This story starts out where season three left off. Raimundo had just become Leader (and got that FLIPPING awesome outfit.) They opened the temple doors, and BOOM. Every Heylin dude and dudette they ever fought and beat is waiting for the fight of the century (in Wuya's case, the millennium). Well, the fight ended up as a draw-type-thing and the bad guys went off to become weirdo wannabe Eskimos in Alaska. No. Just kidding. They went out for coffee and then everything went back to the way it pretty much was. Bad guy standings: everyone was pretty much alone, and Wuya's forced back with Chase (unstable cause yeah that's the way it is) and doesn't have her powers, Bean dude went off somewhere to do whatever it is bean dudes do, Jack still has no life, and all the other bad guys who you never see anymore went off to do their thing scaring small children and taking their lunch money. Good guy standings: still the same mushy lovey-dovey corny guys that they always were. Omi's still a little jealous of Rai, making him a little unstable. Raimundo has become a little more responsible since made leader... but not TOO responsible (this out to the rabid Rai fangals) and not too much of a goody-good. Just basically the same old Rai in a new suit with a new title. Kimiko is still (ABNOXIOUS) Kimiko. Clay is still the same old Cowboy (BROKEBACK NOT XD) Clay. NM more to say. Well... here goes the story. LOSERS.


Part 1: The Princess and Her Groom

There were hundreds of people there to celebrate the momentous occasion. The wedding of their dear Princess, soon to be Queen. There was to be merriment and the presentation of gifts, as well as dancing and feasting and shows, and all the other things that came along with a Royal wedding. But underneath all the smiling faces, underneath all the laughter and music, everyone was anxiously awaiting something that they had all known would happen for a long time. The prophecy would be realized on this day.


The groom waited patiently in his room, looking out of a large window adorning one wall. He saw his reflection in the glass and smiled, showing sharp, pearly white teeth. His molten-silver eyes glittered maliciously. The final step would be completed in just a few hours. He would have his bride. He would have the final piece to the puzzle that he had been working on for so long.


The bride-to-be sat stock-still on a hard wooden bench, dressed in the clothes that some servants had placed upon her. The solid white did not suit her.

She didn't care. In fact, she didn't care much about anything at the moment. She was in her usual state of meditation. She was not within herself; she was somewhere else, floating serenely in a place of nothingness.

'A human form...'

The thought hovered before her in her mind. She could try it, she supposed. She blinked, coming out of her Nothing Place, and stood. Slowly, beginning at the head, she began to change. Her wings molded into a silky back. Her horns slowly inched backwards into her forehead. Her fangs shortened, and her claws fell away. The black mass of hair that had been braided loosely shortened and the flowers and ribbons fell to the floor. These changes were painful, yet she did not cringe. When the transformation was complete, another thought came to her.

'The thing you are seeking is far away...'

She opened the window and leapt out of it. She began to fall, and then hit the ground with a sickening crunch. This pain was foreign to her. She stood once again- she had fallen- and made her way out into the darkness.