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Sasuke will be shuffled in and out of various places. -cackles-

...Who knows, maybe I'll make Itachi and Madara cats, too. That should be fun.

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Now, one can only wonder why a random cat decides to launch itself at the elder Uchiha brother...

Ah, yes.

Because it's Sasuke.

The sharp yowl was the first indicator. The blur of black was the second.

Stepping back casually, Itachi watched as the hissing, growling and bristling cat flew right past his face.

It landed on swift paws and launched once more, only to be caught by the scruff of it's neck and held while it attempted everything it could to break free and attack.

Kisame, who the cat was now facing, paused. "Itachi...why does that cat have a sharingan?"

The question hung in the air for but a moment as the cat, having hung limp in temporary defeat, was turned back around.

As soon as it saw his face, it reared up again, attempting to reach; sure enough, it had a pair of crimson eyes that mirrored Itachi's own.

"...Sasuke?" He inquired, blinking.

The cat halted, a glare obvious in his eyes. He seemed to be trying to communicate with a look, attempting to say "What do you think?" ...

Unfortunately, though the look said it quite well, it was also quite adorable.

The corners of his lips turned up, and he looked again to his partner. "Kisame," Itachi began, "Is there any chance you have a camera?"

A venemous, furious hiss was Sasuke's response to that, and his attempts began anew.