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The moment man devoured the fruit of knowledge, he sealed his fate…entrusting his future to the cards, man clings to a dim hope. Yet, The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed…beyond the beaten path lies the absolute End…it matters not who you are. Death awaits you

Mitsuru Kirijo eventually became Mitsuru Sanada on July 9, 2016. On that same day, she also officially assumed the position of Director of S.E.E.S., effectively becoming one of the most powerful people on the planet, comparable to the Pope.

Akihiko Sanada refused to accept a desk job at S.E.E.S. and, albeit repeated warnings by his wife not to do so, he eventually accepted a field commander position within S.E.E.S.

Ken Amada is currently attending Gekkoukan High School as a senior. Like his superiors before him, he is expected to be the Class of 2017 valedictorian. He is an active member of S.E.E.S., and acts as the Chief Librarian of the organization, collecting and analyzing data and dispersing it to the various S.E.E.S. squads around the world.

Fuuka and Shinjiro began dating a year after the events at the Lake of Fire. Although they eventually broke up on June 9, 2015, they are both high ranking officials in S.E.E.S. Fuuka is the Chief Analytical Officer and directs the main spy arm of the agency. Shinjiro is the commandant of Nippon Defense Grid (a paranormal defense perimeter that has effectively ceased supernatural activities within Japan; making it the third nation to rid itself of paranormal evil.)

Junpei Iori and Chidori married little over six months after the events at the Lake of Fire. Although Junpei remains a combat soldier in S.E.E.S., Chidori officially retired from the organization on September 1, 2014, so that she may devote her full time and attention to their two children: Takaya and Jin Iori.

Nobody has seen Koromaru since the Lake of Fire Incident. Although S.E.E.S. intelligence has some clues that he may be somewhere in Alaska acting as a sled-racing dog.

Takaya's body was never recovered. Although he is presumed dead, S.E.E.S. remains on high alert to this day.

S.E.E.S. was taken off the terror alert list of every nation in the world – including the UN – after the Lake of Fire incident. All documents pertaining to S.E.E.S. were eventually destroyed. The L.O.S.T. was blamed for everything, including the destruction of Tokyo Tower at the end of the Lake of Fire incident, and was officially disbanded on April 7, 2011.

Takehiro Kirijo settled his differences with President Tanaka. The two of them now compete with each other to see who can give the most money to S.E.E.S. every year (although they do take their fight to the golf course every once in a while).

Aigis currently heads the S.E.E.S. Research Division, making S.E.E.S. one of the most technologically advanced paranormal organizations in the world. It is rumored that her latest project is to turn robots into "real humans."

Ryoji slipped back into the darkness of the universe one day. No one really knew why, but before he left, he had told Aigis that he wanted to "break the tragic cycle of the Arcanum."

As for Minato and Yukari…the two of them disappeared together on December 31, 2015. Although no one has officially seen them, rumors occasionally reach S.E.E.S. of a Japanese couple in the Philippines helping out with paranormal affairs. Minato was awarded every honor S.E.E.S. had to bestow and Yukari was also given the position of Chief Medical Officer in S.E.E.S. once Chidori had retired. Although they have disappeared, Yukari still collects her S.E.E.S. paychecks…

Yukari's father disappeared as well. S.E.E.S. satellites haven't found him yet, but every once in a while, S.E.E.S. receives a major tip from a man calling himself "The Bridge Man."…

FROM: Outpost Rome

TO: HQ Yakushima


Outpost Athens

Outpost Chernobyl

Outpost New York

SUBJECT: Transylvania Affair

As I am sure we are all aware, the Vatican has avoided the Transylvania region of Romania for over five centuries – and for good reason! Preliminary investigation of the region shows extremely high and abnormal paranormal energies. Some of our equipment had gone on the fritz during our investigation…we apologize, but Outpost Rome must also include in this e-mail a request for new spirit spectrometers.

But I digress from the main issue at hand here: based upon the evidence gathered via our monitoring equipment in addition to the testimony of various locals, it can be CONFIRMED that extreme paranormal activity is going on in the Transylvania region that would require the mobilization of an S.E.V. (Specialized Execution Vector).

Not only this, but recent records from local paranormal police organizations indicate a massive spike in paranormal activity within the last six years. Whether or not this is linked to the incident six years ago is up for you folks at HQ to decide.

As per S.E.E.S. protocol, we have wiped the memories of any non-ParaPol civilians.

We would also like to volunteer the services of Outpost Rome's S.E.V. in this operation instead of having a unit sent all the way from Yakushima. It could be an invaluable training exercise for the rookies as well as a chance to decentralize execution of duty within S.E.E.S. as per our Convention of Hokkaido of 2015.

Should the operation be given the green-light, we would also like to know whether or not we will be receiving any official support from Bucharest for this operation.

Thank You for your time.

Commandant of Outpost Rome,

Akihiko Sanada.

P.S. I have sent this e-mail to Outposts Chernobyl, Athens, and New York for the reasons being that known vectors of Transylvanian descent have very recently travelled to your regions of the world. I recommend doing a clean sweep of your entire regions, just to be sure…

P.P.S. Don't worry Mitsuru, I'm doing fine.

X years since the Lake of Fire Incident…


Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (2005-2010)

Special Extracurricular Execute Sector (2011-present)

Budget: 89,780,900,000

Employees: 71,952

Major Engagements:

-Tartarus Campaign

-Lake of Fire Incident

-Hunting the Four Horseman

Outposts: 231

Operating in: 104 countries, 5 continents


Dum Vivimus Servimus (entire organization)

Malum Quo Communius Eo Peius (civil branch)

Manu Militari (military branch)

"Our lives are determined by our cursed legacy…

But that does not mean we should give up hope"

-Mitsuru Kirijo