Summary- Anna was just an experiment for Kvar. She knew that. But when a purple clad mercenary comes and saves her, she begins anew.

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A/N: My opinion of how Kratos and Anna met.




Tears fell from the brown-haired girl's green eyes as she glared quietly at the thing that called her despair.

An Exsphere.

That's what they called it.

Her name was Anna and she was the Angelus Project and just that, according to Kvar anyways.

She'd been here for a year now, taken from her home in Luin to serve in this horrid project that dared have the word 'angel' in it. More like the 'Devilus' Project. She hated desians. She always had. Salvation was what she had hoped for six months ago when the tower appeared, but no, the chosen, Kilis his name had been, had been murdered by desians.

Someone had promised her something dear once.

Her father.

He had long ago promised when she had been taken, that he would be there to save her.

But she had, so far, had no luck with that.

But today, she felt something magical would happen.

That's when she heard it. The faint 'tap-tap-tap' of feet hitting the floor. Her first instinct was to run, run and hide from the tests one might make her go through, but not only was her cage limited, but she felt the approaching person was not the same.

And just as she thought, a purple clad mercenary stepped out of the shadows minutes later.

He looked shocked for some reason, but nonetheless unlocked the cage and bent down to her to be at eye-level. Had she not been in such a predicament and had there not been a huge difference, probably 10 years or so, in their ages, she might've thought he was hot.

His smile especially so.

"You must be the 'Angelus Project' Kvar has been bragging so much about. I never expected one as young as you to be an experiment." He commented, a small, rather comforting, smile on his handsome face. "What is your name?"

"I-It's Anna."

"Well Anna, shall we go?"

Anna blinked back her shock before jumping up and nodding, "Oh, can we, please?"

He chuckled, but it was rather hollow, as if he were planning to kill a certain Desian Cardinal. She grew scared, but then he said, "Let's go then."

A silence ensued for less then five minutes as they cautiously walked through the base. She spoke then, "Uh, excuse me," His attention was caught, "What's your name?"

"It's Kratos. Kratos Aurion."


A/N: Good? Bad? Please answer! It's only my second attempt at a drabble, first at Kranna and second at ToS. It probably sounds funny, especially if all of this is confirmed to have never have happened.

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