthless piece of bloody shit ever to walk this earth, and he's now friends with Malfoy!" Ron shouted back in defiance.

The room was silent, and then Dumbledore spoke in his cold chilling voice, "Well you will have to put aside your petty differences with Malfoy then, especially with the fact that he has been resorted into your house Ronald. We need Harry, without him we cannot defeat the dark lord, and if he is turning to an alliance with the Jedi then there will be an untold amount of damage, and we cannot let this happen, do you understand?"

"Okay enough of this," Harry muttered he knocked on the door before Ron can even answer.

He heard Ron's sharp intake of air as he had knocked. Dumbledore cleared his throat before answering, "Come in please."

Harry lead the way through the doors noticing the glare from Ron and the questioning look from Dumbledore. As he walked in he felt Dumbledore try to needle into his thoughts silently, crashing into his mental defenses. He smiled at the look of astonishment etched on the headmaster's face, ignoring the looks of contempt that Draco and Ron were throwing at each other.

"Mr. Weasley, we'll talk more on this matter later, enjoy the feast," Dumbledore spoke, his eyes never leaving Harry's, "Harry, Mr. Malfoy if you both could please take a seat, we have much to discuss in this short amount of time."

The two occupied the two chairs before his oak desk, Harry keeping his eyes locked with those twinkling blue eyes as Draco who never had the opportunity to be in the Headmaster's office glanced around the room, his eyes falling upon the repaired spinning silver objects that Harry had taken to destroying at the end of the previous years.

"Well first of all Mr. Malfoy I like to give my condolences to the current situation your family is in, and like to tell you how happy I am to know that you and your family is safe, if you wish I can organize with the Order for your father's safety as soon as he leaves Azkaban."

"With all due respect sir, but in my opinion the only place safe for my family is where the Dark Lord cannot reach them, and currently is with the Jedi Order," Draco smirked as he said this, noting the look that Dumbledore quickly masked.

"So the Jedi have been harboring you and Harry this summer?"

"Yes sir, and before you can ask about them, note that I've been sworn to secrecy of the Order and the Vanguard," Draco leaned back in his chair.

Dumbledore peered at the two from over his half moon spectacles before turning Harry, "Is this true?"

Harry nodded, "They asked us to, did not force us, in compliance for keeping us safe."

"I must say I deplore you to divulge what you can about this terrorist group, they are a danger, despite what they may have led you to believe, to us."

"Pardon sir, but given the fact that I personally spent an entire summer with them, and they've done more against Voldemort then your Order of the Phoenix has, I doubt them to be a terrorist cell," Harry replied coolly continuing in the same calm voice he used when analyzing someone's intentions, "besides, Draco and I swore an oath upon our magic. For us to spill the secrets of the Jedi Order and the Vanguard, we would be stripped of our magic. And that is something you don't want to happen to the person who is supposed to rid the world of Tom Riddle do you?"

Draco fought hard to keep a straight face as he watched Dumbledore try to digest this information. He looked livid, and for once outsmarted. It was a known fact that after Gringott's Dumbledore would try to get Harry and Draco to talk about the Order, and while they were the Jedi, and Harry felt ninety percent sure that Dumbledore had already traced their family lines back to the four original Jedi, but he couldn't do anything till he had proof that they were behind the attacks.

Dumbledore sighed, obviously seeing no way around this, "Well that is all I needed to ask. By the way Mr. Malfoy, congratulations on being resorted into Gryffindor, I'm sure Mr. Potter will help you to fit in there, now you may go to the feast."

The two boys nodded, and left the office quickly heading back to the great hall.

"So what do you think?"

"About what?"

Draco gave Harry a look, "About Weasley working for Dumbledore."

Harry shrugged, "I'm not that surprised, now that I think about it Ron seems to flaunt towards whoever could give him power right now. It used to be me, now Dumbledore has taken him under his wing."

"Ah yes the power and popularity of being the friend of the Chosen One, thought to be the Heir of Slytherin and what not," Draco chuckled, "What about Granger?"

Harry stayed silent for a moment thinking about the emotions he had felt from Hermione before answering slowly, "She's confused, Ron hasn't told her what Dumbledore has tasked him to do, let alone she's not aware of Dumbledore's suspicion of us, being who we are."

Harry sighed looking at Draco who gave a curt nod to continue, "She likes him, and is hoping this is just a phase due to the fact that I vanished over the summer."

Silence fell over the two as Draco soaked in what Harry said. All that could be heard down the hall was the sound of their shoes hitting the stone floor, and the growing noise of chatter from the great hall.

"Is she a threat?"

Harry smiled at that, "Not really, her heart is pure and mind is strong, much unlike Ron's. When she sees the truth behind these actions she'll either stay to side or join us. But only time will tell on that my friend."

Draco nodded saying no more on the matter as the two headed through the oak doors into the great hall. They looked around seeing that the sorting has already finished and the students were only waiting on Dumbledore to arrive to make his beginning speech before they ate. Harry nudged Draco in the ribs and gestured to the end of their table where Alex and Nita sat waving them down.

They just took their seats as Dumbledore entered the hall striding up to the podium quickly and raising his hands to silence the restless crowd of students.

"Welcome new students and welcome back to our old students!" He spoke joyously, "I have some announcements to make, but before that I believe it is due time to tuck in."

With those short words food began to materialized upon the platters before them and the hall once again became noisy with chatter.

Alex looked at Harry from over her roasted potatoes, "what did-?"

She went quiet as Harry shook his head vigorously signal her to be quiet. He noticed that Ron was casting him covert looks. In fact he wasn't the only one casting looks of curiosity towards him and Draco, or the fact that Draco and Nita were holding hands, and overall acting like a lovesick couple.

He felt and heard the thoughts of those surrounding them. Everyone was curious as to why Harry and Draco seemed to be getting along, or who was the girl he was feeding vegetables from his fork with a smile on his face.

"So who's who?" Alex asked Harry looking up at the staff table, "apart from Professor Snape, of course."

"The big guy at the end with the tangle of beard and hair at the end of the table, he's Hagrid, my first friend here, and the care of magical creatures professor. Next to him is Professor Sinistra the Astronomy Professor."

Harry went down the list of teachers, what subjects they teach and even a relative story about it. How Professor Snape, who despite being on their side, favored his house. How Professor McGonagall was the headmistress and possibly one of the sternest teachers that it was ill advised to cross.

"So who is the lady with the thick glasses and the shawls?" Alex pointed at the Divination Professor.

"Professor Trelawney, who always predicts Harry's horrible and painful deaths," Draco answered, "How many times is it?"

Harry smiled, "Lost count, what are your extra classes anyways?"

"Care of Magical creatures and Ancient Runes," Alex went back to looking at the table of teachers noticing a man in a black collared shirt and khakis sitting at the end looking uneasy, "Harry who is that?"

Harry looked back up at the table seeing him now talking to a rather plump looking wizard who sort of resembled a walrus, "I'm not sure, I'd imagine he'd be a new teacher but doesn't explain who the walrus looking guy is though."

Before they could talk more about who was teaching Defense against the Dark Arts, and why the other person was there. Dumbledore stood up once again, and the chattering subsided.

"Once again welcome students, before you all head off to bed I'd like to make a few announcements. First I'd like to welcome back an old colleague of mine Professor Horace Slughorn, who as agreed to come back and teach Potions, as Professor Snape will be teaching Defense against the Dark Arts," Professor Slughorn stood up to acknowledge the small applause as Snape merely waved as the Slytherin house cheered the loudest.

"Also I'd like to give a big welcome to Lieutenant Webb, who is the supervisor to our new security that I'm sure everyone has noticed. On that note I'd like to remind everyone of the dangers that we now face. The Dark Lord Voldemort is once again at large, along with this new a threatening group who called themselves Jedi, I'd like to stress the importance that if you see anything unusual and suspicious to please alert the staff immediately. On that final note I wish you all good night, as I'm sure your more than prepared to get some rest to start school the next morning so pip pip!"

With those final words the students began to stand from their tables and file out of the hall Prefects shouting for the attention of first years to follow them, friends still speaking about their summers to friends. With one last fleetingly look at Webb, Alex quickly fell into following Harry as he led the way to the common room.

Wormtail moved swiftly through the columns of metal shipping containers. Despite moving so quickly he knew the new death eater recruits were following close behind him, keeping pace, looking at every crack and opening for the enemy as they continued to the container they wanted.

Earlier that day the Dark Lord had given the task of retrieving the container of slaves that were already on their way to England as soon as possible. He decided to give the task to Wormtail, the traitor to the Potters, and the overall fearful weakling that the Death Eater's had to offer.

This was a relatively simple job, in fact Wormtail had done this several times since his Lord rose back to power, and he did it alone or with a few recruits that had just joined, not the large number that was following him now. He should feel honored to know he held the small command of such a large number, but knew that it was more due to the fact the Dark Lord was apprehensive that the Vanguard would be waiting here to ambush them, or worse.

Wormtail was now thinking how easy it'd be if they just port keyed the mudblood slaves to their new base of operations, but the Slavers liked operating in secret, and international port keys could be traced.

So that's why they were here, in London Harbor, going through containers to find the one that held the slaves for Voldemort's experiments.


Wormtail turned around to the new recruit, Flint was his name, "What is it Flint?"

"This is the one, I think sir," Flint answered, holding his wand up to look at the container number. Wormtail sighed and walked up, reading the number to himself, "Guess you're right."

He readied his wand as the others pointed theirs down every walk path around them, "Open it Flint."

Flint pointed his wand at the padlock latched onto the container doors and tapped it once, hearing click as it unlocked. He tossed the padlock away and tossed to the ground, slowly opening the door revealing the darkness within, no slaves staring back fearfully at them, just enveloping darkness.

"What the-?" Wormtail stared at the empty container and then the door that bore the numbers that he was told was correct. Was there a mix up? Or did the Jedi empty the container before it was even shipped over here? After all the ship left a few hours before the attack in Imilchil, if they knew to attack the Slavers in Imilchil did they know to about the slaves that were already being exported from the country to England?

His answer came in the sound of three hisses from within the container, he stared as three lightsabers activated, their owners materialized before them. Without warning they charged out at them, crying, slashing their saber's through the air. Wormtail shouted out jumping out of the way as he saw a blue lightsaber sink itself into the chest of Flint. The other two jedi pushed out with the force blowing the others away before they could fire off any curses. Wormtail gaped in shock at seeing them, they were not as he initially thought the four that attacked Gringotts or led the other attacks over the week following. Those four notable kept their hoods up, and wore a mask to distort their voice and hide their identities. These three did no such thing their hoods were down no masks on. He watched as one of them, the only male out of the three open his mouth in a snarl as he cut down two death eaters with ease. He then turned to Wormtail, his dark eyes boring into his watery ones, he advanced towards him.

"AVADA KERDAVA!" Wormtail shouted firing the killing curse at him. The Jedi deflected the curse with his saber easily, slashing through the air cutting Wormtail's wand hand off.

Wormtail shouted out in pain clutching the smoking stump that was now his arm, not noticing the Jedi had pointed his saber at his throat. The fighting had subsided as quickly as it began.

"Have someone that's unarmed here," he spoke to the others, ignoring Wormtail's whimpers.

The two girl walked over deactivating their sabers and holstering them, one of the girls, blonde hair and violet eyes spoke, "Master Phoenix mentioned him, Peter Pettigrew…come on Jess let's get him to the ship, I have a feeling Richardson would like to question him.

Jess, the other girl with rosewood colored hair stooped down and heaved Wormtail up supporting him with her weight the other girl grabbed his other arm and put it over her shoulder. They began to walked away with Wormtail slumped between them, but the guy kept staring down in the darkness between the towering stacks of containers.

Jess looked back at him, "Dax what's-?"

Three metallic clicks echoed through the air, and Wormtail, even in his state saw three metal barbs pulsing with electricity fly towards Dax.

With a flourish Dax deflected the barbs with his saber before shouting, "Jess! Britt! Run now!"

The two girls nodded and began to move faster dashing away with Wormtail as they heard four more echoing bangs fill the night. Wormtail weakling looked back seeing Dax pinned to the ground, a tall black man towering over him, surrounded by others holding short looking staffs with cables connecting to the barbs, pumping electricity into Dax.

One of them stared at the retreating Jedi and their prisoner, "Sir?"

Joseph Stark looked up in their direction then back Dax, "No need to, this one will lead us to him, take him away."

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