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Summary: Due to complication during his birth an infant Naruto dies and is sent off to soul society. This is the story of his life in death. None Kyuubi Naruto. Mixes with the manga later on in the story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Bleach but I due own this stories ideas.

A Different Life : Shinigami Naruto

It was supposed to be the happiest day of his life. It was supposed to be a miracle that no Nin-jutsu could ever hope to compare to. This was supposed to be better than when he found out he was going to become the Yondaime. It was supposed to be the thing that every married couple looks forward to. But it wasn't.

He didn't know how. He didn't know why. He didn't know what to do. He was at a loss. Him the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, the strongest ninja in the village of konohagakure felt so powerless. But what could have caused the Hokage to feel this way? What earthshattering event could make him feel like this? The answer to that question is simple, he lost his infant child during its delivery.

The med-nin tried to explain it to him of that he was sure but he just couldn't concentrate on what they were telling him. All he saw was his son, dead on the delivery room table. All of his attention was on his son, his little baby boy.

He went over to the table and just stood there. He just couldn't believe it. The doctors and med-nin in the room had to give him a sedative just so that they could get him out of the room and they could do their job.


She hated this part of the job. She hated having to see families ripped apart due to the death of a loved one. But most of all she hated the fact that she saw scenes like this so often.

This was the hardest part of her job. Watching and knowing that she could do nothing to prevent the death and the grieving. But it was her job and she'd do it no matter what because her job help protect the dead that couldn't protect themselves.

She was Lisa Yadomaru, a shinigami and fourth seat of the 8th division of the Gotei 13. It was up to her to make sure that the souls get to soul society because it was her job and if she was nothing else she was a stickler for her job.

As she stepped up to the table where the baby plus soul lay she took a moment to look at him. He was a cute one, of that she was sure. He had blond tufts of hair on his head and eyes so blue that they would put the sky on the sunniest of days to shame. But it was odd to her that the baby wasn't crying. In fact he was staring at her curiously. He then held up his arms to her in a gesture she was sure meant that he wanted her to pick him up. But she couldn't. It wouldn't be wise to get attached to him. All she was here to do was perform the konso on him and help him pass on.

So she took a step back and drew her zanpakuto. Turned it so the hilt was facing him and bobbed him on the head where the konso seal appeared on his forehead and he disappeared off to one of soul societies many Rukongai districts. She didn't know where he would end up or what would become of him and she didn't care. After all it was her job.

She turned around and thrust her zanpakuto forward to open the senkaimon. When the sliding doors of the senkaimon opened she stepped through and back into Seireitei.


When he woke up it was in the hospital room that his wife was in. She was sound asleep and he didn't want to wake her. Judging by the amount of sunlight was streaming through the blinds he assumed that it was sometime around sunrise. He didn't know how long he was out for or how he got in the room in the first place. The last thing he remembered was... his dead son laying of the table in the delivery room dead.

He couldn't take it, he couldn't take the feeling of remorse that he felt. He had to get out of there, had to go somewhere other than there. So he got up and as quietly as he could he left through the window of the hospital.

He didn't know where he was going. He was on autopilot as he wandered around the village. All he could think about was his son. His son that had looked so much like he did when he was born. His son that he could have taught all of his skills to. His son that would make him the happiest man in all the elemental countries just for being alive. His son that was gone from the world and with him all of his happiness.

He didn't notice where he ended up until he tripped on a rock and landed face sown. When he got up he noticed the village laid out before him. In the light of sunrise his village was one of the most breathtaking sights that he would ever see. He ended up at his favorite thinking spots atop the Sandaime's head. His own visage was built right next to it but the Sandaime's head was his spot it had been ever since he was a little boy dreaming of becoming a ninja and being able to do all those cool things that ninja could do.

Now those thoughts were dim compared to his sadness. He just sat at his spot thinking about all the good times he had and if his deceased son would have fallowed in his footsteps.

He didn't even notice when Jiraiya landed next to him until he spoke. "Hey kid, I heard the news. I'm sorry for your loss." Jiraiya said.

"Why? Why did it happen? What went wrong Jiraiya-sensei, what?" Minato asked with grief so thick in his voice and tears on the verge of spilling over.

"I heard from the doctor that his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. They told me that they had to perform a c-section to get him out. Apparently the cord was wrapped tighter than they thought and he chocked to death." Jiraiya responded. "Didn't they tell you that?" he asked

"They did, at least I think they did. I could pay attention. All I saw was his still body on the table, I could see or hear anything else but him." Minato answered and this time the tears did spill over and he cried. He cried for his dead son and all the dreams he had for him. He cried until he couldn't cry anymore. And all through that Jiraiya was there next to him to comfort him if he needed it.

"H-how did you know where I-I was anyway?" Minato asked after he finished crying. "It wasn't that hard. I know all your thinking spots and I figured that you would come here first. You always came here when something was bothering you gaki." Jiraiya answered.

"What I'm I supposed to do now sensei? What should I do now?" Minato asked with a pleading voice. He needed to know where he should go from here.

"I can't answer that gaki and you know that. It isn't my place to tell you where to go or how to act." was Jiraiya's answer. "But if I were you I would go to my wife. She has to be suffering just as much as you are maybe even more." he continued so that he could give his student some form of comfort and direction.

After that silence stretched between them. Neither talked to the other they just stared out over the village. After what seemed like an eternity to Jiraiya Minato spoke again.

"You're right sensei, ...you're absolutely right. I have to be there for her in this. I have to be strong for her and for the village. It's the least I can do for her and him." Minato responded. "It will be hard and I don't think I will ever really forget this day but I have to get over it, after all I am the Hokage and I have to lead this village as best as I can."(1) Minato responded his resolve as firm as the mountain that he stood on.


He didn't know what posed him to go into the forest today. He just had a feeling that he should go into the forest. He was just a simple farmer and forager that lived in Rukongai 45. His farm was for growing vegetables for sale so his family could live. It wasn't the worst place to live but it wasn't the best either. Not many people lived here and those who did all lived far apart from each other. They were all farmers like him and foraged for what little meat that they could get. Hey just because they were dead didn't mean that they didn't miss the taste of food. They rarely had problems with bandits or thieves because they had nothing of value. But that's off the subject.

He was somewhat far into the forest before he realized it. He was just about to turn back when he heard something. 'Huh, what is that' he thought. After a few moments of hearing nothing he concluded that it was his mind playing a trick on him but then he heard it again. 'What's that sound. It sounds like ... crying?' He couldn't just ignore that.

So he ran and ran and he came closer and closer to the crying. When he finally arrived he was shocked at what he saw. On one of the taller Cedar tree in the forest was a small child. He looked to be stuck between one of the branches and he was bleeding a little from a cut that he must of happened when he fell there. He was crying out in the pain that he no doubt felt.

'I have to get him out of that tree' the farmer thought. He was lucky that the kid wasn't that high up or else he might have had a problem. He went to the tree and climbed up to the nearest branch to the kid. It wasn't that far from the ground so when he was able to pick the baby out of the branch he was stuck on he just jumped down and was back on ground with no trouble at all.

It wasn't until he and the kid where on the ground that he took notice of the baby. He had blond hair and blue eyes. The kid couldn't have been more than a few hours old with the look of his skin. He let his eyes wander down the baby's body and saw how bad the scratch was. It wasn't life threatening but he had to get the baby home to clean him up and make sure that the cut didn't get infected and the baby got sick and for that he had to get home quick.

So he took off in the direction of his farm. It took him only ten minutes of sprinting to get back to it. He rushed into the home and called for his wife to get the some water and make some tea with those herbs that helped with some diseases. He then went off to get some water and some of the first aid bandages that they kept around in case of emergences.

When his wife came in mumbling about good for nothing men who always ended up needing medicine for eating something bad for them she was shocked to see her husband with a baby and washing a cut from said baby. After that she saw her husband get the bandages and wrap them around the babe and had her give him the herbal tea to give to the baby who drank it without hesitation after he cooled it down by blowing on it.

When that was over with the couple put the baby to sleep. The wife then had the husband tell her exactly what happened and why he came back with a baby.


When he returned to the hospital it was to a few very angry doctors who had wanted him to stay and rest. He had to apologize a lot before they let up off of him. He then went to his wife's room and found that she was still asleep. He pulled up a chair and sat next to her waiting for her to wake up so that they could discuss what happened. He was positive that she would be devastated by the news.

During his wait for his wife to wake up a doctor came in to check on her and he asked the doctor why his wife wasn't waking. The doctor explained that they gave her medicine after the operation to help her sleep and that she would wake soon.

It was three hours after the doctor told him his wife would awake that she woke from her drug induced sleep. She looked around at her surroundings and her eyes finally landed on him.

"Minato where is he? Where is our baby I want to see him?" she asked him. "Oh I can hardly wait to hold my baby in my arms and see it's smiling face." she continued. When he didn't respond to her questions she grew worried.

"Minato where is he? Where is he Minato? What happened to him?" she asked urgently. He didn't respond at all. "Why aren't you talking Minato? Why won't you tell me where my baby is? What happened to him? Answer me!!" she yelled at him. She was growing more panicked by the minute and him not telling her anything wasn't helping. Finally when she was at the point where she was about to tear him apart for not talking to her he spoke.

"He's dead Kushina." he whispered. "What did you say Minato I couldn't hear that?" she told him.

"I said he is dead Ku-chan. He died during the delivery. The doctors did all that they could to help him but it came to a point where they couldn't do anything and had to work on saving your life." He told her.

"I don't believe you. I don't believe you! He isn't dead. There is no way he is dead Minato! This isn't funny! I want to know where my baby is and I want to know now! You hear me Minato, now!!" she yelled hysterically at him. She couldn't...no wouldn't believe he was dead. He couldn't be dead, not her baby boy. She was about to get out of her bed to search for him when Minato forced her to lay back down.

"He's dead Kushina. I saw him myself. He's dead and we have to deal with it." he said with a trembling voice. She refused to believe him she tried to get up again. Seeing this he told her "You have to stay here Ku-chan. If you get out of this bed to look for him you will only make yourself sick and I might lose you too." he pleaded with her.

"I already lost part of my family, I won't lose the other. I won't lose you to Kushina. So you have to stay here" he told her in a firm but grief stricken voice. She had never heard him speak like that unless is was about some ninja that had been killed on the mission he had sent them on. If he was using this voice then that meant her baby boy was dead. He was really dead.

The second she allowed herself that thought she broke down crying. Her sobs were full of grief that only a mother who lost a child could produce. But he was there for her. He was there to hold her while she cried and sobbed. He was there until she cried herself to sleep. He was there for her when she awoke again and they had to discuss funeral arrangements for their baby boy. And he was their for her the months it took her to finally move on from the death if it was only a little.

The couple would never forget about there dead child and hoped that he was happy in the afterlife.


The farmer couple stayed up late discussing about the baby boy that they found and what they would do with him. By the time they were done the baby had awaken and started to cry.They went to check up on him and see what was wrong.

"Why do you think he is crying dear." the old man asked his wife. "I think he wants to be picked up honey." she said while bending over to pick him up off of her and her husbands bed. When he was in her hands he stopped crying and looked at her with a questioning look.

"Oh you just wanted some attention right baby. You are such an aborable little boy." she cooed at him. "Isn't he the sweetest thing Momomaru-kun." she asked her husband. "Yes he is Yoshino-chan, yes he is."

He stared at the both of them then let out a happy gurgle and started laughing as she held him. "Oh what are we going to name him Momo-kun? We have to think of a name for him." she said to her husband.

"I don't know Yoshino." he told her. He then took on a thoughtful pose and starting thinking of names. "We could name him Naruto after those fishcakes you so do love honey. Now wouldn't that be funny." he told his wife.

Unfortunately for him the child got a happy smile on his face after he said the word 'Naruto'. "Oh I think he likes that name dear." she told him. "What!? But I was just joking." he told his wife and turned to Naruto. "How about Momoshiro, or maybe Ichimaru, or how about Mondo." he said to the baby boy but he wouldn't respond to any of those names.

"I think it's too late dear. He likes the name Naruto and he is sticking with it." she told her husband with a small laugh. "If you want you can tell people that you named him maelstrom and not fishcake." she said and broke down laughing at her husbands plight.

"Fine. From now on his name is Naruto. I hope you like it kid cause you're stuck with it." he told the child who smiled at the mention of his name.

And that is how Naruto came to start his life in soul society.

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