This is a sequel to "The Skywalkers." If you hadn't read it yet, I suggest you do before reading this sequel.

The sequel takes place a few weeks after the last chapter from "The Skywalkers," and before the epilogue. Anakin, Padme, Luke, Leia, Han, and Mara Jade are trying to build a new Republic and Jedi Order. Leia and Han are not married yet. As Anakin and Leia try to build a relationship, things become difficult when someone dead set on revenge goes after Anakin. And it just may be someone they know. I rated this T just to be safe because there's some mild violence.

I wasn't really sure I would write a sequel to "The Skywalkers." But, I just got hit with this idea and I couldn't resist. Hope you all enjoy. I plan to go back to "The Skywalkers" to fix a couple of grammatical errors that I spotted when I re-read it. I'll do that when I have time.

Star Wars and the characters belong to George Lucas, not me. No copyright infringement intended.

Anakin allowed the cool air to relax him as he stood outside on the patio of his house, the house he shared with his wife, Padme. He was thinking about his first kiss with her. It was here, on this patio, over twenty years ago. It was the same place he married her. He had never forgotten that day, not even when he was Darth Vader. His wedding to Padme would haunt him every night when he thought she was dead and he had only his power to live on. His memories of feeling the baby inside Padme's stomach when she was pregnant would haunt him too when he thought he lost his child.

Now, these memories brought him warmth. He welcomed and cherished them. His wife was alive and now with him again. The child she had carried turned out to be twins, two intelligent and strong beings who are now grown up and with him. Sure, he missed out on their youth. But, now his family is together again and he is back to being a Jedi. He would now be a good husband, a good father, and a good Jedi. And he will try to make up for his mistakes for the rest of his life.

Two soft hands encircled his waist. He turned around to see Padme smiling up at him.

"Do you want to come inside? It's getting late." Padme asked gently.

Anakin nodded and then looked away to view the lake. "I was just thinking about our wedding and how happy we were."

Padme rested her head on Anakin's shoulder. "It was a beautiful day."

Anakin smiled at her. "That's because you were beautiful."

"Thanks. I still have my wedding dress and I think I'm going to give it to Leia for her wedding."

"Maybe they can have the wedding here, on the patio." Anakin suggested.

Padme looked thoughtful at this. "Like a tradition? That sounds nice. But, Leia might want a big wedding. Remember, she and Han don't have to keep their relationship a secret like we did."

"That's true. Do you think she will ask me to walk her down the aisle?"

"It's very possible. You two have been getting closer and patching things up."

Anakin sighed happily. "Yeah. There was a moment when I didn't think she would ever forgive me for all the terrible things I've done."

"You're her father and she knows now about all that you went through."

"Yeah. I'm just glad that she and Luke understand."

Anakin walked back inside with Padme and closed the door. They were now in the room where Palpatine was killed. That was the moment Anakin left the dark side for good and was reunited with his family.

"Are you ready to go to bed?" Padme asked Anakin, noticing that he was in deep thought.

Anakin returned his attention to Padme and said, "Yeah, I am. Let's go." The two headed upstairs to their bedroom.

Padme opened the door and walked inside. Before Anakin got in, she let out a scream.

"What is it?!" Anakin asked, as he walked in beside her. She didn't need to answer him for Anakin saw what she was screaming at. On the wall above their bed, written in red ink which looked like blood, said the words:


Anakin felt his heart thumping loudly in his chest. Padme's face was pale and she had her hand covering her mouth. It seemed forever that they stood in their room stunned, staring at the wall. Finally, Padme lowered her hand and asked, "Who could have done this?"

Anakin shook his head. "I don't know. Someone must have snuck in. I don't think it's any of your handmaidens or the maids."

"But, we have high security. There's no way they could have came in."

"I'm going to check around." Anakin said, before departing the room. Padme followed him. They went to their security guards and asked if they have seen anyone trying to come in. The security guards said no and were more than surprised when Padme informed them of the incident.

"I don't understand how this could have happened. No one was around here and we never let anyone in." One of the guards said.

Padme was puzzled. She knew it couldn't have been any of her handmaidens. None of them were capable of this. It had to have been an invader. But who? Anakin and Padme asked all of the handmaidens, maids, and the cook if they had seen anything strange. All of them were shocked by what happened and had no idea how.

However, one of the maids holding a small card, said, "I saw this on the floor a few minutes ago. It was near your bedroom."

Anakin immediately took the card and recognized it as an ID. But, he was stunned and confused when he realized the ID was Leia's.

"That's Leia's." Padme said, confused. "But, she didn't come over here today. How could it have gotten here?"

"I don't know." Anakin replied. Fear swelled up in his chest. It couldn't have been Leia who wrote the threat on the wall, could it? She wouldn't do something that crazy. Besides, Leia had forgiven him. She may still feel some anger towards him, but she was willing to give him another chance. But then what else could explain how her ID ended up in their house? Leia hadn't been over since last week. The maids would have seen the ID if she had dropped it by accident. This ID had to arrive today, which would mean Leia must have been in their house. Not to forget that the ID was near the bedroom. Could Leia still be harboring resentful feelings towards him? Perhaps, she hadn't really forgiven him. Maybe, she was only pretending too but inside, she was secretly planning some kind of revenge.

"No." Padme said suddenly, breaking Anakin out of his thoughts.

"What?" Anakin said.

"I know what you're thinking and it's not true. Leia is not behind this."

"Well, I don't want to believe that and I don't think I really do. But, I can't see how her ID is here when she's not."

"I don't know." Padme admitted. "But, I know Leia. She wouldn't do something like this. She forgave you."

"I know. But she is still angry. I still feel that when I'm near her."

"Of course she is. But that doesn't mean she doesn't love you or that she is going to hold your past against you. Don't forget that at the trial, she stopped you from getting the death penalty. If she wanted you dead, she wouldn't have protested."

Anakin tried his best to shake all doubts out as he nodded his head and smiled at his wife. "You're right. It must have been someone else."

"We'll get to the bottom of this tomorrow morning. Let's get some sleep."

Anakin and Padme went into a guest room to sleep with one of the guards guarding the door. A couple of hours had passed. Padme was asleep. But Anakin was not. He sensed that someone out there was after him. Someone wanted to hurt his family. He didn't want his fears to get the best of him again, but he knew he had to do something to protect his family. The first step was to find out who is the enemy. He didn't know if it was someone from the Rebellion who was still angry at Darth Vader or someone from the Empire who was angry at him for destroying it. He just hoped that it wasn't Leia.

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