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A Different Life: Shinigami Naruto

By the time I had turned 58 Issei told me that I was ready to go onto the next stage of training. When he told me that the training would be breathing techniques I admit I was a little upset, so I questioned Issei on what he meant by the fact that he was going to teach me breathing techniques.


"Issei-san,sumimasen for questioning you, but what do you mean that you will be teaching me breathing techniques?" I asked him

'No need to apologize Naruto, it is perfectly acceptable to question things. In fact that is something I want you to do. I want you to question yourself, others, and me. But you shouldn't always voice the questions you have. Anyways I want to answer your question with a question of my own. When you take a breath what happens physically?' Issei asked.

I had to think about this for in all honesty I didn't really know what happens when you take a breath. I knew that oxygen is taken in to your lungs when you inhale and that some form of waste was expelled from your body when you exhaled but that was it. So I asked Issei "I don't know Issei-san what happens when you take a breath?"

He answered me with'When you take a breath you take in oxygen to your lungs, as you already know. What you don't know is that the oxygen in your lungs gets transferred into your blood. From your blood it travels through your bloodstream to every part of your body. Then waste is taken in your blood to replace the oxygen you lost and that is sent back to your lungs to be released when you exhale. From this description can you tell me why learning to breath is important Naruto?'Issei asked.

I thought about it and when I couldn't think of why learning to breath was important I asked Issei "No, why is it important Issei-san?"

'It is important Naruto, because to breathe properly makes it easier for your body to function. But the breathing techniques I am going to teach you are meant for not only your body but for you inner energy to. By learning to breath you will learn to move the energy inside of you throughout your body and do many things with it. I will not tell you what they are yet but when I do you will see the wisdom in my methods.'Issei told me.

"But I thought you already taught me how to move energy throughout my body with the tree and water walking exercises Issei-san?" I asked.'And so I did but that was for large amounts of inner energy, this will allow you to send smaller amounts throughout your body. Not only that but the energy manipulation exercises I had you do were meant to send constant streams of energy through your body and out, but these breathing techniques will teach you how to keep the energy inside.'He responded.'Now if there are no more questions I would like for you to start.'"Hai, Issei-san"


So I learned breathing techniques and boy am I glad I did. Issei was right when he said that he taught me to move large amounts of energy to certain point in my body and then release the energy in a constant stream. When I started learning to breath I couldn't even get the energy to move. Issei told me that it was because I was moving too much of the energy in my body through my body and that in order to keep myself from getting hurt my own body was limiting the amount of energy that could travel through it while staying inside of it (1). With the breathing techniques I learned to move smaller amounts of energy through me without to much effort, although it took me two months to learn the proper techniques and how to move my energy without releasing it. Then Issei-san told me to mediate, which he taught me how to do properly before he taught me breathing, and move the energy until I could map out, for want of a better phrase, where it went inside myself.

When I was able to do this Issei-san took it a step further by teaching me ways to use my new skills in moving energy practically. It started by Issei having me move a little energy through my body while I did my morning hour long run, which Issei told me to do everyday. The effects were immediate I was able to run farther than I ever ran before. After the run he had me do my body building exercises, like crunches, and sit ups, etc. But he had me do more than what I would normally do. When I was finished Issei-san began to teach me some very useful things.


'Okay Naruto, that is enough, you can stop now.'Issei told me after he worked me extremely hard for the day.How are you feeling now?'he asked me. "I'm in a lot of pain right now Issei-san. Why did you make me work so hard today?" I asked him'Because I will now teach you another way to practically apply the breathing techniques I taught you earlier. First I want you to relax and take deep breaths. Once you are relaxed I want you to slowly start moving the energy inside of you around your body to your muscles. Then I want you to slowly let the energy wash over your muscles. Do not let the energy stop moving. Imagine it is a stream flowing smoothly to the ocean, it moves at a calm and slow pace but it does not stop.'

I followed Issei-sans instructions and relaxed. I let my energy move through my body to my muscles and let the energy wash over my sore muscles. When he started to describe the stream I imagined it exactly like he said it was. After ten minutes of this meditation like exercise I realized that my muscles were not hurting as much anymore. In fact they were barely hurting at all.

When I asked Issei-san why that was his response was'The energy inside of you is a part of you. By moving it to places that are hurt it will repair the damage by changing itself into things such as muscle fiber, tendons, skin, even burns. But let me warn you now that this is in no way infallible. The energy cannot replace something like a limb or even a big portion of muscle, if you lose an eye it is lost you can see where I am going with this. Although it can repair yourself partly it does not mean you should go out of your way in order to hurt yourself.'

"Hai Issei-san I understand. But why is it that you had me constantly move the energy around like a stream? Wouldn't still have worked if I kept it still at one point" I asked. Issei's answer was well thought out as if he already knew what I was going to ask.'It is true that it would have worked if you moved it to a section in need and kept it there, the way I had you do it was more efficient. My constantly moving the energy around you body and allowing it to bleed into your muscles you were able to heal your whole body of the aches and pains in a relatively short amount of time. But if you moved it to a section and kept it there and then let it bleed into your muscle it would have taken considerably longer to heal yourself. This is why I taught you breathing techniques in the first place, so that you can constantly move the energy around your body without stopping it.'

"Okay I understand that but isn't it a little useless if you think about it. I mean not to upset you but I have to meditate in order to do this, what if something happened and I needed to heal myself but I could not meditate Issei-san?" I asked him/

'That's the thing; in the future you will not need to meditate in order to move the energy. By practicing this for a while you will soon sub-consciously learn to do it without meditating, and you will even be able to do it while moving around.'His response was.'Now it is getting late and you should be getting home before you worry your parents.'"Hai."


So I practiced everyday and seven months after that conversation I was able to do as Issei said I would. I was able to heal myself without meditating and even while moving. Once I learned this skill Issei taught me more.

On my 59th birthday I was taught how to cleanse myself of foreign things that had entered my body. Although I had to be taught the hard way considering that I was sick with a cold that day. It was a little like healing my sore muscles in that I had to let my energy flow like a stream through myself, but that's where the similarities end. After the energy was flowing I had to use it to detect the disease in my body, Issei told me that this was possible if I felt the way my energy reacted within me. It was probably because I had spent so much time healing myself that I found the disease as fast as I did. Well I should probably say that it was due to the fact that I knew how my energy reacted with my body that I was able to find the disease. When the energy would hit the disease it wouldn't flow properly, as if the disease was a rock in a river. So what I had to do when I felt this reaction was use my energy to attack, for lack of a better word, the disease. This wasn't easy let me tell you. It took me all day and well into the night before the cold was completely gone. Issei told me that this could also be done if I ate bad or under prepared food, and as I would learn later in life, poison.

My next lessons were again of the physical sort. While Issei had me doing basic conditioning every day he decided to add to my regimen. Each morning when I awoke I had to do stretches. Issei told me that morning was the best time for this because all of the muscles were loose from the night of inactivity. This went of for a week or two. Then Issei had me doing basics stretches all throughout the day, that is when I wasn't busy looking after kenchi. Then two months after that Issei had me doing things like bending at the waist to touch my toes without bending my knees and trying to put one of my foot behind my head, then the other, and a bunch of other exercises that I thought were quite crazy.

But training wasn't the only thing that Issei-san taught me. He also taught me other things like manners and sitting in seiza. That was a painful experience.

When I first did it I thought that it was just fine but apparently it wasn't. Issei made sure everything was correct. He made sure that my legs were under my thighs and that my but was on the heels of my feet, he made sure that my ankles were turned outward as the tops of my feet lowered so that it made a slight "V". And oh how the went over the "V" shape, it had to be perfect not to big or to small. Issei made sure that the tops of my feet were on the floor and that my big toes overlapped. He was so particular about this that I didn't dare question as to why (2).

As for manners he taught me things like how to address an elder or superior, how to refer to myself when in company of anyone of a higher status they myself. He taught me how to make and serve tea, should I ever have company of my own. Issei taught me how to truly enjoy tea and peace and quiet. He even taught me how to play shogi. (3)

I had to ask my Tou-san if he could get me a board and he looked very shocked that I would ask but he did. When I got it the first thing Issei-san did was teach me what the pieces were. Then he taught me how they moved and what the goal of the game was. I found it to be incredibly fun, just sitting there and thinking out what to do, how to react to an enemies move. Issei would always play against me and I would always lose.

It was during one of these games months later that Issei taught me one of the most important lessons I would ever learn.


'Damn he has me in check already I can't believe it. Issei is just to good I can't win against him' I thought to myself. Out loud I said, "I resign Issei-san, you have won again."

'Why did you give up so soon Naruto? There are still a few ways for you to turn this game around.'Issei said to me.

My response was fueled by my anger at always losing and at Issei questioning me about it. "There is no way I can beat you Issei-san. We have played enough times for me to know your strength."'Is that the real reason why you gave up, or is that just an excuse you are making in order to make yourself feel better. You do not have to answer that question for I will tell you the truth. You did not give up because you knew my strength; you gave up because you were frustrated at me and at yourself. Recently I have noticed that you are not playing as well as you could be. You seem to be holding back, do you know why?"he asked.

Before I could even respond he was answering'You are holding back because you feel fear. You fear losing, you fear disappointing me, you fear disappointing yourself. All these things are suspending your growth. I had already taught you that your emotions are dangerous. Now it seems that you have forgotten that, due to the fact that your energy is now under your conscious control. Now I must remind you the dangers your emotions pose to you.'

'You remember how it was you came to hear me and to see me, correct. You had to get rid of your notion that the world was how you saw it. Well now it is time you learned that your emotions could trap you again. I shall tell you that if you let your emotions guide you then you will not be able to go further in your training with me. Your emotions will blind you to the truth and that could end up killing you. Take this game for instance. You know that it is a way to learn strategy correct. Well as can be clearly seen through our game just now your emotions got in the way and you ended up losing. Now for the game it is fine, you could always play again, but if it was a real life scenario then losing means death. You understand Naruto?'Issei asked me.

"No Issei I do not understand. I get that my emotions can and will cloud my judgment but what do you want me to do about it. Would you like me to become an emotionless doll?" I asked him angrily. Truthfully though I was just trying to cover up my shame in knowing that Issei-san was right and that I did let my emotions get the best of me. I knew that he knew what I was doing with the question but he answered me anyways.

'No child, that is not what I want you to become. I just want you to realize that when you are with friends or family it is okay to let your emotions show, but when you are around strangers or in situations where your emotions can cloud your judgment you must rid yourself of these emotions. For how can you truly perceive others if you allow yourself to succumb to your emotions. You must always try to not let your own perception of someone cloud you from who they truly are. For humans as a species will always try to hid things about themselves that they do not want others to know. Do you understand me now?'he finished asking me. And truthfully I did understand were he was coming from and that he did have valid points. "Hai Issei I understand."


So from then on Issei took to teaching me how to suppress my emotions. At night he would show me images of the things that I feared the most, that I wanted the most, that upset me, that made me happy, things that made me angry, and everything in between. It was hard watching all of this, feeling and living through all of it, but it was for my own good because through these sessions I learned more about myself then I knew before.

I learned that I relied on my tou-san and kaa-san too much. I learned that I feared Issei leaving me, I feared that I was not good enough no matter what I did. I learned so much more about myself that when my lessons were over I had known that I really didn't know myself that much and that Issei-san had to be a part of me for I knew without knowing how that Issei already knew all that about me.

By the time these lessons were over I was 61 and a half years old. Kenchi had unfortunately passed away, he was young but sometimes these things happen. I thought that Kenchi's death would be the worse thing I would have to go through for a while. I was wrong. The day still haunts me even now.


It started out like any other day. I awoke, did my stretches, went to the bathroom, went for my morning run, did my morning workout and control exercises. I went back home to shower and have breakfast with my family. After breakfast tou-san and I went out into the fields to work. I started working with him when I turned 60, for I was finally old enough and thanks to the workouts Issei had me do I was tall enough and strong enough to help out my family. Although I was technically six years old by the seikei-seken (5) standards I was tall. I was about 5'1" tall.

Anyway that day dad was not feeling so well so he went home and I took over. Seeing as how our fields were really just meant for the family they weren't very big, but it took me a long time. When I was finished the sun was setting so I knew it was time to get home.

When I reached the house I had a sense that something was wrong. I didn't know what but I had my guard up in case something was going to go bad. I went in and found the bottom floors were ransacked for anything of value. Fearing what my have happened to my parents I went to there room. As I got closer I heard noises so I treaded very carefully to the room.

When I went in I saw something that even my worst fears could not match. There on the floor was my tou-san, gagged and bound and bleeding. From the amount on the floor I could see that he wasn't going to make it. But his head was not facing the door. Instead it was being held by one of the thugs so that it faced toward the bed. Curious as to why he was doing that I looked at the bed to and what I found shocked me so much I couldn't move.

My kaa-san was bound and gagged as well but in a different way then tou-san, and where as my tou-san was bleeding to death she wasn't. But what was happening to her was worse. Apparently the thugs that came to steal from us didn't just want our possessions. Kaa-san was naked and tied to the bed while two men were on her. One of them was shoving his dick in and out of her mouth making her gag. He had her head in such a tight grip that he was pulling out parts of her scalp and making her bleed.

The other one was also taking his pleasure from kaa-san by roughly shoving his cock into her vagina. He held her hips hard enough to bruise her. She was crying all throughout this but the men didn't care as long as they got what they wanted.

Unfortunately I was so shocked I didn't notice the man that held my tou-san turn around. The man spotted me and by the time I did notice he already had me in his grasp.

"Well look what I found boys." He said to his comrades in crime. They both turned to look at him and me but they did not stop what they were doing. In fact it looked like they were enjoying it all the more because I was there to witness it. "I suppose that this is the one that uses that other room. You think he's their son?" he asked them. They didn't respond and chose to go back to torturing my kaa-san. I looked over at my tou-san and found that his face was now facing my own. I can only think it were merciful that he couldn't see what was happening to kaa-san or me because when I looked into his eyes I could see that they held no life in them.

The man holding me noticed me staring and commented, "It's a shame he died, you see my friends there have a little problem. They can't seem to perform unless there is an audience and with him dead I feared that they wouldn't get to finish. Now I guess that I didn't have to worry about that at all. I hope you scream as loud as he did, it makes this all the more enjoyable. And don't worry as soon as they are done you and her will be joining him in the reincarnation cycle." Then he laughed and forced me to look at my kaa-san.

I could see in her eyes that although she wasn't physically hurt she wasn't there anymore and I couldn't blame her. But I had to stop thinking and calm myself down. When I did I heard Issei-san speaking to me.

'Good Naruto-kun, you can hear me that means that you are calm. I am glad that I taught you how to keep your emotions suppressed. Now is not the time to lose yourself to them.'He told me.

'I understand Issei-san but what am I to do? There are three of them and only one of me. Once they are done with what they are doing they will kill kaa-san and me. I cannot see anyway out of this situation.' I thought to him in order to keep the thugs from noticing me.

'That is where you are wrong Naruto-kun. There is something you can do. And you already know what it is. All you have to do is call my name and I will come to you. I will tell you now all you have to do is call for me.'He was talking as if he already told me his name.

When I was about to tell him otherwise I realized something. I did indeed know Issei's real name. It was like it was there in my mind all along, which it was, and that all I needed to know it is a situation where I would really have to cut myself off from my emotions. So I did, as I knew I had to do. I called for Issei

" Mie ware sono shin, Hanashateki Hari." (4) The man holding me was so freaked out when I started talking that he didn't even try to stop me and had let go of me fearing that I might have gone insane. When I finished there was a flash of light and in my hands was a deck of cards.

The men were still in so much shock that they couldn't respond. It also didn't hurt that I was putting off enough inner energy that they couldn't move even if they wanted to. Before they could move though I went into action and picked up the top card from the deck in my hand.

I already knew what I had to do. "I feel really bad for you three," I started, "you chose the wrong family to mess with." I finished monotonously. "You see if it were anyone else you could have gotten away but not with me. As you can see I now hold in my hands a deck of cards, but these are no ordinary cards as I think you know. No these cards are special in that they allow me to get a glimpse as to how you work, with them I can see things that you have hidden and with them I can make you experience those things. But the real power of these cards is that they allow me to make your perception of the world be changed." I continued. None of the men were able to do anything other than sweat.

"Now you may be wondering why I am telling you all of this when I can just get it over and done with but the thing is I can't just mess with your perception. In order to use this ability my whoever I am using it on must know that their inner selves that they have hidden have been revealed to me, because once I know you I can change you. And the reason I told you I can change your perception of the world is because I want to make you suffer." I explained with vindictiveness in my voice.

"You won't die from this, oh no, but when I'm finished with you you'll wish that you were dead, that is assuming your brain even functions afterwards." I finished. I went back into my monotonous voice and said, "Now lets get on to business shall we. You have come into my house, killed my tou-san, rapped my kaa-san and forced my tou-san to watch you as you did it. Lets see how you like it when I make you experience what she did. Your perception of the world will be what hers was right as you were rapping her. I hope you enjoy it while you can." And with that I took the card I picked up and placed it on kaa-san's forehead. I then looked at the men and said the words that would damn them all, "Kichi Hensen." (5)

I left the room after I heard the men screaming for a while. I let go of the inner energy I was using and the cards I was holding turned into a sword and scabbard. I put away the blade; I then went back into the field to get a shovel so I could start digging tou-sans grave.


And that's were my story truly begins.

Author's notes:

1. This is like the eight gates from the Naruto manga. If you don't know what I'm talking about go look it up.

2. I'm not sure if this is right so if you know please review and tell me.

3. I know that this may seem weird that Issei knows how to play shougi while Naruto does not. Well this is my story and if you don't like it then don't read it.

4. Translation for this is very rough so don't bite my head off if it isn't right. Anyway it translates to "Show me the truth, Reflecting glass."

5. Again rough translation. It means "Perception change."

I know that there were a lot of flashbacks in this chapter but I did not plan it this way it just sort of worked out like this. Also I know the rape scene seemed harsh but I had to do it in order for Naruto to awaken Hari's true power and form.

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