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Chapter 1. Rake

"It's a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a respectable

fortune must be in want of an heir, wrote the famous 19th century writer, Jane Austen.

Well not this particular handsome, definitely eligible, and stubbornly single billion-dollar bachelor.

Enter Hyuuga Natsume; businessman, lawyer and resident over-achiever/ genius.

This 21-year old heir to the Hyuuga Empire has shown no signs of succumbing

to Matrimonial Bliss, not in the near, foreseeable future anyway. The stubborn bachelor

has been avoiding any talk about marriage for as long as the world have established

the fact that the sky is blue and that night comes after day. Indeed, we wonder if we will

ever see the day that this bachelor walks down the aisle."

-Bachelor's Weekly

"It looks to us as if Hyuuga Natsume, heir to the Hyuuga fortune, current President

and C.E.O of the Ruby Chain of Hotels, a subsidy of the Hyuuga Group of Companies

won't be facing the altar anytime soon. We recently spotted the handsome bachelor in

attendance at an A-List event, hosted by his bestfriend and business associate,

Nogi Ruka; only son of the rich Fortune 500 couple, Mr. & Mrs. Takeshi Nogi, with

his girlfriend of the month, model Olivia Taylor. Mr. Hyuuga have been known

to change his girlfriend with the drop of a hat or if one wanted to be particular,

in the blink of an eye. We wonder how long Ms. Taylor will last?

Our guess? A month. At the most."

-Billionare Times-

"Hyuuga Natsume is indeed one of the most reprihensible Rakes around.

He works hard and he plays even harder. He is often seen with models, actresses.

singers and what not, and beat this dear readers, beat this: He has never been

seen with the same girl for morethan a few weeks at a time. This guy, in my opinion

knows his appeal and don't even get me started with that dreamy eyes he's got,

and it doesn't hurt that he's got tons of money too. He has been named as

The Richest and Most Influential Young Businessman of his generation,

the second being his long time bestfriend, Nogi Ruka. Dream on,

All you ladies in love with this duo, dream on. Coz' that's the best

shot you've got.

-Melissa's Society Papers

"I like this bit about my eyes." Hyuuga Natsume told his besfriend with a devilish grin on his face from the back of his oak desk.

"Yeah. Dreamy eyes huh?" He snorted. "I personally hate being the subject of that darned Melissa woman." Ruka mumbled crossly.

"Yours aren't that bad. At least you haven't been referred to as a 'reprihensible rake'." Natsume said, annoyance evident in his voice.

"In fact, it hasn't escaped my notice that she referred to you as my antithesis. You've been described as infinitely kind and loyal, whereas the only compliment I've got is that I have 'dreamy eyes'." He told his friend

"Yet I notice that I haven't been commented on having 'dreamy eyes' as well." Ruka smiled at his friend.

Indeed, it has been commented that he and Natsume couldn't be more different from each other. Ruka loved to spend his night in peace, preferring to drink in classy bars while Natsume loved the clubs. Ruka kept his distance from the ladies while Natsume loved all the attention that he's getting from the female half of the population. Yet, they're as good friends as friends can be.

"I don't really like that woman. She thinks she knows everything. It's a bit annoying really but the entire world reads her so we can't really do anything." Natsume added.

"Just let her be, Natsume. She's harmless, and besides she's not the only one saying that you're the worst playboy of this century. Even I agree." He teased.

"It's not really my fault that all those women shove themselves to me you know. And besides, who am I to refuse?" He grinned.

Ruka smiled at that. "Yeah, who are you to refuse indeed."

"Which reminds me. Where's that model you attended my party with, Olivia. Her name's Olivia right? I never could keep track of all your girlfriends' names. How do you ever manage to remember their names, anyway?" Ruka said.

"The Lord knows that I've been thought as dull more times that I can count because of that habit you've got." Ruka muttered darkly.

"The girl I took during your party? Yeah, I think that was Olivia. To answer your first question, I dunno where she is nor do I care. Her time limit expired 2 days ago. And the second, I don't really remember their names. My secretary does that for me." Natsume said, not without a mischievous grin.

"So that's how you do it. Damn Natsume. You'll have to tell your secretary to clue me in on their names as well. I'm tired of being in the receiving end of the scornful looks your girlfriends give me whenever I mix-up their names." Ruka told his bestfriend pointedly.

"Yeah, yeah. You could have told me earlier you know. It's no wonder none of my previous girlfriends ever liked you for that long." Natsume snorted.

"Yeah? Well I never really liked them either." Ruka told Natsume with uncharacteristic defiance.

"Don't be so defensive, Ruka. All I'm saying is you really have to practice on the Ladies Department." Natsume smirked at him.

"You know I'm not really interested in that, right? Damn, if I was I would have started long ago, but as it is, I don't like all those air-headed bimbos you tote around."

Natsume raised his brows at that.

"Air-headed bimbos? C'mon, Ruka they aren't as bad as that. Some of them actually possess mediocre intelligence." Natsume said with a smile.

Ruka was about to reply when the intercom buzzed and Sheila's voice, Natsume's secretary and the only girl Natsume considers as a friend filled the room.

"Excuse me, sir. Ms. Takahashi of Eternally Beautiful Modelling Agency is here to see you." Sheila's professional and no non-sense voice told Natsume.

Natsume once tried to lure Sheila to bed but to Natsume's surprise Sheila never took him up on his offer. Natsume has considered her as a good friend since that day.

"Yeah. Just give me 5 minutes and let her in. Thanks, Sheila." Natsume replied

"Time for business, huh?"

"Yeah. Time for business. I'll see you tonight? My mother's hosting one of her parties, I gather you have been invited?" Natsume inquired.

"Yep, I'm invited. See you then. Oh, and Natsume? Do try your best not to seduce that poor girl right to your bed." Ruka said with a laugh.

"Yeah, yeah. Now leave." Natsume told with his friend with a laugh and a mischeivous glint in his eyes.

The glint in his friend's eyes clearly told Ruka that Ms. Takahashi would indeed end-up in Natsume's bed, and soon.

'Poor girl, Natsume would seduce her in a blink of an eye, she won't even know what hit her.'

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